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Dancers Allege Discrimination in MJ Video Shoot

11/19/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The people casting the new MJ music video have made it clear they won't hire anyone belonging to a union-esque group called "Dancers Alliance" -- but TMZ has learned the DA is claiming it's pure "discrimination."

Hold My Hand Dancers

The casting notice for the "Hold My Hand" video calls for 10 professional dancers (ages 15-25) ... but specifically states that they won't hire anyone from the "Dancer's Alliance" ... a group dedicated to protecting dancer's wages and working conditions.

TMZ spoke with a rep from the group who tells us that cutting out D.A. dancers "suggests that the production is discriminating against dancers who are educated and support both their community and their agents."

The rep tells us that as long as a company offers "equitable rates" and the project has been cleared with the agents -- then the D.A. has no issues with allowing their members to dance.

Calls to the music video producers have not been returned.


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That is downright stupid. If you want to exclude people you do it in a less obvious way. In other words you let everyone try out and if you don't want them for whatever reason you simply say they weren't right for the part.

1398 days ago


Shut up, Mark. We all know why you are here: you ENJOY talking about pedophelia - and you talk about it IN DETAIL. You are a pedophile.
Go away.

1398 days ago


Last time I looked a PRIVATE EMPLOYER was free to hire or NOT HIRE anyone they wanted!

1398 days ago


Hannah H., as annoying as OhWell can be at times he still has a tad bit more class than this Mark guy. This guy is just plain ignorant and has no class at all.

1398 days ago



Well, Michael Jackson had no idea. That is what a Manager and assitant managers are for when you have that level of importance. You put the smaller parts of bussiness into someone else's hands. We all have stories of work place discrimination or harrasment to tell. Especialy now we dont have any more jobs. So be glad you got one. Stop nagging! It could be worse. You don't have to work in a steel mill or coal mine! Plus all your sorry asses were on TV!

Posted at 7:56 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by Eleonora49

Oooooo... now that right there pisses me right off, and I'm not even an artist.

The PRINCIPLE of this issue is what is in the forefront. Expect ANY one to work for free, and especially to entertain your delusional entitlement "sorry ass".

Steel mills and coal miners have unions, hazard pay, and phenomenal insurance, and fantastic retirement pay. MJ was always on about how artists are treated like crap. So, why is it again shouldn't artists have the benefit of unions also, in so far as their "sorry asses" SHOULD work for free?

Oh. Their "sorry asses" get to be on TV. Nice.

Ignorant nasty jealous, much?

RESPECT for the working artists is what this issue is about. The fact that it appears that RESPECT is beyond your feeble comprehension level to see your way to PAYING it to those that have worked to EARN it.

"Can't give OR pay what YOU don't have in your possession to give, or pay out." (ie. RESPECT in and of itself, for just ONE example that YOU Eleanor are apparently bankrupt.)

TV would allow any given artist to be exposed to those in positions to "discover" them yes, and I'm sure there are those that WOULD be willing to do them for free in exchange for the opportunity to "show their stuff", in such a high profile exposure as something like an MJ video would offer them. But, to say "Hey, you should feel so lucky to HAVE this part, so PAY you? You're kidding, right? You're a NO BODY. And, IF this turns out for you to get "discovered" then you have ME (treating you like garbage) to thank, so sit your "sorry ass" DOWN."

Hm. Tack on, "and you had better leave ME in your will when you hit the big time cuz treating you like the garbage I deem you to be and deigned to make the opportunity available to "your sorry ass", you wouldn't have stood a chance to GET big to begin with."

** smacks lips** ...sounds familiar...

I will now take it upon myself - one that firmly believes that NO ONE should work for free (let alone for a free azz kicking while they are at it) that those that "think" like you, that are BEING entertained like YOU deem should be because " ...they get to be on TV!" -- this is for you, and I'll even be so generous as to tell it to you at your level of intelligence concerning said artists, m'k:

On the collective behalf of artists and the seriousness of which they share their craft (of which I am not by any stretch, and so wish I had that kind of talent - but, just the same) YOU can BOW DOWN AND ROYALLY KISS THE ASSES of those that entertain your NASTY cheap broke assed, no talent, lazy, arrogant, ignorant, jealous zombied drone self drooling on your couch and shoveling in buckets of popcorn and M&M's into your gaping pie hole with one hand and the other down your pants scratchin' in front of your grime covered screens.

DANCE to THAT, "sorry ass".

... and, hey... have a good weekend while you DO SO, ya hear? ;o)


1398 days ago



1398 days ago


No one wants to deal with a union anymore, legitimate or not. It's sad, unions did a lot for American workers in the past. Unions are out of control now.

1398 days ago


Posted at 10:27 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by Roseilicious

Wow - thanks for that! I didn´t quite have the guts to put it so eloquently. But I do agree.

1398 days ago


f Michelle Wacko Jackole...
& everything to do with the s***....

1398 days ago


Dancers are consistently snubbed when it comes to wages and working conditions. Currently reorganizing themselves with Dancers' Alliance is an effort to reach out to the community to keep our industry working and earning a living while doing what we love. Dancers' Alliance is not a union. Dancers do have unions, they are SAG, AFTRA, AGMA, AGVA and Actors' Equity. Dancers' Alliance simply puts forth proposed wages and working conditions that are looked to by agency representatives as guidelines to follow when negotiating non-union work like music videos, industrials, tours with recording artists, corporate events and other jobs that are not covered under existing union contracts. It is important to know that as an organization that is reaching out to have a solid base of dancers that will be given reasonable rates and working conditions, it will only be as strong as the dancers who uphold their own standards when being asked to work for less or dance on substandard surfaces for longer hours.

Dance Track Magazine

1398 days ago


Barb A - I understand the meaning of "Ignorant" it means not knowing. I'm fully aware of what that Creep did to those two boys, he took their innocence away in one molesting swoop. I can't believe the amount of fools that are out there still protecting this creepy pedophile. The guy put out one good album and every freak house wife is ready to give him their child for his own dark pleasure. So sad.

Posted at 10:57 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by Mark

You can believe what ever you choose to believe. I believe the court transcripts.

I am not talking about you believing that to be true, rather the way you choose to voice it. Those 3 children (PPB) are innocent stand buyers who didn't ask to be born and yet you choose to say very ignorant things about them while insulting MJ, knowing that it is possible that they may be reading this. This in my book makes you classless.

And you don't know anything for sure because you were not there. You choose to believe just like I choose to believe. If this was true why would the parents take the money and run instead of taking him to court which they could have done and still keep the money. And in the other case MJ took it to trial and was found Not Guilty because of all the holes in the case.

So when you go on your rants about MJ you should leave those children out of it because rather you like it or not they love their dad, and he is their dad in every sense of the word.

For goodness sakes man, even OhWell hasn't stooped that low, at least I haven't seen him do that.

1398 days ago


Dancers' Alliance

They aren't even a union, but instead a community of professional dancer's looking out for each other - to enable them selves, and those not in an artists union to get at least a minimum fair deal for their work. How dare they, right.

How does that work if the only other alternative to attaining PROFESSIONAL dancers is through artists UNIONS that you better believe you have to pay "the UNION wages". It doesn't. Hence, what they're looking for is amateurs, that will produce professional talent for free..... hello.... for an "MJ = mega professional, perfectionist of genius talent" - video.

Prime Directive: Get the highest dollar out of the SUCKERS population of the "MJ Fan" base pockets on the very least we can invest into getting them to shell it out. Brilliant. Really. After all, there are plenty right here on TMZ alone that represent their success through their epic fail sense of ethics.

Did the same thing with HMH, and especially BN. Throw it together - for pennies, respectively - and see if fans take the bait and swallow it. Got backlash for it, so threw in a few bucks with the tune, back into the blender, and tried again.

This "dancers for free" call, is the same game play - in video format.

What. These "producers" of MJ's posthumous work were supposed to suddenly grown some integrity, let alone scrape up some scrap of respect for MJ, in the interim, right.

Sure, ok. :o)

Peace out.

1398 days ago


oops, meant to say by standers not stand buyers

1398 days ago


WAH WAH.....
"I want my MILK!! Damn you Conrad....give me my MILK (WAHWAH)....or get the F OUT!!

1398 days ago
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