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Dancers Allege Discrimination in MJ Video Shoot

11/19/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The people casting the new MJ music video have made it clear they won't hire anyone belonging to a union-esque group called "Dancers Alliance" -- but TMZ has learned the DA is claiming it's pure "discrimination."

Hold My Hand Dancers

The casting notice for the "Hold My Hand" video calls for 10 professional dancers (ages 15-25) ... but specifically states that they won't hire anyone from the "Dancer's Alliance" ... a group dedicated to protecting dancer's wages and working conditions.

TMZ spoke with a rep from the group who tells us that cutting out D.A. dancers "suggests that the production is discriminating against dancers who are educated and support both their community and their agents."

The rep tells us that as long as a company offers "equitable rates" and the project has been cleared with the agents -- then the D.A. has no issues with allowing their members to dance.

Calls to the music video producers have not been returned.


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OhWell, see you voiced your opinion without dragging those children (PPB) thru the mud, thats more than Mark can say.

1431 days ago

joseph Uliano    

TMZ by the way is non union, they use non union cameramen, crews and writers, etc. they don't adhere to any union either, just like every reality show and any music video. so this is not news.
Just a slow sleaze day for TMZ

1431 days ago


WAH WAH.....
"I want my MILK!! Damn you Conrad....give me my MILK (WAHWAH)....or get the F OUT!!

1431 days ago


This is something off topic. Just now, I tried again to download Hold My Hand from iTunes, again, it said no song in that name. I thought we could get it thru iTunes.

1431 days ago



1431 days ago


This is something off topic. Just now, I tried again to download Hold My Hand from iTunes, again, it said no song in that name. I thought we could get it thru iTunes.

Posted at 2:04 PM on Nov 19, 2010 by Daphne

Correction. I just purchased Hold My Hand thru iTunes. This time, I was able to download the song.

1431 days ago


this is nothing new ,,tmz just puts it out like it is only done on a mj video..i remember years ago the dancers complaining because they were auditioning for a beyonce video and they wanted to pay them sub standard wages..
beyonces camp reasoning was they would then be able to say they had danced in a beyonce video.
maybe this is what these people are doing..who knows

1430 days ago


Hey TMZ....we are tired of hearing about MJ and anything to do with him. He's dead. We dont give a hoot about Ma and Pa Jackson either. Thanks.

Posted at 6:41 AM on Nov 19, 2010 by Iowa's Hollywood Connection

lol if your so tired of hearing about MJ, then why did you click on the page?

1430 days ago


Everything connected with the last six months of Michael's life and the nearly 18 months since has been done by AEG and SONY and now some worthless money grubbing director to save money for THEMSELVES. Do you know Michael could have had Siedah Garrett tour with him but AEG wouldn't pay what she wanted; said they were saving money for Michael. Bull****. Michael was leveraged to the hilt by AEG; he would have walked away from that tour with no money at all after paying advances and production costs, yes, production costs paid by the artist. Now this cheap fake album with it's even more fake cover is demeaning and demoralizing. Michael was the music industry's savior in the 80's, and Sony needs him to do it again what with their declining profits, yet everything to promote him now is on the cheap; Sony, eat **** and die.

1430 days ago


What is so surprising about Sony trying to cut corners and trying to profit as much as possible off Michael? They won't even put real photos of Michael on the cover because they'd have to pay the photographers royalty for so many photos, so they hired one cut-rate artist to paint a really poor imitation of the photos because that is way cheaper.

1429 days ago


I doubt that a judge will grant AQ's request. If AQ believed its claim had merit, it would have filed it long ago regardless of whether it knew what the deadline for filing was. Moreover, it's difficult to believe that a company as obviously sophisticated as AQ is was unaware there was a deadline, and the fact that it's located in Bahrain makes this no less true. Even I, who have only a casual interest in Jackson-related financial matters, knew of the deadline.

1429 days ago


The don't want to pay professional dancers fair wages and provide good working conditions? Trying to scare the dancing community by saying if you demand fair wages/conditions we won't hire you? That's the same thing Corporate America is saying to workers worldwide. It's all about cheap labor and all the profit to the executives. Well, that's one video I WON'T be buying. I really like MJ, but I like fair wages/conditions for workers even more. BOYCOTT!!!

1424 days ago
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