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'Teen Mom'

Charged with Domestic Violence

11/18/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood -- one of the stars of the MTV show "Teen Mom" -- has been charged with domestic violence and battery for allegedly beating the crap out of her baby daddy in front of their daughter.

Amber Portwood
Indiana officials confirm ... the 20-year-old faces two felony counts and one misdemeanor for allegedly attacking 24-year-old Gary Shirley three separate times from August 2009 to July 2010.  

Officials have acknowledged that the criminal investigation was launched after the MTV show aired -- which included footage of Amber smacking Shirley several times.

Cops say Amber not only slapped Shirley in front of the kid -- but she also punched him several times in the face and upper-body.

If convicted on all counts, Portwood faces three years behind bars and fines up to $10,000.


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@erin that made my day ..... hope they lock her a$$ up

1372 days ago


Hmm. The only reason she got convicted was because she did it in front of the camera's. She should have done a Mel.

1372 days ago


What does her weight have to do with the matter in hand!! Seriously you guys sound like idiots!!!!!

1372 days ago


TMZ STOP! Calling Reality participants "Stars" or "Actors" they are neither. They are participants. and based on the quality of the reality programs "which are not real" and their concepts, all of these participants have some major physiological problem.. ie "camera whore" "whore" "fat" "pig" etc...

1372 days ago


i hope that give that ugly whore the chair!!!

1372 days ago

Just stop    

GOOD!!!!! I was hoping that would happen...she has some serious problems...maybe some jail time would do her good...probably wont happen tho!

1372 days ago


To all those who constantly state no woman should ever get abused in any way(which is absolutely ok): will you give the same rights to the man? Let's hear from you all.

1372 days ago


Unfortunately Gary is not much better of a parent. It's a shame these two did not choose to give their baby up for adoption. This child has an uphill battle ahead of her, if her mom doesn't beat her to death first or Gary doesn't roll over and suffocate her.

1372 days ago


It's about time. Really what took them so long? MTV aired three incidents of domestic violence before it caught law enforcement attention, and only then because viewers started complaining. If it was the other way around the man would have been arrested right after the showed aired, then they would investigate.

There should be some penalty for the MTV crew, including producer's and director's who stood by and allowed this to happen. Then there are the executives who decided to air all three incidents with no disclaimer to how inappropriate and unacceptable it was thereby glorifying domestic violence.

1372 days ago

weird al yankovich    

FINALLY !!! Domestic violence reversed. hail Chris Brown. If a women hits you why not hit back ? Cuz "she's a woman?" F--k that !! You hit me Im hitting you back harder ....

Women always crying about being treated the same and equal right etc. Then you also have to have the same respect men give you and not hit cuz you will get hit back girl LOL


weird al

1372 days ago


To all those who constantly state no woman should ever get abused in any way(which is absolutely ok): will you give the same rights to the man? Let's hear from you all.

Posted at 10:22 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by LarryP

Good a woman i support equal rights. I am so sick and tired with all double standards. It's ok for women to bla bla, it's not ok for men to bla bla or the opposite way.

1372 days ago


perhaps now she can get the anger management help she needs ... shame on MTV for not calling this to Police attention prior to airing

1372 days ago


Wow...not sure how most of the posters here can even cast judgement on anyone...looks like Amber isn't the only one WITH issues (and she is not fat at all...just a bad picture used here). Also, seems like most of you never even watched the show and just wanted to chime in on a female being charged for attacking a man issue. He is not an innocent bystander by any means, and he did his fair share of abusing, maybe not physically, but mentally and emotionally. He would not get a job, he browbeat her all the time, and he tried to leave her for another "girl," but ended up going back to Amber. That said, she does deserve to be penalized for her attack. It was wrong. Do I feel for him...not so much. I feel for the innocent little child who witnesses their constant arguments and fighting and who is nothing but a pawn in their lives.

1372 days ago


I watch this show with my sister every week, and always say that Amber should have Leah taken, she is NOT a good mom or role model, she sleeps all day, and does talk awful in front of her kid. Its so sad for the little girl.

1372 days ago


I agree with kelbel! What the hell does her weight have to do with what she did? Gary is bigger than she is and not to mention she has dropped down to 110-120 lbs. She needs to be reprimanded for the things that she did to jeapordize her relationship with Gary and Leah the same way a man would be reprimanded. Fair is fair. BTW half of you need to learn how to spell before coming on here to type your little insults.

1372 days ago
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