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'Teen Mom'

Charged with Domestic Violence

11/18/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood -- one of the stars of the MTV show "Teen Mom" -- has been charged with domestic violence and battery for allegedly beating the crap out of her baby daddy in front of their daughter.

Amber Portwood
Indiana officials confirm ... the 20-year-old faces two felony counts and one misdemeanor for allegedly attacking 24-year-old Gary Shirley three separate times from August 2009 to July 2010.  

Officials have acknowledged that the criminal investigation was launched after the MTV show aired -- which included footage of Amber smacking Shirley several times.

Cops say Amber not only slapped Shirley in front of the kid -- but she also punched him several times in the face and upper-body.

If convicted on all counts, Portwood faces three years behind bars and fines up to $10,000.


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she's must have gone on a meth diet? Pills anyone

1398 days ago


She laughed when she saw the footage on tv....wonder if she's laughing now?

1398 days ago


its about time they get this witch (being kind) i hope they keep her away from that beautiful child

1398 days ago

South Side     

DAMN this girl is so fat she could down with 21 burritos when times are rough, I saw in the back of Burger King with handcuffs!

1398 days ago


yea she was in the wrong. But everyone calling her fat...have you seen her recently? She's so skinny! I think the affidavit has her weight at 110lb! She may be a crazy bitch, but hey she's NOT fat anymore!

1398 days ago


All that cow does is eat and Bitch!!!!! She makes me sick, want a negative, mean piece of trash!

1398 days ago


This is the best news I have heard all day! I'm so happy the indiana cops came to their senses. Since we live in a women are equal to men society, which is laughable, but just the same if Gary would have done that to her he would have been arrested on the spot.

1398 days ago


This is true equality of the sexes, I am very happy she is being charged. Abuse is abuse no matter the gender of the abuser!

Posted at 12:11 PM on Nov 18, 2010 by annie2

Amen! It's amazing this girl is so negative and abusive. With $60...,000 each season she gets so much help it's sickening. They should have a term limit for each chick on this show...2 years and that's it. She might have been a teen when she got pregnant but she's not now and shouldn't the kid be close to 2+ now if she was a teen at the time she was spreading her legs for her bf? And if she was 18 and pregnant then she was a legal adult and I could care less and neither should anyone else. On to the next dumba$$. Sick of them being treated like celebrities, too; all of a sudden OK! magazine and USWeekly, etc are adorned with stories about these idiots every damm week...unbelievable.

1398 days ago


The dramatic supposed "weight loss" was digitally enhanced... she's still - as ever - a shaved bufallo. The computer trickery was a result of a lawsuit filed by Dina Lohan and Gloria (something). She still has that grotesque carcass.... so much fat that it would look kind of like she has vaginas all over - if anyone was willing to actually get close enough to look.

Grunt grunt grunt grunt grunt.

1398 days ago


Y'know. All these comments about "people only commenting because of the controversy and not watching the show".

I will say this.

I've watched Gary/Amber's relationship since the 16 and Pregnant days.

And Gary IS a saint. Yes, he struck back verbally when he was struck verbally. But only when pushed too far. He never called her names or anything unless she did it first. And she did it unprovoked, without reason, and rather horribly.

I can completely understand him finding someone else and trying them out. I would've run away from that horrible demon sooner. Especially after this season, I can't see Amber as anything but a evil demon in a leathery human costume.

And stop it with the "he haz no job!111!" comments. He had a job. He was taking care of a child. That's the most important job in this world. Not to mention, at the end of Season 2, he actually DID get a job.

1398 days ago


She definitely needs anger management...He definitely needs to get a backbone...She is teaching her daughter violence..She needs to get a grip on life....He needs to move on from her (but be there for his daughter...)

1398 days ago


Bhahahahaha. That is funny!

@: Her disgusting pig face is a felony. That alone is her life sentence.

Posted at 10:04 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by Erin

1398 days ago


Yes! If this would of ben a man hitting a woman this would of happened a long time ago.

1398 days ago


OH. MY. GOD. She has been on for FOUR years?! So she has made $240,000. Wow, just amazing. I am sure it is split b/w her and the dad but still. How long exactly do they plan on following her for?? Till the kid graduates high school?

1398 days ago


This inbred Roseanne looking tramp is everything wrong in this country. It's more important for MTV ratings & for them & this hog to make money, than it is to 1. Protect the child 2. find out what's wrong with her, and 3. Turn off the friggin camera!!! But then again, i guess this is what happens when inbreds come into play! Trailer trash

1398 days ago
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