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Jeff Goldblum in Fear

Seeks Restraining Order

11/19/2010 9:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Goldblum's lawyer went to court today and asked for a restraining order against a woman who's about to get out of a mental institution -- a woman who has been stalking him since 2001 ... but the judge refused to issue an order, telling Goldblum's lawyer he had to wait for her to create a fresh threat.

Linda Ransom -- who has been arrested 5 times for trespass, stalking, etc. -- is just days away from getting out of a mental institution after being declared incompetent in 2009.

Goldblum (above, driving in L.A. today) -- who had a restraining order against Ransom which expired while Ransom was locked up -- was just notified Ransom is days away from getting out, so he had his lawyer go to court today and ask the judge for a new order.

But the judge decided there was no need for a new order, and that Goldblum should just wait until she gets out of the mental institution and threatens him again.



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This judge will have some explaining to do IF she gets out and kills Jeff.

Better to be safe than sorry. STUPID judge.

1433 days ago


That is absolutely insane...on the judge's part. So in other words, wait until she starts stalking him again? WTF is this world coming to?

1433 days ago

two cents    

Umm, isn't it a little too late when he's dead. Anyone remember the actress from "My Sister Sam". Scary!! Maybe he just needs to hire a bodyguard??

1433 days ago

Mary Ann    

Need I say more?

1433 days ago

No, she's a Body-Snatcher! 'Member him in that!?

1433 days ago


Yeah just wait until she tries to kill you. Then get a new restraining order

1433 days ago


This woman has a rich history of stalking. It has been a past pattern of behavior associated with Jeff Goldblum.

This is outrageous BUT NOT EXCLUSIVE to California. This kind of outcome is all over the place with judges willing to give people a chance.

Poster No. 4 seems to blame California for everything. That's just too general.

1433 days ago


Crazy is Crazy. The nut is obscessed and WILL come back and she very well MAY kill or try to kill Jeff. That Judge is a total moron. I hope someone stalks his dumb ass so he can find out how terrifying it is. He should lose his job because he is incompetant.

1433 days ago


>>>Need I say more?

You could.. if you actually had a point.

1433 days ago


He's usually the one stalking the women on the street. Karma is a bitch.

1433 days ago

Trevis Miho    

So...if she gets out and harms him, what's the judge gonna say in his/her defense -

- "...sorry".
- "Oops".
- "I know she was in a mental institution, but why didn't you tell me she was crazy"?
- "Look, Jeff, I'm not psychic".

That's ph*c'd up...

1433 days ago


Jeff Goldblum is HOT.

1433 days ago


Another fine example of our justice system - NOT!
I loathe the justice system here in America.
Apparently after all these situations with this stalker mentally incompetent nut , she has to threaten him again so that he can have a protective order.
The other five times were not enough to substantiate protective measures.
Jesus , this is beyond pathetic. Bullchit justice system at it's finest.
Slap a politician on the wrist for 10 counts of ethics violations, but lets lock Wesley Snipes in jail for the next three years.
God bless America...

1433 days ago

Carmen Carreras    

In P.R. a mentally disturbed kid just killed his grandma; when his mother was seeking help for him, they told her that she had to wait until a crime was commited. Thank you, now what???

1433 days ago


Nothing like looking over your shoulder 24/7

1433 days ago
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