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Lindsay Lohan

Replaced by Girl from


11/21/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is out of the planned Linda Lovelace biopic and it took the film less than a day to find her replacement.

Malin Akerman -- best known for her roles in "Watchmen" and "The Heartbreak Kid" -- will play the lead role in "Inferno" now that LiLo is no longer attached, this according to Deadline Hollywood.

As for the circumstances of Lindsay's departure ... sources close to Lindsay told us she quit, her rep called the decision "mutual," and other reports claim she was fired. You be the judge.

Good luck, Malin!



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Moe Green    

I would have watched it when it went to cable. She looked hot naked in Machete.

1370 days ago


YOU guys should have put up a "vote poll" this way the results would have sent lindsay a message... she was totally let go from the film.

1370 days ago


Ok Seriously anybody that says Malin Akerman can act should start watching better quality movies. I almost turned off 27 dresses because of her bad overacting. The movie went from bad to worse in my opinion.

1370 days ago


Don't despair Lindsay! If you ask nicely I'm sure the REAL PORNO industry may just hire you!

1370 days ago

Blue Craze    

Neither one is good for the part.

Lindsay Lohan is repeating the later part of Elizabeth Taylor's career...minus Richard Burton and Cleopatra. She should do a remake of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe" since she looks about 42.

Malin Akerman looks all wrong...small floppy boobs, mousey voice.

I would cast Rhianna as Marylin Chambers.

1370 days ago


However it happened, this is the best thing for Lindsay. It was a filthy, disgusting roll anyway. who wants to be raped even if it is for film? And who are the people who love watching women get raped? These roles don't do any good for the women who play them or society. And her head is in such a wierd place it wouldn't be good for her anyway. IMO, it's not even a story that needs to be told. Who cares? She needs something normal.

1370 days ago


Lindsay is uninsurable. That's why she was dropped. Or at least that's the reason Inferno director Matthew Wilder gave. Maybe it's true, and maybe it's not. Either way, Lindsay needs to clean up her act.

1370 days ago


#41 - Yeah. Let's put an abused woman in a roll where she gets even more abused. That's smart. Rihanna's got problems as it is - she should be in serious counciling for her self-esteem and to find out why she tolerated letting some man beat her and treat her like crap, she doesn't need this roll. No one does.

1370 days ago


@ Nikki.

I'm glad that someone is entertained with my satire. That is, after all, why most of us log on here anyway - entertainment, and I enjoy contributing whenever the situation presents itself.

I cannot take all of the credit for some of my posts... often this stuff simply writes itself. I am merely a vehicle here to share its silliness with the rest. These Lohans makes it effortless to be creative with their antics.

Sadly, no - there are no plans to release Lindsay Lohan-brand Sweet Potatoes. While the Expensive-Range Holiday Turkeys have been created due to the fact that turkeys are a mainstay of the season, and MUST be sold (if they didn't someone else would), Lindsay considers sweet potatoes - or ANY potatoes, for that matter - mundane, low-class foodstuff, and so far beneath her that to market them would fatally damage her pristine reputation.

To make up for that, however - she has green-lighted Lindsay Lohan-brand Stuffing Mix... to accompany her turkey. I don't know what's in it, but one serving can/will turn a one-hour meal into a 3-day gab-fest. Seriously. One spoonful, and you won't be able to shut up.

What we all wouldn't give to be so clever!

1370 days ago


I checked out the director. Made only one other film and it got only one legtimate review: Said it didn't make any sense. Poor Malin. She should check out her agent.

1370 days ago


the really stupid part of the wording here is this: she wasnt fired because she was lousy...she was fired because she is in rehab....duh...and they cant wait any longer...who CARES THAT SHE WAS FIRED BECAUSE OF HER REHAB..that should be a good thing to lindsay..she wasnt really fired...they just didnt wait any longer. this whole thing is a buncha crap...she didnt let go of it. they let her go...nothing more impt than this story...whoa...

1370 days ago


FINALLY. Consequences of LiLo's bad behavior her lawyer can't fix. Hit her in the wallet enough times and maybe, MAYBE, eventually she'll get it.

1370 days ago


Who is this Ackerman person? Never heard of her.

1370 days ago


Malin needs to fire whoever told her to make this insane decision. This film is marked for failure and it will take down any actress stupid enough to get involved.

1370 days ago


I doubt she'll ever do porn. Novelty aside, who wants to watch the clam-slamming of some 45-year-old broad, when there are SO MANY hotties out there?

Nope, she'll continue to hawk whatever merchandise that stupid people will buy, then probably run a swapmeet booth and sell bad meth ob the side.... before AND after that welfare kicks in.

1370 days ago
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