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Mel Gibson Arrives at Court In Custody War

11/22/2010 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson just arrived at the L.A. County Courthouse in downtown L.A., ready to do battle with Oksana Grigorieva over the custody of Lucia.

As TMZ first reported, Mel's lawyers will argue Oksana should be stripped of custody and denied overnight visits.  Mel wants the judge to give Oksana visitation, but only if it's supervised.

UPDATE 9:15 AM PT -- Once inside the court, we're told the atmosphere was extremely tense and that Mel and Oksana have not interacted.


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I love that Mel is going through hell right now. If he was smart he would have tried to work this all out before it went to court. He would have a lot less stress, more visitation of his daughter, and he could be focusing on his career.

Now his image, which was already tarnished, is a serious joke. His life is out of control, and he may lose more rights with his daughter.

Just for a few extra million dollars? Is it worth it Mel?

You must love misery! This guy's a heart attack away from the death pool with all this stress. I am sure a Jewish doctor will end up saving him, what will he have to save then? He's such a schmuck face, seriously. Couldn't happen to a nicer biggot!


Posted at 9:02 AM on Nov 22, 2010 by thehoch

What a disgusting post from a disgusting individual.

Posted at 3:25 PM on Nov 22, 2010 by Ira Black


At least we know the name of the dog in the fight the "schumuck" named "thehoch."

1368 days ago


Playing Devil's advocate here; Could Oksana's spokesperson have been paid off by Mel Gibson's people?
In the Godfather part When Kay Adams (Corleone)tried to leave Michael Corleone, she drops the bomb on him that she didn't have a miscarriage, but actually aborted their baby. She knew this was the only way she could make Michael let her go. Michael slapped her down to the sofa, then kicked her out, kept the kids and banned Kay from them and him. He was the Godfather, he had power, and could "make" things happen, like kill his brother Fredo, right? Is Mel a Godfather of Hollywood type? Can he "make" things happen? Just asking, and playing Devil's advocate while I'm asking.

Posted at 2:29 PM on Jul 28, 2010 by Gene

Just one more old post to prove a point. I'm done now.

1368 days ago



I should add the destructive drama is ONLY the most positive option out there --- there also is the real possiblity Oksana Grigorieva targeted Mel Gibson. If extortion is REAL -

then the options are Lucia having an extortionist as her caretaker


her father, the mark, as her caretaker.

From my seat - Mel Gibson has done everything to try and protect Lucia. Oksana seems to have PURPOSEFULLY hung her DAUGHTER out as a BAIT --

and considering her use of the media to strong arm or intimidate Mel Gibson and her loss of credibility in the process she has also

attracted the attention of who knows how many predators!

Lucia for a multitude of reasons needs to be taken from Oksana's home and care and allowed the opportunity to be cared for by a man who has professed only love and devotion and who IS willing and able to provide for her.

Oksana only wants to bleed the father to support her desires and whims.

What kind of mother behaves like Oksana has? And why should any JUDGE reward her? Or ignore the dangers Oksana has set in motion?

1368 days ago

M. Gabriel    

I want to say a little something over and beyond what has already been said and I would like it to count towards the reality of what has been truly happening with this Mel/Oksana story.

Just because a woman gives birth does not mean she is entitled to that child as the primary parent. Men are just as capable of caring for children as any woman, unless she is breast feeding! This would be the true and main reason why children are preferred to remain with the mother and it is obvious when a child is bottle feed vs. breast feed. Since Oksana is not breast feeding, she losses the advantage of being preferred to in raising this kid over Mel. This is information that should be considered as a deciding factor in this custody hearing along with her past history and conduct AND obvious reasons of having another child by another celebrity. In this case, I do not see how she should be privileged over Mel to have custody since she is not breast feeding.

She is not looking out for the well fair of this kid by publicly trashing the father. A "real" person would have done everything opposite of what she has done.

I do not wish her harm, but her actions are showing her true colors.

1368 days ago


Praying for you and your family Mr. Mel Gibson. May God Bless you and protect you and your family and Lucia at all times. Stay strong, calm, positive and save Lucia. May God grant you custody.

1367 days ago

hana azab    

uncle steveeeeeeeeeee is my uncel and i love him he is the best lawyer i now

1365 days ago



It is miserably apparent that you are birds of a feather [Oksana and you]. Standards in decorum or what's considered evil have become remarkably lax.

You articulated - "...If he was smart he would have tried to work this all out before it went to court." Really? Even if someone had taken him for a ride?

That statement strikes me as being of the same genre as when young - heck i'll say it besides, i'm black anyway - when young black girls get pregnant so they can receive 'Chissup' {... and kindly do not respond with feigned indignation.}

I use this example coz it's the only frame of reference authentic to me. I'm sure girls of other races do the same thing or something close} but, at this moment, i'm talking to what i assume is a black woman [your sentence contruction and structure - black woman with a bit [As Bernie Mac r.i.p would say, a bit of an 'edumacation']

Anyway, you continue with:
"Just for a few extra million dollars? Is it worth it Mel?" This, to me is the smoking gun [motive] That is the underlying driver for behaviour like Oksana's.

Translating and including what a sample 'monologue' of OKsana's would be;

I know you said you'd give me 15 million but, 'our baby' needs more than 15 million dollars. I would accept it only if it is a yearly payment.

Pay me more than 15 million and i shall entertain the thought of burying this thing. ...but wait, if you give me 50 million i'll bury the shovel that i used to bury the accusation.

For 100 million, I'll not malign you to the baby when they grow up. Might even let you spend more time with her but remember - she is my meal ticket so don't get used to her.

So what if this was the same thing i did to Timothy Dalton? A girl has to eat especially if she can't sing, has no education to speak of and is losing her looks with the passage of time. You are my pension plan.

Remember, these conditions for seeing her will remain subject to change contingent on prevailing events,my personal gratificaction or just so i can have the occasional giggle.

Oh by the way, since i didn't get paid for Larry King [i think] i'm also going to file a petition at the next hearing that you pay my clothing, transportation [had to charter a plane and that is 15K i could use for our baby who needs it] and entertainment expenses for my lawyer and i, on the day of the interview - 'Our baby' has to have a mother that 'represents' and, DOES NOT fly commercial.

Note: Speaking of flying, anticipate me filing for more support when the new G650 is made available to purchase. Again, this is all for the baby who is extremely traumatised at the moment and scarred from your bad behaviour. I think the G650 should help her to heal.

...and no! I shall not take a citation in lieu of. "man, you are going to pay man" How can you hit...

1363 days ago
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