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MJ Producer Believes MJ Is ALIVE!!!!!

11/22/2010 2:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson is NOT DEAD -- he's still alive ... just like Elvis ... this according to a famous music producer who worked with MJ all the way to the possibly not-so-bitter end. 

Michael Jackson Is Alive

Super producer Teddy Riley -- who worked with MJ on the "Dangerous" album and produced the song "Breaking News" on the upcoming Sony album -- has reignited the Michael Jackson conspiracy theory after twittering that he believes MJ is alive ... somewhere.

Riley wrote, "If people can think Elvis is still alive why the F#*@ I cant [sic] think Michael is still alive."


Just one day before the tweet, Riley received a message from a fan who wrote, "Akon said he believes Michael is in hiding and will be coming back one day. Im curious to know what ya think bout that."


So, we gotta ask ...


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On one hand sure i wish that were true but NOBODY would do that to their children NOBODY

1394 days ago


He Loved Little Boys Even More.

Posted at 10:05 AM on Nov 22, 2010 by OhWell
SHAME ON U !!!!! Michael Jackson IS the better man in the World !!! How can you say that ??? Mj isn't and will never be what you think he is ! Just leave him alone, he didn't do anything bad like the things you say !
Love U MJ ...

1394 days ago


TMZ is just trying to figure out which story will get them the most hits: MJ or Mel. It's really pathetic that they have to resort to playing with people's emotions just to see who's reading what.

So I wonder who's winning and was it worth it?

1394 days ago


i dunno if mj is alive or dead but 3 days before he died i suffered from serious insomnia .. the same way mj described before he died (mind you, ive never had any cases of insomnia, no medical history or drugs taken for it at all)

only thing i kept tellin myself was: "somethin big is about to happen"

and onthe third day he died...

after he died, that very night i slept like a baby, and didnt lose any sleep

wanna know the weirdest part? this year 2010, three days before the anniversary of his death, i suffered from insomnia again.. but this time i knew what it was

so i dunno if he dead or alive, but i felt something he was goin thru and i dunno . my gut is tellin me hes out there but then again... *shrug*

1394 days ago



I pray Michael can look down and see your betrayal. His Family sure do! They will never work with you again! One of the Jackson brothers is appalled by your attacks on Karen and how you spread on twitter that his brothers is alive that he is repulsed by you! You are an epitome that no amount of money can buy one class!

*****BeLIEvers***** If Teddy REALLY thought that MJ was really alive to see it all, do you think Teddy Riley has been acting the way he has been against Karen Faye and MJ fans??????? Go check his twitters, he has been going gansta on Karen Faye and MJ fans with the most hateful, crude, crass remarks! He is playing you all! One minute he talks about MJ being alive, another minute he tweets about seeking justice for MJ. Riley needs to be checked into a mental institution, and I mean URGENTLY! He is a disgrace to his peers!

1394 days ago


Don't disrespect Michael in these comments. Why is it so far-fetched to believe he is alive? And how dare you call him names! You are so evil and stupid. Even though you KNOW he is innocent you STILL say hateful comments about how he is a child molester. That man is nothing short of heavenly and all things LOVE. Go stick your collective fingers in an electric socket. Maybe you will recharge your brain cells.

1394 days ago


Thank you poster MichaelJACKSON for reminding us what a jerk Teddy really is.

Yea, he handled that situation like a real good parent LoL....

1394 days ago


I HOPE you are right Teddy!

1394 days ago


Word is that Michael was spotted at an airport this past weekend. He's had more plastic surgery, but reports are that it was clearly him from his high-pitched squeals of delight.

Rumor has it that Michael faked his death so he could go off and become a TSA Agent.

Michael has found his true calling line life - feeling up boys' crotches for a living.

1394 days ago


Teddy Riley is a F'ing JOKE! He is a thug that is corrupted by Sony's bloody money! Hoax movement is perpetuated by Sony to make fans believe that MJ is alive and working with Sony. Since Sony reached out to Riley to pass Jason Malachi song as Michael's, Riley is basking in his newfound limelight! He is promoting Sony and promoting himself! Who the H(ell) knew Riley (esp foreign fans) before Breaking News? Will I Am has the same opportunity to STAB MJ IN THE BACK and sell out for money! But he chose integrity and respect for MJ! Riley is a thug who would sold his soul to "devil" aka Sony!

And I fail to get the fans. Michael's OWN CHILDREN 9which is akin to Michael himself objecting), MJ Family, MJ newphews and MJ fans demanded that Sony remove questionable tracks. Sony and Riley told you all a big "F U!". This is about RESPECT FOR MICHAEL'S ART! Riley is the very person who cut and cropped and mutilitated Michael's art and deceived fans! How can you respect this delusional, pill popping thug who attacks Karen Faye and beats his teenage daughters?



1394 days ago


Michael being alive would be his business. And don't worry about the kids, they would know that, obviously.

1394 days ago


I can't believe some of the comments I've read. Everyone has a RIGHT to BELIEVE what they want! So if someone believes in God are you going to put them down?? You (whom are bashing) should look in the mirror at yourself and see all the hate that you spread! For the sad sheep whom believe all the lies about MJ touching Kid WAKE UP!!! Leave him alone!! Good for you Teddy, stand up for what you believe in! Open your eyes people the truth is right in your face. I love how some fans swear they know everything about MJ lol how would you know he didn't do it to protect his children because he loves them? Read a book people and turn the tv off. Wake up sheep!!

1394 days ago


All this hatred toward a man who has never done anything but give and give, and love and LOVE. So shameless people! No respect for the living or the dead. I think people take the freedom of speech right too far. Sometimes, people should just simply SHUT UP. Leave Michael alone. He is not a woman, nor is he white. He is not gay, nor is he a child molester. Get a life! And Teddy Riley? an EXCELLENT music producer. One of the best there is. Jealous? Oh well! GET A LIFE! Michael Jackson? THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER THAT EVER LIVED who just happens to be STILL LIVING! Accept it. Deal with it. Stick it! I'm sick of you clowns spreading your garbage to whoever will listen. Just stop it! So evil and hateful and liars too. I love you, Michael. Let the haters GO TO HELL.

1394 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

MJ just visited me at the Center for Great Apes. He looked alive to me. He even called me by the full name he gave me, Bubbles Prince Michael Shamon Snuggie Jackson.

1394 days ago


Teddy Riley worked with Michael in the past; see his interview with Don Lemon of CNN right after Michael's death; Teddy was bereft. But having said that, unfortunately, Teddy has been bought by Sony to finish Breaking News (not very well by the way). To make matters worse, unless Teddy suddenly does an about face, he is appearing on Oprah on December 6, to hawk the album "Michael"; Oprah taped it last week. Let's see what Teddy says, and what Oprah edits out. Oprah hated Michael; she is doing this only for her "boss" Sony, and Teddy is playing right along.

As for Akon, one interview says he would never finish an "unfinished" song, and a day later, he says he "finished" Take My Hand. So which is it Akon?

Then there's Will.I.Am, who from the beginning would have no part of this awful charade. Will, I Am a fan!

1394 days ago
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