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Miley Cyrus' Birthday Neck Suck

11/22/2010 1:15 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Wearing a leather bikini top, underage pop star Miley Cyrus proved she can't be tamed ... by getting kissed on by some guy at her post-AMAs/pre-18th birthday party at Trousdale at around 2AM this morning.


The mystery dude sprawled on top of Miley may be her rumored new boyfriend, Nickelodeon star Avan Jogia ... but it's pretty hard to tell for sure.

Miley officially turns 18 on Tuesday.


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@Jay if you want a role model for your child then BE ONE. it's no mileys job to be a parent, if you're too lazy to do it and you put your child education in hand of a teenanger then you should be ashamed

1439 days ago


I most definitely agree with the fact that they are UNDER drinking age in CA which is STILL 21, so why the hell were they even let into the bar in the first place? Her parents clearly are crap for not raising her to be a proper young lady, instead she looks like a skank ho,AND she hasnt reached 18 as of yet! How pathetically sad. Her parents are to blame, and she is to blame as well. I get it she shouldnt have to be the role model to 11 year olds these days anymore, but are there any decent young ladies who are also celebrities in this country who give a damn about their character, their values, their morals??? Britney, Lindsay, Paris, guess not, add Miley, cause she's on her way down the same road. Sad!

1439 days ago


you guys need to realize this. THIS IS LA. not ohio. things happen differently there. sure all teens party and what not and just because she wore that to her birthday party.... who cares? its her EIGHTEENTH birthday party. she can do what she wants. at least shes made it this far without being in rehab or anything like that.

1439 days ago


She's 18 tomorrow, she can kiss guys. But, I think it's him. Look closely at his arm. That's his tattoo.

1439 days ago


Ho Fo Sho

1439 days ago


how sweet like mother like daughter!

1439 days ago


My guess is that it's Adam Sevani. They're filming a movie together.

1439 days ago


Are you all serious? LOOK at the pictures again...actually LOOK.
a) Her mom is right there! What's the big flipping deal.
b) There is no proof she drank alcohol. In fact, the bar stopped serving alcohol when she arrived. Y'all are stressing she got drunk? Go Selena Gomez's birthday party pictures. THAT'S drunk.

On her boyfriend kissing her: mind your own business! He's not YOUR son and she's not YOUR daughter. Commenting on OTHER PEOPLE'S romances just proves what a sad life most of you have. I'm 16 I can honestly say I've done worse.

It's been 6 years and we have yet to see her do something absolutely crazy. I say she's holding up pretty well so far...

1439 days ago


Lol you guys are funny. Look at you all judgemental and you don't even know the girl. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. She's gonna turn out just fine. Leave her the **** alone.

1439 days ago


I'm 18 and think everything she's doing is wrong.
birthday at a club when it's just your 18th birthday?! what's she gonna do when she's 21?
there's nothing wrong with a little pda now and then but she's in the middle of a club, she should go somewhere private to do that kind of stuff.
her mom was there? clearly pulling a dina lohan.
what is miley wearing? if any normal 18 year old wore that out in public we would immediately be labeled as a slut.
i don't care if she's in the business that's 'forcing' her to grow up she's still just 18

1439 days ago


that is defs avan jogia, i know my celeb crush anywhere. yay for miley and avan!

1439 days ago


Dear ingorant fools,
Ok first, it was HER birthday party so that's why she was let into a bar and second, it was confirmed that there was no alcohol there at the time.
Now, ALL YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET A GRIP ON REALITY. I know some 13 years old who have already had sex. She is 18. I know some 14 year olds who go party and hook up with a different guy every weekend. She is getting kissed by someone she has been talking to for awhile. IT"S NOT A CRIME.
Chill out and realize she is not going to become Lidsey, Britney or anyone.

1439 days ago


somebody needs to tell her what she looks like..I dont think she can see..smh a hot mess.

1439 days ago


I think yall are all being hypocritical. She is 18. Like most of you werent having sex and drinking at 18. Its honestly nobodys business what she does, yall only make it yalls business because yall simply do not have lives of yalls own. My advice, would be to get one.

1439 days ago


I realise she can do what she chooses, but I think she's fooling herself by saying she's not being 'slutty', she needs to at least call her behaviour what it is, and not kidding herself that it's Godly. Seriously, the more she does, the less doubt there is about what path she is taking.

1438 days ago
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