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Larry King: Exhibit A in Mel vs. Oksana Custody War

11/22/2010 6:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Larry King's interview with Oksana Grigorieva is officially part of her custody war with Mel Gibson ...  TMZ has learned.

Oksana Custody Battle

As we first reported, Mel believes Oksana's appearance on "Larry King Live" is part of a smear campaign, crafted by Oksana, and evidence she's not acting in the best interests of Lucia.

During the morning session of today's hearing, Mel's side entered the transcripts into evidence.

What have you gotten yourself into, Larry?


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****ing ugly russian whore whoh's plastic face is starting to droop. Take the kid away from her... she's an idiot.

1429 days ago


Oksana was seeking fame and fortune with a plastic surgeon's worst remake of a face and without talent other than her plastic boobs and thick lips best for blow, she lied through her entire Larry King interview and in reality, Larry did Mel a large favor. I never believed her, and the interview proved her lies and contradictions and oh, afraid she was gonna die so she taped Mel...come on .. if I thought I was going to be killed, and knew in advance, I'd first get my baby and myself out of the house as I was on the phone with the cops. None of that took place, Oksana should go back to Russia and Mel shoud raise the baby girl. He's a good man and we all support him. A lot of people who drink say things they don't even mean and maybe too, that cop was lying... either way, I don't even drink cause I could say anything and not mean it... he's a great father and husband (he was in the past) and best friends with his ex wife as I am with my ex husbnd too.. it's Oksana the extortionist and liar who turned dowwn 15 million for her child ONLY CAUSE SHE HEARD FROM OTHERS AND GOT MAD AT HER ATTORNEY WHEN SHE HEARD SHE'S GET MEGA MILLIOONS MORE FROM MEL HAD SHE INCLUDED ABUSE and thus there wasn't anything to contact cops about, she was not worried about her life, and when we hear her words scripted on tape, those are not the same words we hear cause we hear none at all when she edits Mel's words on tape and we don't know what cruel things she's said to provoke him .. and more important.. Okana provakes us with her lies. Cashing in on these celebrities now is the sex and even better, baby for profit and lies ensue. OKSANA IS A LIAR AND CRIMINAL WHO SHOULD BE THROWN IN PRISON WITH HER BABY TAKEN AWAY.

1429 days ago


LOVE IT!!! She is so disgusting. Head back to Russia just like Anna Chapman!!!!!

1429 days ago


aston--a baby might no understand a smear campaign, but that's still not how parents should act towards one another. It's about co-parenting, and when one parent is trashing the other, it's not co-parenting.

1429 days ago


@ Aston....So u mean women haven't met women who are worse than Mel?...whom scream, abuse, lie, back stab?... I am a woman and i think u are another OKS type.

1429 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Did they subpoena Ox's nanny/sitter?

1429 days ago


too bad there isn't dna for each of the females family, might be interesting to know if they relate the way they claim .... would also like to hear from a few doctors about the physical age, and physical and mental health of the female, including her repro. parts

1429 days ago


Tap..tap...tap...waiting for some news...

I have my champagne bottle ready to celebrate..:):)

1429 days ago


Why is her mom taking the stand? She is probably just as illiterate as her daughter and doesn't make any sense! Poor Court Reporter, they will be there all day!!!

DEPORT THESE WHORES (mother, daughter, sister)! EXTORTIONISTS...

1429 days ago


I have never seen TMZ involved in such a smear campaign before, wow! And your "reporting" has become so slanted, Harvey must really hate this woman to defend psycho racist homophobe Mel Gibson.

1429 days ago


Fantastic...for Gibson.

Her myriad of inconsistent statements is now officially evidence.

Oksana's mouth is the gift that just keeps on Gibson's attys.

1429 days ago


A one year old baby doesn't understand anything of an (alleged) smear campaign. No reason to lose custody. A baby only needs her mother to hold her on her arms.

I really hope he doesn't get custody. He's to unpredictable. He must have scared his daughter half to death chasing her mother round the house.

Mel, like many men, has two personas. One is nice, the Mel Judy Foster and Whoopi Goldberg talked about, and then there is a second Mel who screams, yells, and can't control his anger. Many women have met this sort of man.

Posted at 2:02 PM on Nov 22, 2010 by aston
I think it's more of the fact that by publicly slamming the father, she PROVES that she would privately talk about the father in front of the child. I mean, if she's doing it for the WHOLE WORLD to see, she will do in for the child when she's older. And then the child becomes stuck in the middle.

1429 days ago


Classes in sociology and psychology should study the threads about Mel and Oksana. They offer a perfect example of how lynch mobs are born, interact and cheer each other on. All those people ganging up against a woman, it's a feast of cheerful cruelty and sadism.

1429 days ago


Larry King the dinosaur just needs to finally retire!

1429 days ago


God is she ugly

1429 days ago
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