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George Lopez' Wife

Files For Divorce

11/23/2010 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Lopez' wife has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.

George and Ann Lopez DivorceTMZ first reported the couple's intention to call it quits.  Now Ann Lopez has filed legal docs to make it official.

According to the divorce petition, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by disso-queen Laura Wasser, Ann cites "irreconcilable differences."

Ann is asking for spousal support and primary physical custody of their 14-year-old daughter.

We're told there is no prenup.

The couple has been married for 17 years.


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All smiles but under that exterior is a tortured soul in George. And no matter how dark his skin is it still can't hide that 'WHISKEY' sunburn. If I had to guess I'd say he's more than just a little erratic off camera. I've never really cared for him or his humor and she's probably full up with it as well.

1394 days ago


Ann cites "irreconcilable differences." ... because "my husband is a douchebag because I gave him a kidney and then he cheated on me with some hep c drunk comic groupie" wasn't a box she could check on her divorce papers.

1394 days ago


Hilarious!!! except it was paid for hep c prostitutes. The ho that sold the story to the Enquirer was a shank!! Wouldn't it be great if there was a fill in the blank on the divorce papers...Gave him a career and a kidney and he cheated on me with prostitutes then I found out about it in the National Enquirer!!!
I can't wait to see who George "buys" next..... any woman who would date him knowing what he did is out for his money. That is the best revenge!!! Team Ann

1394 days ago


Ann Lopez has more Chins than a Hong Kong phonebook.

It looks like she has two sets of dimples. One on her cheek and the other near her ear.

Yes George, you have the money and the looks, time to trade in the old model for a new one that runs and looks better.....

1394 days ago


George Lopez is UGLY!!!!! He is a pig and a man whore and I hope he has to give up the $$$$$$ for all his bull****. His show sucks . You broke up your family for hookers!!!! really!!!! I'm sure his child is soooo proud of her daddy!!!

1394 days ago


Yeah for peacekeeping in America...Bristol gets third and all the liberals can rest easy and not threaten anymore. Way to Go Bristol!

1394 days ago


Always posting the worst pictures of celebrities.

I've seen George Lopez in real life and he does NOT look like that! haha.

1394 days ago


Who are these people? THey look like the couple that run the local convenient store, by why would TMZ be interested in them I wonder?

1394 days ago


How can you get divorced from a wife that gave you a kidney and have such a terrible talk show at the same time?

1394 days ago


So people think his wife is unattractive? Well, what about his ugly behind.
She may not be attractive by Hollywood standards...but she is what the average
American woman looks like that has been putting up with an idiot husband for
too long.

1394 days ago


I have seen both of them at charity functions. That is a horrible picture of her!!! She has lost tons of weight since then. Ann is really pretty but more importantly she has a beautiful heart and a loving, caring soul.

The picture of George is a good picture of him. He has no soul.

1394 days ago


Does that mean George Lopez has to give back her ex's kidney as part of the divorce agreement????

1394 days ago


1394 days ago


I was going to say she should ask for her kidney back but a bunch of people have already touched on that so I'll just add amen to their suggestion.

1394 days ago


There would be no George Lopez w/o his wife Ann. What the F were you thinking George by cheating on this angel. Your wife gave you life and you cheated on her. She does not deserve this as a reward for saving your sorry @$$ good for nothing ugly face cheat. I hope she gets all the real property, money & any other assets. Without her, George you won't even have your life. George, you should feel like a worthless piece of crap that you are. Wonder if Sandra thinks that you are all that. I love Sandra and hopes she stops backing you.

1394 days ago
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