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Ronni Chasen Left Millions of Dollars in Her Will

12/2/2010 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained a copy of murdered publicist  Ronni Chasen's will and other documents -- which estimate the value of her estate at $6.1 million ... and she intentionally stiffed one of her relatives.

Ronni Chasen Will

In the document, dated June 10, 1994, Ronni left her playbill collection and other memorabilia to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, provided when it's publicly exhibited she gets credit -- "from the collection of Ronni Chasen."

Chasen was charitable, leaving $20,000 to Hole in the Wall Gang Fund, Inc., $10,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation International, $5,000 to Women's Cancer Research Foundation, $5,000 to the American Film Institute, $2,500 to the Gilda Radner Cancer Program and $5,000 to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

According to supporting documents, another will was prepared for Chasen in 2006, but it has not yet been located.  Lawrence Cohen, Chasen's brother who is applying to be the special administrator, says he believes the will may be in a safe deposit box.


In the 1994 will, Chasen left 3/4 of her estate to her mother, but her mom since died.  Given her mom's death, her niece, Melissa Cohen, gets a huge chunk of money and the charities listed above get a substantial amount of money as well.

And small amounts of money go to Big Sister Volunteers of Los Angeles, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

Apparently Chasen did not like one of her nieces much -- she gives $10 to Jill Gatsby, stating, "I have intentionally and with full knowledge of the consequences omitted to provide for my niece, Jill Cohen, also known as Jill Gatsby, except for the gift of $10."


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THIS IS FOR, WHO'S THAT, #44. I could not have said it better, myself!

1399 days ago


This country can be so disgusting at times, these types of court do***ents should not be public domain, do***ents pertaining to criminals, no problem with making them public, but this type of stuff like divorce docs and wills, should stay private.

1399 days ago


Its amazing how uninformed most of you are regarding wills. You should keep your mouths shut. Better to have people think you're stupid instead of opening your mouth (or your browser and typing) and confirming it. Duh (with emphasis).

1399 days ago


Her hard earned money, and hers to leave to whoever she wants. I'm so sick of all the entitlement issues with you people.

1399 days ago


Never thought I'd be saying this, but I'm beginning to respect TMZ and here's why: the L.A. Times, the NY Times, the TV stations, even the L.A. Weekly are doing a lousy job digging into this mystery but instead keep reporting the same "news" over and over. Shame on - especially - the L.A. Times, a large daily paper with several reporters covering crime.

So I surfed news on the case which is getting fishier and fishier by the minute and up comes this news about Chasen's will...on TMZ of all places! This is the first I've heard of who would have benefited from killing her. Instead, the worthless L.A. Times write up and down about some rambling, ex-convict drug addict and take down statements from the seedy Harvey Apts. residents and others who most likely are just hoping to get 15 min. of fame and their name in the paper. This is one of the worst apt. buildings in L.A. and a place where struggling actors, ex-convicts, transients, etc. live. (Not to say that there aren't some honest down-and-out folks living there I should add).

Most likely, someone who knew Harold, maybe that Terri Gilpin her husband, both of them Harvey Apts. residents, were hoping to get the reward money in the case and promptly called the cops when Harold started rambling and boasting about waiting to get paid for the Chasen kiling. He had nothing to do with the Chasen murder but became a pawn in the game, as Bob Dylan's song goes. Sure, he was an ex-convict and a bum and no angel, but clearly he was scared of going back to jail and prefered to kill himself. The cops just wanted to interview him becasue someone gave them a tip about his rambling about the Chasen murder. OR....he was framed and the cops took him out, staging it as a suicide.

OR...he really did kill Chasen out of urgent need for cash and her niece who got stiffed in the will is behind it. She was divorced since her 20s, never remarried, had no children, had one brother which means her two nieces are the brother's daugthers. Maybe the brother hired someone?

The plot thickens.

1399 days ago


So, she was a bitch afterall. To go to the extent of writing that about her niece on her Will and saying she's leaving a gift of $10 bucks to her is the most degrading and bitchiest things a human being can do to her own flesh and blood. With that attitude about her, I know damn well see had enemies. And that attitude is what got her killed. We'll all soon learn why from some unknown so-called friend, or someone she's pissed-off in life.

I'd like someone she's pissed off to come forward and let the public know she wasn't as nice as people her knew her say. Explaining in her will to leave a niece 10 bucks, is downright mean.

1399 days ago


Just to clarify: Ronni Chasen (not her niece) was the one who divorced in her 20s, never remarried, and had no children.

Does anyone know why she changed her name from Veronica Cohen to Ronni Sue Chasen and when? Many Jewish people in Hollywood changed their last names to avoid anti-semitism so I wonder if this is why she did it. Was Chasen her ex-husband's name? Any connection to the famous Chasen L.A. restaurant?

P.S. I'm part Jewish myself.

1399 days ago


Interesting how how friends and colleagues were saying that she was such a nice lady, blah blah blah, the usual phony crap people say when someone dies. But one article two weeks ago did mention that she once screamed and yelled at someone in the biz, that she was pushy (comes with the PR job probably) and now we learn that she stiffed one of her nieces in her original will.

No one is a saint and neither was Chasen apparently so I wish people wouldn't try and make her into one, especially since new info about her is surfacing. And no, she did not deserve to be murdered but don't make a person something they clearly were not. Hollywood is an ugly biz, like the music industry and politics. With so much money and prestige at stake, there is bound to be some shady things going on that we never hear about. Maybe it's time for a WikiLeak on Hollywood? I'd love to see some "secret cables" not ever meant for publication suddenly there for all to read. A whole lot of people would get embarrased.

1399 days ago


Dearest Ronni,

I like the way you roll! Why reward someone who continually treated you so badly in life. There is no such obligation and you did well not bowing to anyone who mistakenly thinks there is.

You are in my prayers. I'm very sorry your life on earth ended in such a horrific manner. RIP-no more troubles.

1399 days ago

Tony Brockstar    

What a spitefull crusty old hen. Who stiffs a neice like that. Even on principal I can't agree with it. Good luck resting in peace now you crusty old battle-axe.

1399 days ago


That is just awful....Who does that? She must have been a miserable woman!

1399 days ago


For you non business folk.....if you dont want to leave any money to a family member you are supposed to leave a small amount to them in your will so they can't contest/oppose the will and say they were supposed to be in the will. It was the right thing to do if she didnt want to leave her any money.

1399 days ago


What a BEYOTCH!! To have 6 million and give $10 to a niece, I bet the niece Pis$e$ on her grave!

1399 days ago


1399 days ago


@Poster 73,

You are also clueless as to who this lady was so don't speculate there is something bad to reveal in the first place. As for Wikileaks-you REALLY NEED TO RESEARCH THAT DUDE! He's wanted by Interpol on a warrant at this point. There is so much to his criminal past, I can't list it all here. This is one very bad azz. I spent one day researching him. To idolize a man who puts the security of this country at stake is just shocking and insane to me.

1399 days ago
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