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Kanye -- Comparing Matt Lauer to a Child Abuser????

11/24/2010 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West went on another trademark rant last night -- unleashing about everything from Taylor Swift to George W. Bush ... and even took what seemed to be a serious shot at Matt Lauer.

During his concert in New York last night, Kanye brought up the "Today" show drama again (and his allegations that Lauer ran a clip from his interview with Kanye out of context) -- and made the following comment:

"Matt Lauer's not a bad guy I'm sure ... but if you are a child that's being abused by your parent ... or you are a girl being abused by your boyfriend ... the greatest win that you could ever have is for that person to hit you in public. You SEE! YOU SEE! I TOLD YOU!"

For the record -- Matt and the "Today" show insist they did NOTHING wrong.

As for Kanye, he also ranted about the infamous Taylor Swift moment at the VMAs -- saying, "If I wasn't drunk, I woulda been on stage longer."

He continued, "Taylor never came to my defense in any interview .. and rode it and rode it."

Check out the clip -- pretty crazy stuff.


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danny ice    

I hate Kanye West, he is the worst, no talent douche bag ought to be grateful you got lucky with your trash music. Can we please boycott this whining baby and be done wth him once and for all?? Why do we have to keep hearing about this cry baby b!tch?

1397 days ago


Aren't ppl done listening to this moron yet?? All he does is go on and on about dumb stuff and whines and complains all the time. He really needs to get a life and ppl need to stop listening to his music so then we don't have to see his stupid face in the news anymore and ppl can finally forget about this ego maniac.... Kanye is a Gayfish!!!!

1397 days ago


******, please...

1397 days ago


KW: He is special. One more from the long line of Rappers who did not get love and attention when they were growing up. Cos they grew up in the hood and sopciety is to blame for all evils in their neighborhoods. Now they think notoriety is the real th"a"ng. why do we even broadcast what he says or does. It just addes fuel to the flame. The media is to blamed as well.

1397 days ago

Dirk Bennet    


1397 days ago

Gene Winther    

He is a sick S>O>B> and the press should never allow his name to be spoken in the media, disallow him any success.

1397 days ago


When are we going to stop hearing about him. If no one bought his "music" maybe he'd go away for good. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

1397 days ago


How and why should Taylor have defended you Kanye?

1397 days ago


best rapper alive..all of you haters could stay mad!!

1397 days ago


What a BIG BABY! Please stop putting a mic in front of him!!!

1397 days ago


I love Kanye. His music is real, just like him. Last time I checked everyone, even celeb's are allowed to have a opinions in this great country we reside in. Whether we agree w/ them or not..people directing more negativity toward a negative situation helps how?

1397 days ago


This Douchebag is the biggest Moron and is lucky that some people that listen to his music could care less about him as a person and are just interested in his music, otherwise he'd be out of the industry. He'll be out of the media for awhile and is such a media whore he'll do whatever he can to try and get back in it. Do us a favor and jump off a cliff Kanye, you'll definitly get our attention then.

1397 days ago

Matt L    

Bababooey, Bababooey, Bababooey...In 20 years Kanye will be remembered for...nothing...Howard Sterns pen is.

1397 days ago


It's a shame when you have to see a grown man hoo!!

1397 days ago



1397 days ago
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