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Jen Aniston in a Bikini -- Something to Be Thankful For

11/26/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston donned a purple bikini and spent her Thanksgiving in Los Cabos, Mexico with a few pals.

Say amen.


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She's alone because she's got an ego the size of the moon. Of course she looks okay for her age -- she spends all her time getting worked on -- facials, streaking hair, massages, facial peels, mani/pedis, and God knows what else.

She can't act -- her movies suck -- but she prances around like a princess. I'm sure she's a bitter, selfish whiney, controlling person. Men can't stand to be around her.

I'm not jealous. I like myself just the way I am.

1396 days ago


#12 julia.....Amen! Gosh it's amazing what hurtful things they say about her! She's beautiful!

1395 days ago


There is a reason why this funny looking girl is all alone. She is one whining sniveling pain in the ass and a bore to be around. The only friends she has is other dull boring aging spinsters like herself including that beast with the ego and nasty attitude Sheryl Crow and the ever dull and dumb Courtney Cox.
Notice how Brad moved on and had a family and actually does something productive in life by helping others and making films. All this creep does is make bad movies and whine in the press about losing her "bud" as she calls her husband. Only a class a Jag off would be with this no talent creep.

1395 days ago


You are looking so .hot

1395 days ago


Well,well her face is an individual taste, but her anything else is quite good on my book. One of the best after 40's.

1395 days ago

Ras Rasta     

Most over rated female in Hollywood, Jennifer is as plan as they come, straight bland hair style, so what she has breasts all women have. Typical how white media attempts to showcase her . Jennifer is a regular looking woman, nothing stands out. Reason why she is unable to remain in a relationship. After 30 years of age the majority of white women are finished .

1395 days ago


#148 Ras Rasta

Ridiculous! Finished at 30? Okay. Whatever. I take it you are referring to a woman's looks. Is that the only way you judge a woman's worth (and if she's "finished")???

1395 days ago

Kingston Warrior    

# 149 Toronto/Woman look in the mirror and invest in some Botox ,The Brother was making reference to (white women) after 30 they are no longer the attractive Barbie Dolls , more like a apple Dolls.Jennifer Aniston is a very plan looking white woman. She is famous for being on the all white show Friends which does not relate to the real world, so you continue to support her, and re-live your best years in your head.

1395 days ago


Ha! You have no idea how old I am or if I need Botox, or if I'm black or white. So STFU with the insults. Did I insult anyone? NO. I am not particularily a big fan of Jennifer's....I was ONLY pointing out that the previous poster was shallow for judging women (white or otherwise)for their looks only. How is that wrong? You are just as ageist as he is. And you clearly have NO respect for women. I'm sure you mom is proud that you're such a misogynist.

1395 days ago

Chris O.    

Jennifer isn't fit to sniff Angelina's farts.
Jennifer is "cute".
Angelina is BEAUTIFUL.
Don't get it twisted.

1394 days ago

Chris O.    

I'm a white guy and even I admit to finding "plain" white chicks kinda boring nowadays.
It's the whole butt thing and exotics whatever.

1394 days ago


shes till comment best respect and comment from her pier, even BP still say that their friendship will continue.
She still get pay to work,because she still sell..if she can not sell the movie or act why she still get pay to do movie?
She work for 10 years in the highest rating tv series,still doing stage job,even Bruce willis wanted to do movies with this is a person who can not act? who just desperate for BP?..she enjoy herself having holiday with people who she is close for years and new ones..remember friends is a family you choose.
She is 40 something years old, and her family already has their own why if she want to spend relax with her closest friends and staff..its her life.
Honestly,anyone whos still thinking that she still pining for soo delusional..who want a man who cheating on you and had already 6 kids with other woman kids?..Why bother?..there are plenty fish in the pond..she is rich and beautiful and sexy..she can get anyman if she wanted...but she decide to stay single because thats what she want..a woman value NOT depend on man

1393 days ago


I hope that you know that Perez only defines her face as "manish" because, to him, beauty is found in the beDONGLER, and his only way to accept her attractiveness is to call her a man...because otherwise he wouldn't want to stick his(questionable) "hoo-hoo" in her "thingy" (in his mind a butthole)

1393 days ago


No matter what all you jealous people say you know she looks hot. How old is she, 40? Her body is freaking amazing for her age. Her body is envied by women in their 20's. You can tell this woman took VERY good care of herself.

1388 days ago


She is such a classy and gorgeous lady. I suspect her detractors are pigs. oink oink. Fix yourselves.

1330 days ago
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