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Kelsey's New Apt. -- More Room than Camille's

11/26/2010 9:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kelsey Grammer's new reported $6.5 million NYC apartment  comes with four bedrooms, stunning views and ... a slap in the face to his soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer.

On a recent episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Camille obnoxiously complained that the three bedroom Manhattan apartment she shared with Kelsey (prior to their separation) was too small.

Well, now Kelsey and his young girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, are one-upping Camille by one room and moving on up to a bigger, four bedroom apartment in the sky.

All's fair in love, war and real estate.


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Hey Tennis Boy, hope you're enjoying Ms. M.C. Poooo-py Pants.

Be careful of the ******** backblast...

1397 days ago


Also, Kyle and Lisa seem naturally beautiful. Lisa, probably was naturally beautiful and may have had a little too much plastic surgery... But Taylor and Camille -- I'm not seeing beautiful women there! Not at all. I see two skinny skeletons, with ake breasts, plumped lips and skin and bones... its just not attractive. Look at the faces of the Kyle and Lisa and then look at the others. That is what a beautiful woman is.. Curves, real expressions, realy true beauty. This manufactured look of skinny with the boobs -- they all look like gross charactichers.... you know what I mean, they look like cartoon characters!!! The world is a scary place... Taylor "wants more" -- She better want more brains and feelings than all that fake facade..another one thats never probably seen real beauty.. another one who is taking lessons from Camille and will be hiring a surrogate! Clue number one: DONT have kids! And Kim, Kyle sister should have stuck up for her... lame. lame lame woman! I hate that! KIM: Grow a backbone. Not having one makes you that much more unattractive!! YUCK
What tv show were you on anyway? Dont recognize you at all..?!?!?!? Lisa and Kyle, are very cool and alike.. the rest of them.. not so good AT ALL!

1397 days ago


Have you people dissing Kelsey Grammer watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Camille is a C U Next Tuesday. She should be living under a freeway pass while her two kids and their 4 nannies live in the apartment Kelsey paid for.

1397 days ago


Why so much hate for Camille?? What did she ever do to you?? Get over it ppl, don't hate because she is wealthy and isn't afraid to flaunt it. You only wish you had her life-style and money.
She could buy and sell any one of you!!! Hahaha

1397 days ago


I cannot stand this woman...she is so fake and tacky...I think she is on drugs...she speaks reaaaaallllll slow...and she is screwing her tennis player friend...she is ugly not like her and I am glad he moved on.

1397 days ago


People here are not jealous of her they don't like this self absorbed, botoxed face that doesn't move, stick figure woman who thinks she's all that and she is far from it. She doesn't hold a candle to any of the other housewives.

1397 days ago


I have to agree with Kim on this one...I"m on Camille's corner. Yes, they are all obnoxious women, flaunting their $$$$ (Taylor is the WORST) never really know what goes on behind close doors!

GO CAMILLE! STAY STRONG...From one mom to another, stay STRONG!

1397 days ago


Camille isn't only on the train to crazy town....she's the conductor. What a head case.

1397 days ago


Maryann, I completelty agree with you on all that you wrote!!

1397 days ago


This is news?

1397 days ago


No sympathy for Camille! She's getting what she deserves. Saw the witch on the RHOBHs. Horrible person!!! Kelsey couldnt run away fast enough.

1397 days ago


Camille is a nut case. I think she had her forehead pulled too tight. I don't blame Kelsey for needing a change of pace after seeing the wack job that he is married to. why would any woman brag about not having her own children so she wouldn't lose her figure. She is a selfish person, only thinks about how wealthy she is.. I wouldnt mind having a few thousand laying around (who wouldn't), she is too much

1397 days ago


Camille, you better hope that the clips from Housewives don't make it into court. You are self centered, neurotic, money grubbing, coat tail chasing play boy stripper. You really show your true colors on the show. Don't you think if Kyle had actually said what you've accused her of saying it would be played over and over again on Houseswives? Go back to dancing on the pole and you will be the top of the pecking order!

1397 days ago

Annie Pants    

Camille has all the charm of a pitbull. If I were Kelsey, I would have run from that vacuous stupid cow years ago.

1397 days ago

Candace Versher    

That's not his daughter?

1397 days ago
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