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Kelsey's New Apt. -- More Room than Camille's

11/26/2010 9:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kelsey Grammer's new reported $6.5 million NYC apartment  comes with four bedrooms, stunning views and ... a slap in the face to his soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer.

On a recent episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Camille obnoxiously complained that the three bedroom Manhattan apartment she shared with Kelsey (prior to their separation) was too small.

Well, now Kelsey and his young girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, are one-upping Camille by one room and moving on up to a bigger, four bedroom apartment in the sky.

All's fair in love, war and real estate.


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If Camille Grammer isn't acting, and this is her true personality... OMG!!! Her superficial unreality is cartoonish and comical. If I was her Mother, I would need many pills to make me forget the superficial phony that I raised. The conversation between the two of them was so strange by most mother/daughter standards! She claims all women are jealous of her? Why??? She's certainly not more beautiful or accomplished than them! This seems to be her goal, though as she vulgarly flirts with other women's husbands! What woman would put up with her sh**? Who wants to be friends with someone who has no interest in you, but loves to flirt with your husband??? She is crazy and admires herself. She only likes those who admire, adore, and look up to her. Even if there's nothing real to look up to. So sad for her children. Kelsey Grammer's judgement must be impaired too, though. He did marry her and have "surrogate children" with her- so it wouldn't mar her stripper botoxed body. SAD.

1391 days ago


Because of this man....He is such a conservative a**. Why you shouldnever vote for a Republican.....

1391 days ago


Any complementary comments on here about Camille were planted by her and "the staff". After watching her on that Bravo show, I can't even watch Kelsey on re-runs of Frasier. Knowing her was married to such a revolting woman. Her actions, and outright lies are vile, as is she.

1391 days ago


I think Camille is lying. I watch the housewives show and Kelsey was hardly on it. They keep saying that they spend a year apart from each other. I think they were separated (socially probably not legally) for some time and were just acting still into each other for the show.

1391 days ago


LOL Camille is such a loser and a *itch!
Watch The Real Housewifes of Beverly Hills and you'll see what I mean!

1391 days ago


I loved watching her speaking with Kyle, when Kyle was trying to clear up the misunderstanding, and watching Camille's eyes look like they were bugging out of her stretched out face. Imagine trying to hold a conversation with a woman that looks at you with that blank stare and eyes that look like they are trying to escape her freakish face. It's too funny. I bet she and Kelsey had to fake that they were still together just so she could even land this gig. The whole scam, of them appearing they are still married, may be part of their seperation, so she could become famous after they split publically. I mean really now, why else would she be constantly surrounding herself with all these tools painting her face and telling her how beautiful she is, as well as having that hot guy always showing up at Kelsey's house - all for public consumption. Does anyone else think it's odd at how she greets the hottie with both her hands on his face, holding his face so sweet - and let's not get into how close she gets to his body. She wants fame, and this may be part of the deal to lighten the amount Kelsey has to pay her when they divorce. She probably thinks she will become just as famous as Kelsey, and he needs to act this way on the show in order for her to get her start in the biz... Lord knows it looks like she's waited a loooooong time for her 15 minutes, haha. Oh, one other thing.....she's a self possessed, narcisistic, pompous, INSECURE, greedy, vain old HAG!

1390 days ago


I think that Kelsey had this getaway plan for a while and the show was a good out. He would have had her in NY more often. I wonder if he had a prenup? Camille will have money from him either way. She can pay hair dressers and pool boys to be her friends. Otherwise, she's to stupid and shallow for friendships.

1390 days ago


Camille is the most annoying celebrity "wanna-be" wife I've ever seen. No wonder he is divorcing her - she deserves it!

1390 days ago


Camille and Kelsey made a perfect match...egotistical, offensive, malicious, moody, quick to anger, unforgiving...

1390 days ago


Good for Ole Dr. Frasier Crane.........Why stay in a marriage with a miserable, self centered, egotistical witch. I tip my hat to you sir. You should of left her years ago but make up for lost time now brother............

Kelsey, that's you, right? haha. The "should of" is a cute touch.

1390 days ago


Camille forgets where she came from. She was a porn actress!! (Yes, it's true - Google her under her maiden name, Donatacci.) She should be grateful she has anything from Kelsey. Stop bragging about the fact that you have round the clock nannies for two kids. Since you don't have to focus on a husband anymore, how about actually mothering your kids! Simpleton!

1389 days ago


Camille is so annoying. I watch her and just cringe and how absolutely fake she is. And that voice...unbearable. And how is she any better than Kelsey with all of her forwardness and flirting with her guy friends. I'm sure Kelsey wouldn't have liked watching her do that if he were around. I could not get over that episode when her guy friend said they couldn't go to Hawaii because he was spending too much time away from his wife and baby. UGH!!!

Yet another fake "housewife."

1389 days ago


By the way, had to laugh how stand-offish Kelsey was on the episode when the girls went to NYC to see his premier. It was pretty apparent to me that he had probably long before checked out of that relationship.

1389 days ago


OMG Camille is completely nuts! Lets start by the mere fact that she had to hire a surrogate to carry her children! Next four nannies for two kids and shes always complainning about how tired she is from all the work and she doesn't know how she does it! Seriously?? I wanted to punch her in the face! And than she makes this weird face like well she can't help it shes so rich! Ugh plus does anyone ever notice that her face is messed up? She is either cross eyed or she had way too much plastic surgery!
Oh Oh and what about the douchebag that (she must have hired) Nick to come and play tennis with her and the kisses no wonder Kelsey is divorcing her (althoug he is a pig himself but we all know that!) I think the show should show us how Camille is doing now without all her luxuries, now that is something I would tune in to see.

1389 days ago


To Kim : Is that you Camille?

1389 days ago
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