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President Barack Obama -- Left in Stitches

11/26/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama had to get 12 stitches in his lip after he got caught with an elbow during a game of basketball at Fort McNair earlier today.

Bet the guy who elbowed Barack is going to get audited hardcore next year.

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Dr. Frankenstein to Igor - I need an upholstrey hook and more string !!

1406 days ago


@29 anonymous..give a name next time..you talk about job loses but at the same time last night or today there are 4million more people shopping this year than last. you all hollering economy but yet u aare still spending money like u got. sweetheart i have spent more than u ever know on helping in need. as a matter of fact i (we) fed over 100 families yesterday and over 300 everyday. so take that bull **** about me being on a keyeboard, when i am on the keyboard i am not being racist i feed everybody. color has no issue with me. but to hear from somebody like u turns my stomach.your children and grandchildren worry about now, our future is in Gods hand. take it or leave it..you may want to read the BIBLE SOMETIME.

1406 days ago


Congratulations to the guy who made the lucky shot.

1406 days ago


All this sounds fishy (this injury)
Like Bush's pretzel incident

1406 days ago

Capt. Nemo    

Poor Mr. President - he could have just sucked it up and let Michelle put a Band-aid on his Big Lip. BUT NO, he had to gather all his body guards, get out all the bullet proof Limos, put the Country on Code Red alert, just so he could take a little trip to the Doctor to make his BoBo Better.

....GAWD,,,,,,,please let this Country find a new President who has Balls, Brains, and Brawn.......AND, knows how to cut the fricken out-of-control spending by all them DumAzz Dems in the Poor House , opps, I mean White House...............AMEN...

1406 days ago


Did he cry "I Want My Mommie"????

1406 days ago


Just a fancy talker doesn't have a clue what he's doing.
Too bad they didn't have to sew his lips together for life=perfect.

1406 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Proof black men can't jump. Wasn't funny it did not leave you in stiches?

1406 days ago


i thank God for remote controls - when he comes on tv in a news report I can get rid of him in a sec!!!

1406 days ago

george fudge!    

Bush was never injured in basketball with the troops because he never got picked to play, just kept the bench warm and the water bottles topped up. And the idiot couldn't even do that right.

1406 days ago


Was Obama in the US or abroad when this boo boo happened? I can't keep track of his whereabouts! Obamacare? What a joke! Wait until your paychecks are almost cut in half then you may think twice before you're for the new healthcare plan. You will have to wait months to receive ANY care at all. Oh, by the way, if Mr. Obama would quit traveling the world on OUR dime, then our country could at least SAVE some money instead of US taxpayers having to absorb ALL the costs of his trips! GET REAL! I'm surprised Obama was at the White House to pardon the turkey!

1406 days ago


Where do I send my Thank You card??? Maybe this will shut him up for a few days. HaHaHaHaHa! I can't stop laughing!!!

1406 days ago


This man should be running the country not playing basketball. He is a publicity monger. He wants to be in front of the camera 24/7. The job is in the White House not on a basketball court. But I think we all knew this would happen.....didn't we?

1406 days ago


This guy can't throw a baseball, what makes him think he can play real basketball? Total poser.

1406 days ago


Actually he was playing basketball with the new heir apparent from North Korea - Kim Jong-il's son Kim Jong-Un was playing ball with him and Barak Hussein Obama said to him - you and your daddy have funny names and it pissed him off and he popped him in the mouth on his way out the door and said we are going to nuke you - just wait and see!!!

1406 days ago
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