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President Barack Obama -- Left in Stitches

11/26/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama had to get 12 stitches in his lip after he got caught with an elbow during a game of basketball at Fort McNair earlier today.

Bet the guy who elbowed Barack is going to get audited hardcore next year.

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Lerry, he's a JOKE ! The only thing that needs to change is the president ! And I am not a racist ! My grandson is bi-racial, and he is the light of my life ! He will not grow up to expect that everyone will take care of him, he will be dependent upon himself ! Right away with the racist crap !

1396 days ago

Bleeding American    

Regarding: 78.

It's amazing how many "brave" sissies on these posts attack the Prez when in reality if the Prez didn't need to be concerned about his image would put a well-placed gold-plated pointed-toed cowboy boot straight up your worthless a****! And for some of you that wouldn't be punishment it, but your daily treat! Was it as good for you? Smoke?

I hate that people assume it's only ignorant, racist, homophobic, rich, white or republican people who do not like this president. I am a Colored, Muslim, Educated, Non-homophobic (yes - we DO exist), lower middle class single mother (and yes, I did get a divorce, but guess what? two children from ONE father). Oh and I am 33 years old. Not an old fogey. And certainly not racist or classist. I can say though that Barack Obama (and he is NOT MY PRESIDENT and so I refuse to call him that) is KILLING people like me. I worked my butt off to come to this country, I have 3 degrees, and an impeccable record. I work my butt off to pay my bills and my taxes. I DID NOT come here to pay for lazy people who have no idea what it is like to live in other countries. It sickens me how this country panders to people who refuse to work - or hell - work freaking harder. God knows, I DO.

1396 days ago


@comment 3
smh .! dont get mad ause he's the 1st blak n youngest president .!

1395 days ago


Wow, that is one lucky guy...id give anything to be the one throwing that elbow!!!

1395 days ago


@#100 and I'd like to put my foot on your neck and crush your trachea and watch you die you piece of trash...and trust me i got the skills to do it

1395 days ago


@ Bleeding American

I thought all Muslims believed in Allah, because it's my first time ever hearing one Muslim say GOD KNOWS. Huh? WTH? For the record, I am black, and a Christian that wonders why these Tea Partiers are so mad at Muslims for killing in the name of their religion when white baptist christians hung my ancestors from oak trees. In the name of Jesus. The coran is being used just as the bible was in the 1900's. Chicken coming home to roost. I pray for you all.

1395 days ago


because we weren't the ones that hung you ancestors...our ancestors were the ones that did it. It's a new age, a new era, and yet you still wanna complain about something that happened when the majority of us didn't exist.

1395 days ago


Wow... I want the guy's autograph. He's my hero of the month. And YES, get the F--K back to work! Stop the outrageous number of imports,( thanks Clinton), and bail out the unemployed! TRICKLE UP ECONOMY !

1395 days ago


JLS - You're in an idiot!

1395 days ago



Before you open your big, fat, greedy mouth. Understand what the hell is being said. Dont take a line from what I said and go on rant about a damn new era. Because it's okay for you white **** suckers to COMPLAIN about Muslims killing for religion. But I cant COMPLAIN about your stanken ass using the dumb ass KKK killing in the name of religion? GTFUUUUUckOH. Yes this is the new era where IM saying Screw You Dumb, blonde idiot.

1395 days ago


Really funny to see all the closet racist/republicans rant on and on about President Obama. You're so obvious.

1395 days ago


@#8- Snotbutter: You seem to forget that Clinton actually lowered taxes and balanced the budget. It all started with your hero Ronald Reagan who literally spent the soviet union into oblivion. Kudos to him, but then Bush Sr & Jr continued the spending frenzy with no goal other than making their rich friends get richer.

1394 days ago


Imagine if he was hit in the eye , most people would think a fight occurred, in any case it's part of the game! Basketball can get physical and Obama knows it he took it like a champ! Hope he feels better:>)

1394 days ago


Is he going to go on Oprah & talk about it now, besides solving all the problems we have? By the way JLS remark #6, are Americans really stupid or is it just you? I like your quote, "Americans are remarkable stupid." Also, your comment #7, if you don't have insurance when this wonderful Obamacare kicks in, you will be fined. Pull your head out. You need to listen to the real news, not the basic news that all the Americans listen to. They cover up most everything going on. Wake up.

1393 days ago
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