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New Orleans Saint Arrested for Domestic Abuse

11/27/2010 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just two days after playing in a Thanksgiving Day game for the New Orleans Saints, defensive lineman Will Smith (no, not that one) was arrested today on charges of domestic abuse.


According to Lafayette Police, an officer witnessed a dispute between Smith and his wife at around 2:00 AM. The officer then says the disturbance became physical and "the male suspect allegedly grabbing the female by the hair and began pulling her down the street."

Smith was taken into custody and later released on $1,000 bond. He has a court date on Monday.

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He abuses his wife, pulls her down the street by her hair & is released on $1,000 bond? Great justice system.

1425 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Steroids, alcohol and two clashing egos do not mix.

1425 days ago


How very Lawrence Phillips-esque.

1425 days ago


When I read this story I was apalled and disgusted. I was so furious as it reminded me of what happened with my ex boyfriend a year ago. He dragged me all over his house and almost killed me. What did the SF Justice system do? They dismissed the case even though I had a mountain of evidence against him. The justice system will NOT protect women from monsters like these. Instead they enable them to get out and do it all over again. It disgusts me.

1425 days ago


They pay these guys to be tough, mean, and agressive; however, they forget to leave it behind when they leave the playing field to go home to their partner.

1425 days ago


"I don't know, but maybe you women should wake the hell up and learn how to pick better men. These dudes don't become abusive over night, the signs are there. Maybe, if they spend less time looking at a guys wallet and all the free sh4t they can get, and more time observing the guys behavior, it might just do the trick in most cases. Just a thought. "

So this b@stard who is the size of two refridgerators jumps on his girlfriend - who is probably 110 lbs soaking wet - and tries to drag her down the street by her hair but you manage to find a way to blame the girlfriend!! Black men are so physically and mentally abusive to women but then always want to complain about the way a woman is treating them like they always do about black women.. I have never understood how a black man can beat a woman to a pulp but not be able to stand up to a man without a weapon or a team.. SMH! Why don't you oversized bullies beat on a man for a change instead of RUNNING!

1425 days ago


He was on FOX on Thursday with his family wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving...nice going, family man.

1424 days ago

Love Star Wars    

What has skin color got to do with domestic violence?

Stop using race as an excuse - get up off your but, get a job, and get as far away from this type of man as you can get. Instead, you loser women choose to hang around and verbally antagonize and emotionally abuse these guys for revenge,

Move on ......... get away from him. GROW UP.

1424 days ago


She knew what she was getting into when she married him. Probably not the first time this has happened. She's in it for the cash so she put up with it. This idiot just played right into her hands by doing it in public view and getting arrested for it. Now she will take his money for sure.

1424 days ago


That's SOme city in Louisiana for ya'll. Love where I'm from but the system needs to hard on some crimes.

1424 days ago


Wow, what a man?

1424 days ago

cho baw    

He actually asked another female to have sex with in the bathroom at a club in Lafayette. His wifes wasn't there and then she walked into the club only to find him flirting w/ other chicks and thats what led to the altercation...Can't wait to see what the NFL commish thinks of this

1424 days ago


Please link his thanksgiving video with him and his family from Thursday's game?

1424 days ago

Andrew Price    


1423 days ago


I'm pretty sure she deserved it....

1423 days ago
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