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Matt Damon: Here's My Problem with the Snuggie ...

11/29/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Damon doesn't HATE the Snuggie .... or his nacho tray that plays mariachi music (actually, that one's pretty awesome) -- he just thinks there's a more environmentally friendly way to spend your holiday dough.

Matt Damon Snuggie
Damon got all bundled up for AOL's "You've Got..." series -- in which he shows off some of the worst Xmas gifts he's gotten over the years (including a stuffed animal his kids won't even touch).

But the coolest gift Damon thinks you can give is a pretty badass water bottle that his brother designed ... and 100% of the profits all go towards -- a group dedicated to getting clean water to people all over the world!

And who wouldn't drink to that?


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And to think I liked this guy! He should be thankful for any gift.
Side note:
My daughter has that stuffed animal and she loves it! His kids are obviously given rich extravagant gifts.....what is he teaching them????

1421 days ago


I never realized that so many Tea Party as****s commented on TMZ. Interesting. Yeah Matt you are a douchebag for wanting to help other people. Oh and you are celebrity so your opinions don't count anymore. shame on you.

1421 days ago

artie help    

this grinning , goofy , bastard, go crawl back into ben asslick's bed and snuggle up you tool.

1421 days ago

oh boy    

what does not wanting to have some rich snob tell us how to spend our money has to do with the Tea Party??????
You know charity starts at home, same goes for all of the kids adopted from God knows where. Aren't there enough children in the US that need loving parents, you got celebs out there collecting kids from different countries like other people collect beanie babies?
Why don't you go to Pensacola, FL and have some tap water down there.

1421 days ago


Damon is a "Egocentric A Hole". Total Jag Off.

1421 days ago


Love how all these wealthy celebs with their 100 room mansions which have to be heated, cooled, etc. Then some who drive around in a million fancy cars and jets are telling us to be worried about the environment. Can you say HYPOCRITES? Idiots.

1421 days ago

Bill Leslie    

profits. right. right after everyone, including the ho-ho-hollywood whore's brother gets paid. these books will be as corrupt as an Eddie Murphy Hollywood blockbuster.

Actors. Is there anything they don't know?

1421 days ago


Even after he took the snuggie off. That boy needs to loose some S E R I O U S a-s-s weight. Cant wait to see him on next seasons fat celibrity fit club.

1421 days ago


I hate Matt Damon. Does he really think we care what he has to say? I wish he would quit making movies too.

1421 days ago


derek, comment #5: you obviously have never heard his rant on sarah palin. he is another self-righteous hollywood douchebag...and your man-crushing on him is more than a little bit obvious. ever since damon and others like him had to open their mouth to show us little nobodies the way, i have boycotted their horrible movies. i refuse to support this trash.

1421 days ago


Matt Damon is a huge ahole. He's always preaching how other people should live. Take all of the money out of his bank account and he'll sing a new tune. Ugh...cannot stand him or his ugly mug.

1421 days ago


Wow... I cannot believe all of these ridiculous and ignorant comments. This is a good cause and Matt's just doing his best to promote it. Shame I have to share a planet with such hateful lowlifes.

1420 days ago

johnny boy    

Sounds like a great cause. Too bad Matt Damon is associated with it. Matt Damon is a do*che bag, I can't stand him. They should say 100% of the donations go to creating wells for people not "profits". What is "profit" in one man's eye is different in another's. I don't trust that fat as*. IF you really are worried about drinking water for people who need it, look in to

El do*che bag isn't associated with them yet. If he does, I'll stop giving them money.

Maybe he should stop offending such a large population of the US. His word might mean something then.

1420 days ago


WATER.ORG is a NON-PROFIT organization that I am well-acquainted with. They truly do an amazing thing by bringing CLEAN drinking water to people in poverty stricken areas. Why are you guys bashing him for promoting a non-profit organization? It's not like he's making money off of it!!! FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Calm down!!

1418 days ago
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