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Willie Nelson

High Stakes in Weed Arrest

11/29/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may sound like a joke -- Willie Nelson getting busted for pot -- but the music legend could face some serious jail time ... and a pro pot group thinks they have a way to keep Willie out of the pokey.

Nelson was busted over the weekend in Texas for possession of six ounces of marijuana. A criminal defense attorney in Austin tells us 6 ounces could get Willie 6 months minimum and 2 years max.

But Bruce Margolin, director of the L.A. chapter of NORML, tells TMZ Willie has an ace in the hole -- convincing a jury he just forgot that the California-grown pot was on the bus -- and California is ok with medical marijuana.

Or he could just try the, I'm Willie Friggin' Nelson!!! defense.


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ooo ooo    

Free Will!

1421 days ago


musical genius have a tendency to love weed it calms their nervous minds. When presidents can toke, and do cocian who cares if willie does pot. seriously.

1421 days ago


Texas sucks .

1421 days ago


Some Border Patrol wannabe real cop, figures he can get his name in the news by busting Willie Nelson. Been watching reruns of Miami Vice and wants to be a real policeman soo bad Very fortunate he didn't draw down and put a couple in the bus just to fuel his fantasies.
Anyone with half a brain knows you could stop Willie 24/7, anywhere and find pot; don't need a lengthy undercover, or sting operation. Don't need a pot-smelling human pretend cop sitting around the border patrol station just waiting for Willie's tour bus to make the "bust of a lifetime".

The stench here is not from the smell of pot...

1421 days ago

Elizabeth from Michigan    

Who cares if he has pot! Hopefully there is NO person on a jury that would convict him. We all know that Willy and Woody are like always packing... Pot = no big deal.

1421 days ago


HE BROKE THE LAW! doesnt matter if your rich,old or willie, HE BROKE THE LAW!

1421 days ago


#37, croc,
Sign your full screen name. "crock-of-crap".
We have enough narcs in the world today without you steven Segal types, thanks anyway Sheriff Joe, please go back to your pink panty fetish and let the grownups talk.

1421 days ago


They are wasting time and tax payer money on prosecuting Willie Nelson for pot. How old is that geezer? Let him smoke all he wants as long as he doesn't drive. How stupid is this?

1421 days ago


Willy is a bit old to still be stoning.

Come on Willy, leave that shiz to the kids.

Cartman, I don't know where you get the idea that cannabis is for kiddies only. It's been over 33 years since I first enjoyed cannabis, and I'm still loving it. You'd likely drop dead from shock if you had a clue how many of us old fogies enjoy cannabis, and have no intention of "leaving it to the kiddies".

(I apologize in advance if your post was simply an intentional exercise in stupidity. It certainly sounds like a parody of reality that one would hear on "South Park" and vomited by the original Cartman. Sarcasm just doesn't work well at all in relation to the instant subject.)

1421 days ago


Go for it Willie - You are friggin Willie Nelsen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1421 days ago


Most people on here seem to think that pot is OK, I agree with them!

The way to stop this insanity is to vote. Kick the politicians who won't decriminalize pot possession out of office! Do the same with judges who impose anything more than a fine for small quantity possession. Never vote for any politician who endorses a "tough on pot" prosecutor. Don't give any money to political parties that are anti pot.

Demand that every politician publicly state their position and then turn your back on the ones who are anti pot.

1421 days ago


Busting Willie Nelson for Weed is like arresting an orange tree for having oranges. You just assume that he has it.

1421 days ago

harry levis    

Just cut the end off of his garden hose and everythango is gona BEE all white...six bigg`uns must have been restocking the warehouse or keeping his loved ones alive a few more days.

1421 days ago


He should take this to trial, and rely on JURY NULLIFICATION. Most people aren't aware of jury nullification-- constitutionally, as a juror, if you don't agree with a law you should vote not guilty. This is how "the people" can prevent an out of control legislature/judicial system.

Look it up people, learn the truth.

Jury Nullification!

1421 days ago


What is the point of this?? Arresting an old man for a plant?? There are a lot serious crimes for police to be worried about- THAT is not one of them.

1421 days ago
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