Willie Nelson High Stakes in Weed Arrest

11/29/2010 9:00 AM PST

Willie Nelson -- High Stakes in Weed Arrest

It may sound like a joke -- Willie Nelson getting busted for pot -- but the music legend could face some serious jail time ... and a pro pot group thinks they have a way to keep Willie out of the pokey.

Nelson was busted over the weekend in Texas for possession of six ounces of marijuana. A criminal defense attorney in Austin tells us 6 ounces could get Willie 6 months minimum and 2 years max.

But Bruce Margolin, director of the L.A. chapter of NORML, tells TMZ Willie has an ace in the hole -- convincing a jury he just forgot that the California-grown pot was on the bus -- and California is ok with medical marijuana.

Or he could just try the, I'm Willie Friggin' Nelson!!! defense.