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Willie Nelson

High Stakes in Weed Arrest

11/29/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may sound like a joke -- Willie Nelson getting busted for pot -- but the music legend could face some serious jail time ... and a pro pot group thinks they have a way to keep Willie out of the pokey.

Nelson was busted over the weekend in Texas for possession of six ounces of marijuana. A criminal defense attorney in Austin tells us 6 ounces could get Willie 6 months minimum and 2 years max.

But Bruce Margolin, director of the L.A. chapter of NORML, tells TMZ Willie has an ace in the hole -- convincing a jury he just forgot that the California-grown pot was on the bus -- and California is ok with medical marijuana.

Or he could just try the, I'm Willie Friggin' Nelson!!! defense.


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I was born in Texas in 1963 and have lived here most of my life (lived in the Northwest for 10 years) and people would be amazed at how many smoke pot in Texas.
Most people under the age of 60 would probably like to see it legalized. Even when I got busted for possession of marijuana in 1985, I was only given a $50 fine and six months probation. The Justice of the Peace that did the arraignment was pissed that they bothered him over the weekend for a 1/2 ounce of pot. If it was up to him, he would have dismissed it. My probation officer had me report to him the first month and just call in the other five months.
The laws in Texas are so archaic, and that's not just the drug laws...go through the family courts system in divorce and see how old the laws are. Texas needs to revamp all it's laws to get into the modern days.
When I was growing up in the 70's I really thought marijuana would be legal by now. Alcohol kills so many people each year, but it's OK to be legal...just stupid. Marijuana is used in it's pure form from the way it grows. Alcohol has to be processed by man to be a drug..,which one should be legal?

1422 days ago

David Ball    

To Hugh Jass who wrote "There will be no competent evidence that Willie legitimately got this as medical marijuana in Calif. So the guy at NORML is on drugs."

To that I reply: There need not be competent evidence that it came from California. It would only need to not be proven that it came from elsewhere, because then, under oath, a testimony of the such should stand strong as the only evidence of either. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. So unless it has Mexico stamped on it, he's pretty much free to say it came from anywhere and there won't be a shred of doubt.

1422 days ago


just because some stupid law says so, doesn't make smoking weed a criminal act. the sheer ridiculous nature of this whole thing boggles my mind. treating willie like some gun weilding terrorist, rapist, murderer or corporate thief for smoking a little weed is beyond ludicrous! "when you gonna wake up?!" but the banks can steal a gazillion dollars from tax payers and people go 'snore, snore', i for one would love nothing more than to see the REAL criminals put in jail and the PEACEFUL citizens of this country left in PEACE. and yet our jails and court systems are littered with those who are NOT REAL criminals. i say make room for those who truly deserve to be there!

1422 days ago


Way too much info....when someone sits around all day/night reading laws, etc., so they can spout their new found knowledge as does some pissant like Duncan 90210 or whatever, it ruins the art of free discussion for the rest of us.
Go pound sand Dunkie.

1422 days ago

billy cema    

Willie, there's a song in there about this. Make lemonade out of that lemon of a sitch!

1422 days ago


I definitely agree with Dee Dee Russell's comment! More celebs and ppl out there! FREE WILLY!
It should be legal everywhere.. We would be debt free and with profits! Lets fix this economy!

1422 days ago

Ca Girl    

So not fair! The Law & da Cops don't even bother with such a small amount of dope here in Ca. Why should someone in Ca get off with nothing and in Texas face 2 years? We're all in the same country and we all need to get a bit more on the same page. I don't smoke but it sure has worked for Willie! Love ya Willie!

1422 days ago


This whole thing is ridiculous. Time to legalize it nationwide. I see it as a waste of my taxpaying dollars that copuld be spent better on looking for rapists, murderers, and heroin dealers.

1422 days ago

Richard Owl Mirror    

I vote for the " I'm Willie Friggin' Nelson!!! defense "!/TeapotParty

It is time for ALL to come out of the closet !
The days of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" should come to an end in America regarding Marijuana consumption.

I live in a small town of 3000, our community has over 100 registered patients and yet, I have been the only one who stepped forward in public to combat my city on their quest to BAN Medical Marijuana by ignoring Michigans Constitution and prosecuting ALL with the Federal Marijuana Law.
Everyone lives in FEAR and the authorities rely on that FEAR to keep this topic from being discussed in public.

You can read what I am dealing with ALONE @

"What we are really doing is to say we are following federal law versus state law," said Jack Poll, Mayor

In my small city of Rogers City MI, the city council attended The Michigan Municipal League's September 21 work session on Michigan's Medical Marijuana Act.

During this seminar, all cities and municipalities in attendance were instructed to: follow federal law versus state law by a private group of lawyers.

Speakers included: Melanie Brim, Director, Bureau of Health Professions, Michigan Department of Community Health; Andria Ditschman, Attorney, Hubbard Law Firm; and Catherine Mish, City Attorney, Grand Rapids.

You may view this seminar in total at:

1422 days ago


VOTE people. We can change this country and stop this silly stuff. The statistics are in. The flower power generation has smoked weed now for 50 years and everything is fine. God Bless Willie.

1422 days ago


The cops stole six ounces of his weed!
Isn't that punishment enough?
That stuff isn't cheap anymore.
(plus I'll bet there was seven to start with but got lost on the way to the evidence locker)

1422 days ago


come on leave anyone who smokes pot alone.

its not a crime. its lesser then drinking.

willie is an amercan hero.

1422 days ago


I'm glad there's a warzone down there by Mexico but we're worried about Willie Nelson...these people have their priorities all f'd up, unless they're scared to take on the real criminals...I'm bet to think the police and govt like true criminals and terrorist and just wanna f#$k with good Americans!

1422 days ago


Free Willie! Leave this guy alone. So he smokes pot big deal. Don't they have better things and bigger fish to catch? Pot should be legalized and they don't b/c they make a lot of money taken people to court on bull**** charges like this one. He wasn't driving the bus so what's the big deal?????????????

1421 days ago

frank lee    

the laws need changing,you can get 10 to 15 DUI or DWI and not spend a day behind bars.
the 6 ounces would have been gone by sundown so what is the problem.

1421 days ago
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