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Christy Martin: Husband Shot Me over Lesbian Affair

12/1/2010 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

World champion female boxer Christy Martin told cops her husband shot and stabbed her last week after she told him she was ending their relationship for another woman.

Christy Martin Lesbian Affair

According to the Sheriff's report, obtained by TMZ, Christy told officers she had been staying in a hotel for a few days before the incident ... and had gone home to tell her husband James Martin that she was leaving him for a woman named Sherry.

Christy told officers ... "James was very upset about this and has been threatening to ruin Christy's career and name for a long time." Christy claims James had also threatened to release "incriminating videos of her over YouTube."

Christy claims James shot and stabbed her after she broke the news -- but she managed to escape and flag down help.

James was arrested yesterday ... after he allegedly stabbed himself.

Christy is still recovering from her wounds.


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en Todo Momento!!    

well as long as her husband is peepin at other mens weenies in the mens restroom, that does not make them gay either. so there!

1401 days ago


I have a soft spot in my heart for Donut Bumpers. I will eat a donut before bed

1401 days ago


Personally, I love lesbians! It takes some of the workload off my shoulders from some women that want me to bone them. 'Go lick a chick!' I say. 'I do, and survived!'

1401 days ago


It is very selfish way of doing things.
Everyone have to take others feelings in consideration.
And as you can see there is some price to pay when not doing so.
I'm completly against any kind of violence period.
We have to learn that our persuit of happyness is not the only thing in this world and consideration and care for other people happyness and or disconfort should be weighted in our decisions.
And try to bring thing step by step to and or start is always better, magic word should be "patient".

1400 days ago


You posters are disgusting. Why must we all continue to hate? So what she left him... THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR VIOLENCE EVER unless you are defending your life. To any of you who thinks she "deserved it" deserves the same treatment. A bunch of STRAIGHT A-HOLES who think they have the right to condemn others because of their PERSONAL business. Not everyone knows they are gay right away. It's not uncommon for people to come out later in life. As a lesbian, I have been assaulted for no reason other than walking down the street by A-hole straights who feel the right to exact punishment against complete strangers. If you're going to hate, go after the Banks who robbed us, the oil companies destroying the environment and the government for spending our money on endless wars while we are in the great depression II. You are obviously small minded people who do NOTHING in this country of value. Fight against the real issues, not against a tax-paying, honest citizens who choose to live differently than your tiny peabrained concept on life.

1400 days ago



1400 days ago


perfect reason to be a lesbian...most straight are so mean ...if society would just loosen up we'd stop having all of these people having "Oh, gosh, I could've had a V-8" moments later in life.

1400 days ago


Please don't joke about this. My ex did the same thing to me, and believe me it is still traumatic years later. I don't care what she did, he tried to murder her and then pulled a sissy move by trying to kill himself.

1400 days ago


The most mindblowing part of this story is that a professional police do***ent was written in COMIC SANS?! Who does that?!

1400 days ago


Y does she feel like she needs 2 give him an explanation!:( Damn him!!!!!! Just Leave! sheeeesh :-)

1400 days ago


Look no matter if she does want to be in a relationship w/ a woman it doesn't give this prick the right to hurt her.. he did'nt deserve her anyway..

1397 days ago


"Christy Martin: Husband Shot Me over Affair"

Can't wait until the day we can read about an affair and determine on our own that it was a homosexual affair.

1380 days ago


lol omg i so agree with u sad sad
text message are the way to break up
it is not only safer for u but it bring more pain to your ex telling him that u like sushi a lot more than beef now or that he is that bad in bed so.... tahtah

1352 days ago
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