Christy Martin: Husband Shot Me over Lesbian Affair

12/1/2010 5:00 PM PST

Christy Martin: Husband Shot Me over Lesbian Affair

World champion female boxer Christy Martin told cops her husband shot and stabbed her last week after she told him she was ending their relationship for another woman.

According to the Sheriff's report, obtained by TMZ, Christy told officers she had been staying in a hotel for a few days before the incident ... and had gone home to tell her husband James Martin that she was leaving him for a woman named Sherry.

Christy told officers ... "James was very upset about this and has been threatening to ruin Christy's career and name for a long time." Christy claims James had also threatened to release "incriminating videos of her over YouTube."

Christy claims James shot and stabbed her after she broke the news -- but she managed to escape and flag down help.

James was arrested yesterday ... after he allegedly stabbed himself.

Christy is still recovering from her wounds.