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Wesley Snipes -- One Week 'Til Prison

12/1/2010 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the final countdown for Wesley Snipes ... the Feds just set a deadline for the actor to check into a Pennsylvania prison ... by next week.

Snipes is due to begin his three-year prison sentence for tax evasion on December 9th.  And according to documents obtained by TMZ, Snipes got an ominous warning from the U.S. Marshals Service: "Failure to report at the designated place and time may result in additional criminal charges."

Snipes has appealed several times ever since he was convicted on tax evasion charges back in 2008 -- but looks like it's the end of the road.


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Damn...So this is what they mean by Life Imitating Art...

You think just for fun they'll bring Tommy Lee Jones along when they arrest his a$$???


1392 days ago


Send that bitch to the pokey!

1392 days ago

eric cisneros    

Wow wesley going to jail yet charlie sheen is still walking the streets what backwards world we live in.

1392 days ago


why isn't the tax accountant going to jail instead of him??

Land of the free.. BS! Land of the rented... don't pay up we'll sodomize you in prison. Sick country!

taxes should not be enforcable. It's a scam

1392 days ago


@ #10--- and enjoying an awesome Butler Burger for lunch.

1392 days ago


Can't he just pay the taxes now and be done with it? and why such a long prison sentence for taxes? I don't get it, my heart goes out to the guy, he's not a criminal like ms hilton or charlie sheen, they seem to get away with everything. If he wasn't purposely avoiding paying taxes, then what's the crime?

1392 days ago


I'm not sure why he's doing jail time. Don't the IRS just make you pay the money you owe? Additionally, as his advisor was arrestyed for all kinds of things, I don't think Wesley is the criminal in this situation. Still, it's a warning that no matter your success, you should know your finances and have the final say on them.

1392 days ago


I just dont think this man belongs in prison..i am sorry but come on for crying out loud..there are kills,drug dealers,and politicians that deserve to be in jail before Wes!..Hes a great guy!

1392 days ago


Listen, I owe a ton of taxes, and beleive it or not; I actually asked jokingly if I could do time, to get out of my obligation... The IRS doesnt want anyone in jail, they want your money. For Snipes to be on his way to jail; means he refused to pay at all,and even set up a payment plan with IRS. I dont know what country he is living in/in his mind, but in America we all pay taxes.

1392 days ago


Funny good ole Nicky from the Meg Whitman debacle pays no taxes and nothing is done, just like all the rest of the illegals, yet, citizens go to prison. Guess we should all work without a social. Cant beat em, join em.

1392 days ago


They're making an example out of him to send a message to everyone. He wound up on the wrong side of things and now he'll be paying the price.

1392 days ago


Mr snipes should be more than happy to pay his fare share of taxes in support of his presidents grand socialist designs. Its funny how all the hedonistic, hollywood trash like to malign the wealthy as evil, greedy capitalist pigs but when it comes to pay there taxes or negotiate a movie deal their brotherly love mentality goes out the window...what a bunch of hypocrites

1392 days ago



Wesley Snipes is a republican.. check yourself.. you hater

1392 days ago


Serve your time bitch and shut up .

1392 days ago


then why are you defending him if he is a republican?

1392 days ago
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