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LeBron Haters Out in FORCE in Cleveland!

12/2/2010 7:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James is officially back in Cleveland to take on the team he scorned just a few months ago  -- and people all over town couldn't be more PISSED about it.


All over Cleveland, people are sporting anti-Lebron gear -- including the staff at several restaurants ... including The Winking Lizard (above) and Harry Buffalo (below) ... both situated near the arena.

In fact, the Harry Buffalo has issued a temporary ban on anyone wearing a LeBron jersey.


The game is set to tip off in just a few hours -- in case you haven't heard, fans are already planning anti-James chants ... and the Cavs have pumped up stadium security.

You're gonna wanna 'witness' this one.

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Really Grow up !!! you had him, you loved him, you lost him, You sound like a scorned women out to get even.

1400 days ago


Lebron is far short of a class act. We don't have kings in America so why don't you move to some third world country where they do Lebron? So far you're less than impressive w/the overblown trio in Miami as well, what's up with that?

1400 days ago


OK, I grew up in Clevo, been here my whole life, went to Cleveland Municipal Schools, now I live in an "outer ring" suburb here (if you live here you know what that means)...I'm going to sum this up right now...

First of all, some of you are saying its a "white people" thing...grow up, we're all miserable here, and white is a minority here, so get your facts straight

Second, this town sucks...the schools suck, the taxes suck, downtown sucks, ALL our sports teams suck, the Rock Hall sucks (yes, I said it...and if you've been there you'd probably agree), the government sucks (uh, hello, have you seen CNN lately? All our politicians are being prosecuted under federal charges!!!! and that's after 40 law enforcement officers were charged or prosecuted like only 10 years ago!-INCLUDING DARE OFFICERS!) this town can't get any of it's services correct, we're near the top of the pile in foreclosures, job loss, and crime...
We're an actual border town that has NO connection to Canada whatsoever, and even though the landscape itself is beautiful, our beaches are often closed (and there is MILES and MILES of beachfront here)
Even Rockefeller left Cleveland because we tried to tax him to high hell...after he donated millions here...
WE ARE A MISERABLE CITY...and misery loves company, and we can't do anything about anything here because its the most socially impotent city anywhere, and it's in Ohio which is the oddest state to live in, the Blue/Red/Blue/Red state itself,
I hate basketball but I don't blame the guy for wanting to get the hell out of Thieveland (come on, wouldn't YOU leave Clevo to go to Miami too???????? SERIOUSLY????)

But the people here need to blame someone because we're all so frustrated here, and he was a hero to a lot of people here, and we couldn't follow his lead so we just get jealous that he gets tons of money to leave here, while we rot. We did the same thing when the Browns left too, and we'll do the same thing the next time some great star gets the hell out of Dodge too...we're like the little brother who watches the big brother get the girl and the football scholarship and the fame and money...we'll pout and piss and moan and secretly hate him cause he did what none of us could do.
The nation has to understand that when they tell jokes about "burning rivers" and "mistake on the lake" that there are still people that live here, well aware of the jokes.
But hey, we do have ridiculously awesome hospitals here (Cleveland Clinic, Rainbow Babies, UH), so when we have our heart attacks and such, we are well taken care of.

1400 days ago


Well I hope out of respect to his mother and his children that none of the IGNORANT Cleveland fans do anything other than verbally express their disappointment. Anything other than that and I hope the fans are fined to the max and imprisoned or both. He has the right to leave anywhere he wants. He's is not OWNED by Cleveland and that's what has most of his opposition upset. He is not your SLAVE! He is a free man who is able to move about wherever he wants and GOD has given him the talent to pick and choose where he wants to be. Good Luck LeBron and may the angels of common sense be with all of the people who mean you no good will!

1400 days ago


All I see are White people. Being hateful. There is something much more here. It is that either you are with "us" or you are against us mentality.

That crap is sick. It is a mental illness. I see the same thing in the workplace. There exists this twisted and perverse mentality that minorities in America must "be with" or "think like" most Whites.

One sees this in the use of the words "us" "we" "ours". What is up with that?

I am not saying ALL Whites think in this manner. But it is members within that race that creates this mentality and seek to do Lebron harm and calling him a traitor.

Lebron's life is his own.

It is one thing to engage in rivalry and support of your team. It is quite another to make it personal and threaten harm.

If it was any other player on the Cavs team who left, these NUTS could care less.

A bunch of ungrateful SOBs as far as I am concerned. Lebron did a lot for Cleveland when he was there. You cheered in on. He was your hero.

You thank a hero. You don't defame him because he went elsewhere. He did nothing to you. In spite of this sick mentality many display toward him, he never said an unkind word towards anyone in Cleveland. Why? Because he appreciated Cleveland fans.

Now he is a traitor? What a bunch of shameless idiots. Slavery ended over 400 years ago. You don't OWN us anymore.

I tire of stupidity and intolerance

1400 days ago


No wonder LeBron wanted to leave Cleveland, wonder if any talented youths will ever want to come there again?

1400 days ago


"Just what the hell does this guy owe you people? He gave Cleveland the best 7 years of his life when he could have been on a team that really wanted to go someplace. You all act like he's your house ni&&er and that he's just ran away from the plantation. GROW UP!! It's sports. Players get traded and others just leave. You White people are an absolute trip."

it's just the stupid white people. I totally agree with what your saying and if i was any whiter I'd look like Casper. These idiots in Cleveland need to get a life and move on, BUILD A BRIDGE people!!!

1400 days ago


Why is the race card being thrown out on this subject? lol

1400 days ago


All the t-shirts, signs, and booing from the crowd make the home team look like the embarrassment, not Lebron. I hope Miami kicks butt. That would be so sweet. Cleveland looks foolish.

1399 days ago


god forbid lebron decide not to resign with a team when his contract ran out..you all act like he opted out of his contract and flew the coop.not to mention yall also act like just because a guy is from a state he MUST play for that team get real.

1399 days ago


Don't believe all of the hype!! We in Cleveland really don't care. There are, of course, the village idiots, but most of really DO NOT CARE!! We love the Browns!

1399 days ago


Terminal Tower: I moved from Chicago and I love it here in Cleveland. PLEASE LEAVE!

1399 days ago


This game sucks so far, not the 20 point lead but know one is even trying to hit him with so much as an unfinished hot dog.

1399 days ago

Glad I Left Cleveland    

People from Cleveland take things so personally. There is an indescribable "loyalty" to that rust belt - as an earlier post mentioned the sale of the Browns fiasco. I left 23 years ago and vow to never return to that armpit of a city. Miami is already kicking their ass - let's hope its a massacre.

1399 days ago


LeBron James is a "professional athelete". He can play anywhere he wants as long as he honors his contracts. He is not a slave bound in service to Cleveland. If Cleveland is this fickle after he for many years gave them his best, and won many awards proving his service, then he is better off without Cleveland. They should be thanking him. Instead, because he thought it was time to move on to grow else where, some idiots are wishing him dead, and calling him a traitor? I would not be surprised that some idiot doesn't try to shot him, after what some of the DJ's and supposed Cleveland fans have been hyping up. How sick!

1399 days ago
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