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Demi Lovato's Attack Victim

The Bruising Photos

12/4/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato left one hell of a mark when she punched a female backup dancer in the face on a private jet back in October ... and TMZ has obtained photos of the eye-swelling damage.

These photos were taken days after Demi socked Alex Welch in the face -- leaving visible bruises on her left eye and cheek.

Sources close to Welch tell us ... the dancer was simply minding her own business on a private jet leaving Bogota, Colombia ... when Demi "walked up to Alex and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face."

We're told Alex was knocked clean out of her seat -- and had to receive emergency medical attention.

Lovato was immediately removed from the plane and eventually returned home -- and then checked herself into a treatment center shortly after.

Alex -- who completed the remaining dates on the Jonas Brothers tour -- has now lawyered up with high powered Beverly Hills attorney Donald Karpel and we're told she's "considering her legal options."


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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Someone needs to show this pic to Oksana and let her see what a black eye REALLY looks like! This is what you look like when u are truly hit in the face with a closed fist!!!! Lol

Posted at 2:08 AM on Dec 4, 2010 by twilightmom

That's what I came in here to say! lol.

1357 days ago


HA! Don't panic This just lLooks like Demi Moore between surgeries..

1357 days ago


“I don't think that Demi will work for Disney after this. Of course we don't know why she did it but looks like she did it and it doesn't look good. The girl dancer (Alex?) was there to work, not to be abused.
Demi made a big mistake, BIG.”

Are you kidding me? Disney has kept people on their network for LESS than this. You honestly think that Disney is about family values and virtues? They are about entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. We've seen it all when it comes to Disney. Michael Musso using a joint, Miley Cyrus acting like a whore, Vanessa Hudgens getting nude not once but TWICE, Lindsay Lohan's substance abuse.

And you think a fight on a plane where a girl got a black eye is gonna change Disney's mind about one of their biggest entertainers? Ha!

1357 days ago


That really doesn't look that bad. What a whiny bitch.

1357 days ago


I seriously doubt she was sitting in her seat with her hands in her lap minding her own business when a punch came in from out of the blue. Even if they were arguing, she didn't deserve to be hit. But come on, at least TRY to create a believable scenario.

1357 days ago


huh....who are these people again?....we care because?.......

1357 days ago


“People with drug issues to horrible things. It doesnt excuse the behavior for ever laying hands on another human being. I am a domestic violence survivor and was raised in a home in which I was abused. I made a choice to never ever raise a hand to another human being. I do really hope she went into rehab for all the right reasons and not to avoid bad press and litagation. The violence that young girls are showing is frightening these days. My son was hit in the eye had his lip split and his face scratched by a crazy ex girlfriend. Did she get suspended from school? NOOOO! at what point will this nation wake up and see THERE IS NO EXCUSE!! You have a choice! Either you chose to be human or not. While we are human let us remain humane”

First off there is a difference between a drug ADDICTED and a drug USER. An ADDICT is someone who abuses their substance, while a USER is at least in control as to WHEN they use. Second, just because you CHOSE to never lay your hands on another person doesn;t mean you can do no damage. You can do a LOT worse and not even hit someone one. There is no excuse for hitting someone yet none the less this is part of human nature and at some point in our lives we do have moments of irrationality, and we tend to do things we regret. Choosing to BE human still means choosing to MAKE mistakes. And this is all this is. A mistake. Not a big to say the least.

“Opps I mean to say people who are drug addicts< do >terrible things not< to >...and who said pictures were not taken when she was attacked and it was witnessed and Ms D was removed from the plane...”

It stated IN the article that this was taken days AFTER the attack. Which she was still doing her tour and having fun. Which is why I really don't feel THAT sorry for her.

“it was witnessed and she recieved emergency care . and add into the fact she was in COLUMBIA the country not the united states and she had a tour to finish.”

These days even a minor flesh would gets emergency care. Even a little bruise. Also yeah she could have ended her time on the tour if she wanted to. But she didn't. And she was still healthy enough to party with Nick Jonas. Sorry but that doesn't say traumatizing.

“ is a shame that a few people who lie about being abused make it difficult for the real victims to come forward.”

Lie about being abused? Demi wasn't lying about that. She had first hand experience of being bullied at her school. That was no lie. You know nothing about her or what went down on that plane. You're pretty presumptuous.

“It is a shame when Rhianna was beaten bloody so many asked what did she do to deserve it?”

Really? You're gonna compare Rihanna's incident where her boyfriend beaten her to a bloody pulp, to Alex Welch, where two friends got into a scuffle and one ended up with a mere eye boo boo? You're really gonna go that rout, comparing domestic violence to a sissy fight? Rihanna's face was literally bloodied up and beaten to a pulp by chris brown. Someone who was supposed to be her boyfriend.

This girl got ONE black eye from one punch from a kid. They aren't even the same degree. It;s like comparing hate sex to rape.


But there is still varying degrees of right and wrong. Being punched in the face by a friend during an altercation is not the same as being wailed on you girlfriend by a boyfriend who supposed to love you. You can't compare the two in terms of being the same because they aren't. That is foolish at best.

1357 days ago

Rufus T. Firefly    

Her mouth is tiny so she probably gives terrible ********.

1357 days ago


“To all the people who are making snide remarks against the girl who got punched in the face, you need to get a grip.”

We're just stating the facts here. That there is no need for a lawsuit. You;re gonna sue for a little eye boo boo? That's like suing someone for a paper cut.

“Are you telling me that if she punched you like that, you wouldn't be a little pissed too? Give me a freakin break.”

I'd be pissed but I wouldn't sue. I get even. Suing solves nothing. Especially when you go up against someone who is backed up with a team of lawyers. I'd just give her a black eye back. It's fair.

“I'm sure all of you you would haul a$$ to the closest lawyer as well.”

Again I don't sue. I get even

“Whatever this girl might have done to her, putting your hands on someone is wrong and I hope Demi pays the price for it.”

I'm sure she will give her some sort of payment as well as some sort of apology. But she won;t be getting Demi;s live savings or anything huge. She should get something. Within reason.

And that should suffice. Hell an apology should suffice at that.

1357 days ago


“Sustaining a blow to the eye is no laughing matter. The victim has every right to sue.She was either strung out on somethin”'

Yes it is. Especially if you are trying to sell your boo boo like you got your ass kicked by mike tyson. It is pretty funny when she's trying to play the saddened traumatized victim. Even though she was partying the next day with Nick Jonas and tweeting about her awesome day off in Chillie.

But these days people sue for a mere paper cut. It's pretty stupid what people sue for. Whatever happened to just getting even?

“Demi Lovato has no business going around punching anyone, no matter what may have led up to it.”

I admit what she did was wrong. But it wasn't the same as beating someone to a pulp. If she was brutalized and battered, then I'd feel a whole lot more sorry for alex welch. But she suffered a mere owie and she's trying to sell it. I can't feel THAT sympathetic towards someone who is trying to get a few bucks off of a boo boo that will heal in a couple days.

“Trying to minimize Lovato's actions is simply deplorable.”

But trying to get money for a minor surface flesh wound is not deplorable? Trying to see a paper cut as a stab wound is still ok? No it's not. Its pretty bad still. Which is why we don't have a lot of symapthy for her.

1357 days ago


Tough crap for the aggressor! You don't just get to go around hitting people, it takes a decent amount of force to leave a bruise like that and this Disney twit thinks she's entitled to do whatever she wants with no consequences .. she's above the rules the rest of us have to abide by ... she's a 'star'. I hope this girl wins a good chunk of money for the spoiled little brats behavior.

1357 days ago


“you people making light of what demi , did to this girl is terrible. you have to hit someone pretty hard to have her cheek brused.”

We make light of it because this chick is trying to extort someone for a baby boo boo that would heal in a week. If not shorter. It was wrong. We agree with that. But the extent is pretty insignificant. And no you don't have to hit someone pretty hard to bruise her cheek. Skin bruises pretty easily. I've seen bruises caused by slapping someone.

“and demi,s team never said the girl did anything to her.”

That didn't mean she didn't DO anything to cause it. Nobody gets punched in the face for no reason. Especially if this girl ratted her friend out. I would be pissed if that happened to me.

“demi, thought the girl told what demi was doing the night before.”

If she was partying with me, and she was since she was there, and then ratted me out...yeah I'd be pissed too. I dunno if I would hit her but...I would be PISSED if a friend ratted me out.

“id like to see how you would feel if someone (for no reason) walked up without warning and hit you so hard it knocked you out.”

I'm not gonna lie. If I did something douchey like ratt a friend out, a lot of people would consider that pretty horrible of me. Some would say I deserve to get hit. I'll leave that to opinion. But what was explained was told by third party sources who could be ANYONE. We don't know what happened.

“but maybe since it is a star, the unkown girl doesnt matter. if the girl did something to demi, you can be sure demi's team would have told it. everyone is rasing hell over thinking mel hit ox, but its okay for demi to hit this girl? Please”

Again never said it was ok. However we're not to sympathetic towards girls trying to get their 15 minutes out of an eye boo boo that not even a grade schooler would bitch and moan about. Sorry but if your injury is not horrible, you have nothing that big to bitch about. And that goes for Oksana as well.

“demi and her family tried to make her innocent when this happened and it was all over tv and internet, that demi had been bullied as a teenager. they didnt want public to see, she is the bully,”

Being a bully and getting into a physical fight are two different things. I wish people would look up WHAT a bully is. A bully is someone who habitually makes life harder for someone, for their own amusement. Getting into a fight where one girl gets a black eye is not bullying.

“so everyone was saying "poor demi", no one cared for the girl she attacked.”

Oh it's not that we don't care. We agree. That What demi did was wrong. But what this chick is doing doesn't make her out to be an angel either. You got a black eye and a bruised cheek that would heal in a week. And she's trying to sell it like she got beaten down by the a professional wrestler. Suck it up toots.

“it was all pr and clean up. this girl should sue her, then maybe demi, wont do this to anyone else.”

Like I said to the previous person before. You;re gonna have moments of irrationality, and you're gonna do things. But the outcome and the traumatic effect of this will tend to effect if this should be held over your head for all eternity. She didn;t kill anyone and she didn;t even cause that much of a traumatic effect. There is no criminal charges here since this happened in BORGATA, so she can forget about US criminal charges. At best a civil case. Which I would agree that She should get something. Within reason. A small check and an apology would suffice.

1357 days ago


“Tough crap for the aggressor! You don't just get to go around hitting people, it takes a decent amount of force to leave a bruise like that”

No it doesn't. Believe it or not, people bruise easily and it doesn't take much to bruise someone. Especially if it's small like this girl suffered. It doesn't take a lot of force contrary to what you believe.

“I hope this girl wins a good chunk of money for the spoiled little brats behavior.”

She won't get much. I'll tell you that right now. The options she has are to press criminal charges. But that requires for the crime to happen ON US soil. Which It didn't. So the only option is to press charges overseas with lawyers that are lisenced with their respective bar OVERSEAS. So she can forget about criminal charges.

Which now leads to civil charges. In these day and age you can charge people for civil charges. Even though it's a little eye boo boo but unfortunately you are entitled to something. The judge will look at a few things though. What STARTED the incident, how traumatic the incident was, and what lasting damages had occurred. Well it wasn't that traumatic if she was partying with Nick Jonas the next day and playing cards with her friends as well as tweeting about her awesome day off the next day. And there were no lasting damages. She'll probably be award with something. But most likely it will be pretty miniscule and she won't get the girl's life savings. Not even enough to pay her legal bills. She won;'t get a large chunk. Believe you me.

1357 days ago


Do it! Sue her a$$ off so the real story will come out instead of all the PR BS that they created.

And for #7 - it had already been reported that Demi hit her with no provocation because she believed this girl had told handlers previously about Demi's coke problem.

1357 days ago


Two Words. Bull Crap. Shorty you have had your 15 minutes of fame.. Now just STFU. TMZ soo messed up this story. "One hell of a mark" "eye-swelling damage" "knocked clean out of her seat" This doesn't look like "eye-swelling damage" and I highly doubt she was "knocked clean out of her seat" She probably did something really horrible to Demi... No one just punches someone for no reason. And this dancer SOLD these pictures to TMZ. Sounds like someone just wants money.

1357 days ago
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