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'16 and Pregnant' Family: We're Getting Death Threats!

12/4/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "16 and Pregnant" family who wants to sue MTV now fears for their lives -- telling TMZ, ever since the show portrayed them as cold-hearted relatives, they've been ruthlessly harassed ... and even received death threats.

Kathleen Green (above) -- the grandmother of the teen baby daddy on this week's episode -- tells us, she and her family are being targeted via texts, blog posts, and even Twitter.

Among the harassing messages ... Kathleen claims an anonymous person got a hold of her number and texted her, "You're a piece of sh*t. I'm going to bitch slap you."

But she claims her daughter Katrina -- baby daddy Isiah's mother -- got the worst of it ... because someone threatened her life on Twitter, writing, "We should do a drive by and afterwards we're going to pee on the grandma."

Kathleen claims she's "sick" of being harassed because of the negative way MTV portrayed her and her family -- telling us, they haven't sued yet ... but they're exploring their options.


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1379 days ago


Isn't that why they were on there was to find a way to make some money so suing is the next get rich thing for them!

1367 days ago


The way Isaiah's family treated Christinna was terrible. Like at dinner when Christinnia was sitting at the table and the evil grandma asked Isaiah to her something. Christinna was sitting right there and you could have told her urself Granny. Katrina, Granny, and that two faced sister should be ashamed of how they treated Christinna. I really felt sorry for her. Where was her mom while all this drama was going on?

1365 days ago


I don't think grandmother was rude or wrong. I also think the father of child should have took football scholarship and attended college. If he would earn a degree or made NFL he would of help his family even more. I think mother of child was selfish. I would've told him to take advantage of scholarship. The grandmother wanted to know for sure if that baby was really part of family. Whats the matter with that? You have nothing to hide so whats the big deal.

1365 days ago


I guess I need to be a spamer, or a delusional b!tch like Deb to get my comment posted huh TMZ.....

1365 days ago


I don't blame Christinna for not taking the DNA test for her loud mouth, ignorant, money hungry, UGLY, fake @ss in-laws! She don't have one damn thing to prove to there ugly @sses, if her husband wants one, let his grown @ss ask! They all a bunch of ugly @ss women (especially Isaiah's sister! I got chills looking @ her ugly @ss face, glad they didn't show it but for a few mins!), who need to mind they own damn business. There is a line that you DO NOT CROSS, AND THEY CROSSED IT. I don't blame people for saying the things they say to them, they treated her like crap, and I think it has a lot to do with jealousy, look at them, and look at her! @ Deb SHUT YOUR LIEN @SS UP, 1ST YOU SAID YOU WERE A FRIEND OF THE FUNKY @SS G'MA, NOW YOUR SAYING YOUR ISIAH'S AUNT, stop your damn lying, and take your pitiful @ss back to school, and get a damn life. As for the grandma (I'm sure you read this, seeing that you have no life) you know how silly you make yourself look attacking a 17 yr old? Think about that instead of plotting for your next come up (since Isaiah's NFL money isn't an option for ya greedy @ss) courtesy of MTV.

1365 days ago


It's never been a secret that the hours and hours spent filming any reality TV show scheduled to air in a one or two hour time slot, will get lots edited out. Having not seen this episode. just reading the accusations and posts like #13, use of common sense and a "no, we don't want to be on that show!" before signing an MTV contract could have also prevented their proclaimed harrassment.

This teen mom knew she had slept with someone else long before she had agreed to filming, that detail alone would make most teens avoid going public. I'm sure she also realized her own home life wasn't the greatest. Taking all things into account,most teens would have said no to the show. If for some reason they didn't, that's where an adult should have stepped in and explained everything from reality TV editing, questionable family life, to any other random other potentials that could be used for ratings, like possibly a different baby daddy/DNA test and at that point said " HELL NO!!!! This show is a BAD idea for our family! BAD!!! Do NOT agree to filming"

Short of 15 minutes of fame and maybe a potential lawsuit/easy money, I too see no other reason Kathleen Green would have agreed to filming.

1365 days ago


I love how everyone complains about the way a television show "portrays" them. But the producers cannot piece together things that weren't said or actions that weren't done. They are just upset because they were faced with how disgraceful their words and actions were and people are not afraid to tell them so.

1363 days ago


We don't want to Kill you. Honest.
Where are you now? and the Teen Mom's and their Producers,
writers, Sponsors...where where where!!

:-) :-) :-)


1363 days ago


This woman is stupid! She shouldn't have went on TV and acted like a total ass, then maybe people wouldn't hate her!

1350 days ago


I think they only want 2 sue so they can get paid u can not fack what they show on 16 & pregnate they need 2 get a job instead of trying 2 sue someone 2 get money mabe they shouldnt of acted like that on tv they know its going on tv so thats there own fault not mtvs & really i dont think they have a case they will lose that case they dont think for one second that mtv dont have really good lawers that will fight that & a judge will see that there is no case so alls tahts going 2 do is make them look stupid they need 2 get a life & quit trying 2 live off someone else by suing

1255 days ago


Honestly I think they should sue the **** out of MTV. I dont think that MTV had any respect for any of the young teens and their familys. I know wat the teens are going through I have been through it myself. Having 2 kids by the time I was 17 and having to deal with threats to me and my children. Its not right ( MTV STAND UP AND ADMITT YOUR WRONG IN THIS )....

1197 days ago
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