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Accused of Atlantic City


12/7/2010 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Pivarnick went head-hunting in Atlantic City last weekend -- according to law enforcement, the former "Jersey Shore" star didn't just get into a scuffle with another girl ... she punched her in the face.

As we previously reported, Angie was set to square off in an official AC bout against another reality star -- Kerry Schwartz from "Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair" -- but got into it with a random girl at the Taj Mahal ... before ever setting foot in the ring.

Now the AC cops claim Angelina was the aggressor -- allegedly punching the unidentified woman in the face and body.

According to AC police, a summons complaint for simple assault has already been mailed to Angelina ... and she's due in court later this month.

UPDATE: Angelina tells us she plans on cooperating with authorities -- but adds, "That night I feel I was provoked, taunted , and harassed into a fight."

She continues, "On top of that there are signs pointing in the direction that this was a set up against me and I have witnesses and evidence to prove this."


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No love for Smell A (LA)    

Having watched the show, when the dirty hamster starts drinking, she picks fights and instigates trouble then goes running playing victim. She has no recollection the next day of the things she does when she starts to drink. The Long Island dump needs to crawl into a deep hole and never return.

1379 days ago


whatever..get a life, Angelina.
you are so far from being classy it's embarassing to all women

1379 days ago


This bitch has a violent temper.

Lock her up for a while.

1379 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Everytime a pic is taken of this skank, her mouth is open with her shrill voice pouring out. I'd love for someone to mug her not for money, but to crazy-glue a piece of duct tape to her yap.

1379 days ago


These poor idiodts got semi-famous for that kind of behavior so they think they can get away with bad behavior anytime.Sad really that their so called fame is based mostly on people making fun of them. Of course there are those out there who strive to be just like her/them,soon 16 years olds will start trying to get pregnant to be on tv too (16 & pregnant). So sad and says alot where our society is heading.

1379 days ago


AHHHHHHH, youth.

Sweetheart, nobody provokes anyone.....if you don't want to look like a classless bully, than you wouldn't. But, instead all of these Jersey slobs choose to behave less than normal. my opinion, most twenty somethings are classless it seems. Most of the women behave like hookers, and the men are pigs.

Lord help us over 40 crowd these brats are going to wiping our ass-es someday.......great, maybe I'll take a nap and never wake up.

1379 days ago


the bigger the hoops the bigger the ho.


1379 days ago


Who is this nobody? **** her.

1379 days ago


Geez..isn't there a tough scrappy gurl out there that could just knock some sense into this bully?

1379 days ago


OMG already! Quit giving this little witch publicity. She is a dirty little hamster. She never made an impact onthe show. TMZ please - report on one of the kids that are actually doing something. You might have to look somewhere other than the Jersy shore though. -Full blooded Italian

1379 days ago


Calling her a dirty hamster is an insult to dirty hamsters

1379 days ago


Some reality douches just have it easy. If it was anybody else, they would of been book by now.

1379 days ago


This is one reality celebrities that should just disapear from the face of the earth. The fact that she is even breathing air is unacceptable to me.

Get a real life Angelina. No one wants to hear your side of any story.

1378 days ago


once again every comment is abuse... dnt people have anything better to do with their lives than judge someone they dont even know? what has this world come to... leave HUMANS alone. we are all the same. we all make mistakes but its no one elses buisness.. focus on ur own... jshore stay real.

1378 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Why won't this usless piece of trash just go away?

I wonder how many people from NJ now say they're from Ney York? I know I would.

1378 days ago
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