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L.A. Dodgers -- McCourt Agreement Invalid

12/7/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A judge has just thrown out a marital agreement that would have made Frank McCourt the sole owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers ... but that's not the end of the story.

Jamie McCourt Divorce

TMZ has learned the core of Judge Scott Gordon's ruling is that the post-marital agreement that Jamie and Frank McCourt signed -- making Frank the sole owner of the team -- was invalid because there was no "meeting of the minds" between the former couple.

In essence the judge was saying that Frank and Jamie never had a joint understanding of what it meant when title to the team was transferred solely to Frank.

According to Jamie McCourt's lawyers, the upshot of the ruling is that the Dodgers are officially community property, which means Jamie and Frank co-own the team ... which would be a HUGE victory for Jamie.

But sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the fight is not over. There could be a trial that takes the fight beyond community property issues -- technically called "common law ownership."

Sources connected with Frank tell TMZ their position is that ... under California law -- since Frank has title to the Dodgers, there is a presumption that he owns it despite community property laws.

But sources connected with Jamie say that argument is ridiculous ... that a person who has technical title cannot subvert the community property laws.

Dennis Wasser and Michael J. Kump -- lawyers for Jamie McCourt -- tell TMZ, "We are very pleased that the property agreement has been invalidated. We hope that it is possible to resolve this matter in a reasonable manner. The Dodgers are a valuable civic asset and Los Angeles fans deserve stability in the front  office and a winning team on the field."

120710_trope_video_tmzUPDATE: Frank's attorneys -- including Sorrell Trope -- just held a news conference to insist that Frank is still the sole owner of the Dodgers ... and that the judge's ruling about the post-marital agreement did NOT make Jamie a co-owner.

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No Avatar


"Get your Barf Bags here....Get your Barf Bags here" as they say at the old ball park.

Oh wait, never mind, the Barf Bags are in the Photos on TMZ.

1385 days ago


why is it everything I hear on the news is a story about a lady who marries a rich guy. then wants to divorce him and feels she is entitled to everything he worked his whole life for. these judges should throw these gold diggers in jail for this.

1385 days ago


I'm with you Joe. This past year has set back gender relations to the stone ages. There are way too many gold digging whores now.

1385 days ago


He was married for 30 years to Jamie. He made his wealth while married to her. Its appropriate she gets rights or money for marital property.

1385 days ago


I TOTALLY agree w/ 1, 3, and 4......but I do agree w/ #5 too. Is this old money or did he become rich while married?



He needs to buy her off....so much drama...if I was associated w/ that organization...I'd be outta there

1385 days ago


eff! them both!!! they've ruined a proud franchise...they need to sell the team...and send them carpetbaggers back to bawston..

1385 days ago


Wow! Low and outside and he is gonna strike out. Tis a shame. Maybe not though - Dodgers are crap.

1385 days ago

Mr. Dude    

#5 your wrong. $400 million of the Dodger money came from a parking lot his FAMILY owned. It was given to him in trust as part of the family holdings, so while she deserves 1/2 of what he made when they were married she does NOT get 1/2 of that $400 million initial investment. She's the one that wanted all the fancy houses that are now worth crap, let her have em'!

1385 days ago


They were married after college- they obtained wealth over 30 years while being married. Also, the sale to the McCourts was always 'family owned operation.' Jamie was very involved with the day to day of the team. What they did after the fact is all disgusting and vile. At least now we can focus on a new bidder cause there is no way Frank can buy her out.

1385 days ago


So anyone who "isnt smart enought" to understand what they sign can get out of a agreement? She knew what she was doing. And She just wants more after she cheated. AND the law states, ignorance of the law dosnt releive you of the out comes the laws.

1385 days ago


So, a giant loophole is created so that all the prenups become meaningless. I think some of these judges need to get booted because they sure make some arbitrary decisions. There obviously was a "meeting of the minds" or she wouldn't have signed the prenup. I guess the only solution now is for men to stay away from women if they want to keep anything they own. No justice in our courts.

1385 days ago

West Vasquez    

THANK GOD I AM SINGLE!!! Ok, I don't have a multi-million dollar fortune, but I do own two houses and I am not going to let some whore walk off with half of what I worked for all my life. It so obvious to see that she tried to put all the houses in her name and let him have the dodgers, but then she came up with a better scheme and tried to take the team too after it was found out that she was cheating on him. I actually think that this is actually better for him because now all the houses as well as the dodgers are all back in play. Hopefully that whore will catch AIDS and die.

1385 days ago


Apparently many of you haven;t being following this one... Frank is a creep. He had his lawyer change the legal papers she signed. She signed papers saying she owned them jointly. The lawyer then changed the papers to say Frank owned them on his own. It came out in court. The Lawyer fell on his sword too. Tried to make it sound like he did on his own without Frank's knowledge. Frank fired his Ex-wife from her CEO job at the dodgers and banned her from the stadium. Then gave her all their worthless houses with no money to pay the mortgages because he took away her income. The Judge just even the score and made the termination of the thirty year marriage fair and just.

1385 days ago


Neither of them are bargains. He borrows 375 Million against future ticket sales. Now banks turn him down for loans. She's an attorney and lets the post-nup agreement get screwed up. They should sell the team and let competent owners run the show.

1385 days ago


Stop being so quick to point a finger until you hear all sides of the story, seriously. The media loves to do this. Makes me sick how people just make accusations and assumptions.

On a brighter note, who heard Diddy-Dirty Money's Prelude to "Last Train To Paris"? The music is really amazing. You NEED to hear this and it's FREE

1385 days ago
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