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Howard Stern Ignites Sirius Subscription Mega-Surge

12/9/2010 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard Stern single-handedly boosted Sirius Satellite Radio sales "through the roof" this morning -- TMZ has learned the company was hit with a tidal wave of phone calls immediately following Stern's big announcement.


Minutes after Stern revealed his plans to stick with Sirius for another 5 years -- customer service reps tell us they were overwhelmed by calls from listeners who wanted to sign up for new accounts.

But get this -- we're told "hundreds" of callers were also interested in "re-activating" accounts that had been placed on hold due to the uncertainty of Stern's return. 

All hail the king.


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The reason TMZ is reporting this is because Stern changed the culture of not only radio but TV and film as well. He took an unknown satellite company (SIRIUS) from 600,000 subscriptions to 20 million paid subscriptions in 5 years. There is nobody in the world who could've pulled that off and he obviosly was worth the 500 Million they originally paid him.

90% of people who don;t like him have never really heard the show and the other 10% are Jay Leno fans . Yes he will discuss sex and can be vulgar but he speaks what all of us are thinking or want to say. He is also does the best interview and really gets the information people want to hear about the person being interviewed. You will never fall asleep during a howard Stern interview but I'll put Jay Leno on when i want to fall asleep. Jay sucks and Howard Rules!

Hail the King!

Thanks TMZ!

1382 days ago


You people are crazy it's all going in sterns mega billion accounts stupid stupid

1382 days ago


Good one Jaime. I couldn't agree more. Love, love his radio show. Howard has many female listeners, me being one of them, that love him, believe it or not. He makes my day and I couldn't imagine the drive in every day without being able to listen in on all the fun. He has honest opinions and speaks his mind. What is wrong with that people? Like others have commented on here, if you don't take the time to listen, how can you comment? I have learned over the last couple of years that he really is deep down a good man and deserves every dime he earns. From 600,000 subscribers to 20,000,000? Doesn't that speak volumes??

1382 days ago


Howard is worth the subscription. Sirius alone without Howard is worth the subscription. Terrestrial radio SUCKS. I hate the commercials and the phonies. If you don't listen to him and don't like him then your opinion is worthless.

1382 days ago


You gotta love the ignorant people that love to say Howard is irrelevent nowadays. lol Yeah he is so Irrelevent that he has more people paying to listen to him than Leno, Letterman or any other talk show hosts have watching their shows and there free. Damn do you know Howard even has more people listening to him than OPRAH has watching her show on a daily basis. Yeah so much for being irrelevent!

1382 days ago


A PERFECT example of what's wrong with society today.
These losers would rather listen to his trash talk than someone positive......also, another reason why a little bleach in the gene pool would be a good thing people.

1382 days ago


I will bet every single one of the Stern haters here has either never heard his show or only heard it a few times, back when it was on FM radio.

That's what's really pathetic.

If you like FM radio with 15-20 minutes of commercials per hour, and the same phony, fake, safe morning DJ's in every city, then more power to you. Howard gets on the air and talks like real people talk in real life. Long live Stern.

1382 days ago



1382 days ago


I'd have to quit my sales job - traveling in the car all day if I didn't have Howard, glad he's on for another 5

1382 days ago


It's funny how the negative comments are always focusing on how he drops the f bomb. Obviously, they don't listen to the show.

Bunch of haters. Open your minds people. So narrow minded.

1382 days ago


It's funny how the negative comments are always focusing on how he drops the f bomb. Obviously, they don't listen to the show.

Bunch of haters. Open your minds people. So narrow minded.

Posted at 2:57 PM on Dec 9, 2010 by MsLexus127

the truth being, after about the 1st month on Satellite radio, Stern addressed the "F-bombs" and the fact that he wanted people to stop swearing for swearings sake

and now, I don't think Howard uses the word very frequently at all (though he did use it once today during his 'announcement'

1382 days ago


Seriously is this guy the ugliest bastard this side of heaven. He continues to get more and more repulsive looking with each day. Beth must love that big paycheck since he has nothing else to offer. He admits his junk is child size and so small he has to sit to pee. What a prize!!!! He and radio deserve each other.

1382 days ago


I did listen to him pretty often, and I admit I have a pretty sick sense of humor, but he is way too sick for my taste. What did it for me was one of his porn stars pretending to seduce her "father". I can't handle that sick obscene incest ****. He is one step into the total downfall of society. JMO

1382 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Stern is a mindless blow-hard. Why would I pay to hear some dimwit cuss? I can go on any street corner and hear the same thing for free!

1382 days ago


The bottom line is he has fans that love him and people that hate him. Sirius feels he is worth keeping because apparently they feel he is good for their bottom line because he brings enough fans to their service to justify it. That said the subscribers he brought from regular radio ultimately was alot less than he lays claim to. He is probably responsible for about 10% or so of the current 20 million subs. None of the subs that came from XM count. So while Howard and many of the fans hawk the numbers like Howard is responsible for most them the truth is he is only responsible for a small fraction of them. So if he left the sub base might drop by maybe 5%, not enough to hurt Sirius/XM much worse than they are now.

Howards promotional power for Sirius worked in 2005 but now that ride is over. The service doesn't need him anymore to increase subs as anyone who was coming to the service for him or because of his promotion came in the first year. The rest are coming for other reasons other than him and the huge chunk that came with the XM merger had NOTHING to do with him. That said I am still a fan of the show and glad he renewed for another 5 years and glad he will now be available on Sirius mobile app.

1382 days ago
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