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Miley Cyrus

Bong Video

Partying with a Bong

12/12/2010 9:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday by experimenting with a bong and catching a case of the giggles -- but sources say she was not smoking marijuana.   

The video was shot during a party at Miley's L.A. area home 5 days after her 18th birthday.

According to a source connected with Miley ... the smoke filling the bong is a natural herb called salvia which has psychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is legal in California.

As for the video ... the source tells us it was shot by one of Miley's friends --  and the theory is someone stole or copied the video from that friend's camera.


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Hello Lindsey

1391 days ago


"According to a source connected with Miley ... the smoke filling the bong is a natural herb called salvia which has psychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is legal in California."

That last statement is such a cop out. I wouldn't be surprised if Harvey made it up to cover Miley's azz for smoking pot. I would say that this story is 100% a lie and that since 95% percent of young wealthy kids in the TMZ or those that hang around said kids smoke pot, then she is probably smoking it too.

Everyone needs to remember, that TMZ gets its information from the same people they report on. If they write a bad story, then next time they need information they don't get it. For this reason TMZ repeatedly says how much they love MJ, and how Miley is so talented, and how Lindsay is going to make a big comeback and win an oscar. All of that is bs and just kissing azz so they can get more scoop. There is zero hard journalism, just a bunch of photographers running around without a journalist. It is like the wizard of oz. Some clown behind a curtain drinking a diet coke and pretending to be the great oz.....

1391 days ago


if she is saying Liam is still her boyfriend then why was some other dude kissing her neck the other day?

1391 days ago


Salvia may be legal in California but that **** is baaaaaad for you. It's just like droppin acid but doesnt last as long. Just because its legal doesnt mean its good for you.

1391 days ago

Jesus Witness    

Very sad. These false idols.Waste time and money instead those that suffer in the world. Drugs of any kind are a path to trouble. And pain. Does it suprise you her father let her make videos she does etc. Money and greed. Worse thing all she is useing money that blind fools hand her for music etc. Spend time your family and follow jesus.These false idols are a path to nowhere.Life is short

1391 days ago


Let's explore the possibilities:
A) It's not Salvia
B) It is Salvia, but she didn't inhale or didn't inhale very much. Or, it is low grade
C) It was pot or something else
I've used Salvia x80 and lower grades. If it was x40 or 80, she wouldn't have been able to speak that coherently and probably would have had much different behavior.
In any event, she's young and she evidently likes to party. So what? I did too when I was younger. Let her be. I may not like her, but I don't feel the need to persecute her, either.

1391 days ago


Frosted Flakes out of the box. LMAO

1391 days ago


Salvia is nothing less than weak marijuana. It was recently outlawed here. This stuff is like 2 years ago!

I'm sure Daddy Billy Ray has a stash growing in the mountains somewhere.

Now there are a bunch of ideos on you tube showing kids snorting nutmeg trying to get high!

It actually seems like it would be safer to legalize some things, huh!

1391 days ago


if that was my daughter actling like an idiot she would be hearing from me...and those freinds would be freinds no mopre..they are hanger oners..

1391 days ago

Mark in Texas    

As for the video ... the source tells us it was shot by one of Miley's friends -- and theory is that someone stole or copied the video from that friend's camera.
OK then that makes it ok for you to post. Man you are getting scary s***bag-y . I have no idea why you are even concerned. Half of your TV show people look like users of much harder drugs. No wonder the entire town hates you.

1391 days ago


'Theory is that someone stole or copied the video from that friend's camera.'

Or her friend sold her out!

1391 days ago


Dear Miley,

You don't need to do any type of drug. You don't need booze. You don't need to escape. Drugs are for the poor. Drugs are what the poor use to escape the horror of being poor. Paris Hilton has it wrong, but she is a terrible person and gets what she deserves. She will live her life in hell.

Britney has it right, Miley. The best high you'll ever get is taking your Ferrari to Walmart and buying someone you met there a funny gift. Miley if you don't have a ferrari, call up the factory and tell them you are interested in their cars. They will custom make you the most fun car ever. If you don't like that car then try RR or Bentley, the point is that's the best it's going to get.

America is a wonderful country, there's so much to do and the people are very loving. You can enjoy your life in the U.S. without ever using any type of drug. Miley you're rich, mega loaded, spend the money on fun toys, find it in your heart to enjoy life without drugs.

Those people in the video do not have your best interest at heart, I recommend losing them forever.

1391 days ago


to the person who wrote this comment:
"whoah i predict she is on track to ruin any career she has or future career. This is pretty predictable to have happened though considering she is always hanging out with older people and she surrounding herself with negative people influencing her. Not saying she doesn't actively seek things but she would not be as likely to do so if she had better people around her, and parents that were actually parents her mum is too busy trying to be the same age as miley. I really feel bad for her this isn't funny this video she needs help she is obviously troubled and hurting and trying to escape!!! Not to mention these 'friends' of hers seem to be hardcore manipulating her."

Just do yourself a favor and shut up

1391 days ago

next lindsay    

stupid kid. and these are not friends, they are trying to set her up. I would kick that girls ass if she was in my face asking me what's on your mind, tell me what's on your mind, I agree with #28 and 39.

where are her freaking handlers or that stupid father of hers????

1391 days ago


LOL at the comments about her going down hill from here. Good for you Miley! That definitely wasn't Salvia though. Seriously.

1391 days ago
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