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Ronni Chasen's Death Certificate -- 'Shot By Another'

12/10/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Ronni Chasen's death certificate -- which states the Hollywood publicist died from "multiple gunshot wounds" after she was "shot by another" in Beverly Hills last month.

Ronni Chasen

As we previously reported, investigators believe Chasen's death was a "random act of violence" in a robbery gone bad.

Cops believe the shooter was a man named Harold Smith -- who shot himself in his Hollywood apartment building ... allegedly using the same gun he used to murder Chasen.


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I think the theory is - someone from or related to the case knew this dead guy is a badass, he will sooner or later go to jail anyway, they may or may not heard him bragging about the killing and figured out a brilliant idea to try to get some reward money out of this. Calling a TV show is better than go to police to hide their traces ..

Luckily(?), this guy was so unstable and he killed himself, now all they have to do to get paid is if they could just somehow manipulate the bullet test result.

The real guy behind the murder, who cares?

1376 days ago


Smith is the perfect fall guy. Someone else wanted her dead.

1376 days ago

BabaBooey, BabaBooey, BabaBooey...Howard Sterns Pen is.
Everybody knows it was Mr. Green with the candlestick in the observatory.

1376 days ago


"Los Angeles County Coroner's Office" "Stating the obvious for 100 years."

1376 days ago


who cares,,this cheapskate only donated a few hundered dollors to all those charities

1376 days ago

gobble schobble    

crazy shizz....... poor lady. Has anyone seen the Monster vid remix with 50 MJ and lil wayne? off the friggin huuuukkkk......

1376 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

ya'll need to get a detective on this, cuz the more you publish, the more convoluted the story gets...maybe inspector gadget has an open slot available...

1376 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

it's problaly the old story of investigators vs police officials....the badge flashers are claiming their authority over local police, banning all types of information to be released onto the public. that is how murderers get away with murder. with the 'right kind of investigator' who blocks and bars information in order to protect certain individuals.

1376 days ago


Comment on article from thing that makes sense. Why the cover up?

We have reason to believe that Ms. Chasen had a celebrity client who had a person that was (and is) very angry with them regarding a mutually known woman, partly over money, but more over obsession. Ms. Chasen was insulating the client from the angry party, and taking the heat on both sides. The contract against Ms. Chasen was a message to the celebrity that the game was over. The celebrity is now in hiding with full surveilance. The woman has now fled the country. The suicide gunman was a decoy, and the real gunman- working for the hire, got paid well by his boss and is also now out of the country, and now being hired to find the woman. The celebrity is also now in great danger. Thank goodness you readers, public here were smart enough to know BS when you heard it.

1376 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

cuz you know a grey suit with a big ol moustache would prefer to keep his cozy job in hollywood area, rather than exposing his shady ass to the world.

1376 days ago


The police initially said it was not the same Someone is going to collect a huge inheritence. How can a man on a bike shoot her 5-times dead-on in chest as he is riding it?? He had to be on bike at the time, because of the way the car turned when it crashed, and she didnt have a stop sign, so she was moving as well, and once she was hit, she lost control of her car- as you can see by the way it parked. Guess they dont get much action in Beverly Hills, if this is all the police can conclude.

1376 days ago


Thank goodness you reported this TMZ. I had no idea someone shot her. :/

1376 days ago


nice going sherlock!

We all discovered this minutes after it happened.....

slow day again eh?

1376 days ago


It may be just me but I don't think anyone in Hollywood gives a rat's bum above about this dried-up crone.

1376 days ago


TMZ, you do realize that no one outside of Hollywood celebrity circles have a clue who this woman was, right? It's sad that she's dead, but the public really does not care enough for you to publish 10 things about her every day. It's not "Celebrity Justice" because she really wasn't a celebrity. She just worked for them.

1376 days ago
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