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Dina to MiLo: You Have $ for Botox, Not Your Kids?

12/11/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan may have shot himself in the foot when he shot himself in the face ... with Botox ... because his ex-wife saw the footage ... and was inspired to go after his ass for unpaid child support.

Dina tells TMZ she had let MiLo slide for a while -- but after seeing him "getting Botox and partying in L.A." ... she thinks he needs to stop spending money on himself ... and start spending money on his kids.

Dina tells us she's filed paperwork with the Child Support Collection Unit in Nassau County because, according to Dina, Michael has only forked over cash one time in the last four months.

DiLo says Michael is supposed to pay a total of $1,500/month for their remaining minor children Ali and Dakota ... and fork over 50% of the cost of things like school and medical insurance for the kids.

Calls to Mike were not returned.


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Michael can party with Kate and Tila Tequila but can't pay child support for his younger kids. LOL.

I read he got a job referring people to some rehab place so maybe this will get him caught up with the child support payments.

1410 days ago


This is the most money hungry bitch on the planet! She's getting a huge paycheck monthly from LL. She doesn't need the money-she just wants to harrass him. He has far less money than Dina does!

She's simple s***. And she lies like we all breathe. If she gave a crap for Lindsay she would STFU. And why make her efforts so damn public? What an awful woman.

1410 days ago


what dead beat dad lovers you are.

Regardless he is responsible for 50% of raising his kids even though he's not there. She is obviously raising them by herself but he has an OBLIGATION to fork over 50% financially. That's CHEAP compared to actually being there for your kids

1410 days ago


And btw she may be getting a check from Lindsay but it's not Lindsay's responsibility to support HIS children.

1410 days ago


This is what piss me off about women like Dina. Look here time don't marry idiots, don't open your legs and forget to take your pills or to use hats. You should have a long list on your kid's future before you deliver them on earth. Don't depend on men. Grow the **** up.

Just because ur idiot got botox, it doesn't mean you have to bla bla...don't you get botox, weaves...etc...does he complain?....


1410 days ago


Loser Michael Lohan MUST pay child support. No matter what you think about Dina this guy has a responsibility to his minor kids. Dina let him off the hook the last time whatever you think about her, at least she is with her kids, not partying in a state across the country.

He's too busy havin a good time in LA. Havin Botox, dining out at Mr Choo with Kate Major and Tila Tequila, talkin on Radio about his sex life, wearing womens underwear in Ross, and every time he bought along a pap and camera crew. Still talking about Lindsay to the media. AW!!!

Didn't he pay child support to the mother of a kid in Montana recently? TMZ had the story. He said the child wasn't his tho he paid support anyway LMAO

Did Milo get a job recently helping a rehab center? lets see when this 'new job' starts, lets also see how many paps and camera crews he brings along with him, if he starts at all. This guy doesn't do anything for nothing, its all for his own benefit, he doesn't give a ****. This 'job' will go the same way as his so called reality show, opening a rehab, opening a nightclub, producing a movie, amongst his many other 'projects' Milo is an EVIL liar obsessed with ONE of his children and his ex wife.

1410 days ago


busted , now the clown must pay child support. no excuses. busted, big time. putting his face into the gossip any way he can now will make him pay the child support money, starting from the past due.
simple like that.

1410 days ago


Dina, where do you get the money to have your hair done & buy clothes so you can look like Lindsay? What part in your daughter rehab have you participated in? Or do you get your money from Lindsay? Get a job lady.

1410 days ago


Stop calling him MiLo, that is ridiculous. Or have TMZ become his new pimps? How much is he paying you to blather about him every day?

1410 days ago


what a bunch of idiots

1410 days ago

jen newman    

what a great Christmas present for everyone if useless "celebrities" and ther spawns would just go away! When you think of stars from years ago, you kinda have to laugh at the crop of jerks we have now. So self-important and self-indulgent. Are these people really necessary?

Jen Newman

1410 days ago


Who's been paying for Dina's extentions, botox, clothes, makeup, drugs, booze, etc?
Lindsay or Michael?
Get a job lazy skank!!!

1410 days ago


he needs hairplugs more than botox. i thought he was supposed to go away and leave us alone. for once dinna baby is right. now if she can only fix up her mothers house, it is a disgrace. tmz should really see how lindsay's grandmother lives. gross.

1410 days ago


I think it's crazy when people tell her to get a job - she does have several. Why shouldn't HE get a job? The court orders the father to pay support for a REASON. These kids are equally their responsibility - kids don't stop having needs/expenses just because dad is too broke to pay. Michael seems to be OBSESSED with the spotlight. It's really sad.

1410 days ago

JR Jake    

I wish those two would just go away and disappear. Six other continents and they had to choose this one. Wish on a star (poof)...........did it work?

1410 days ago
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