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Dog Chapman -- I'm Coming for Ya, Randy Quaid

12/11/2010 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman is focusing his bounty hunting skills on Randy Quaid -- and we know this ... because he said so on Twitter. Goodbye, element of surprise!

Dog made similar proclamations a few months back when he was a guest on "Lopez Tonight." He eventually decided against pursuing Randy and wife Evi.

The Quaids have been hanging out north of the border lately. They've had warrants issued for their arrest several times this year, stemming from a case in Santa Barbara where the Quaids are accused of burglary after they were found allegedly living in a home illegally.


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Canada already had them and didn't extradite. So I don't see how he plans to get them across the border. It isn't like Mexico where the right bribes can grease the wheels (which I'm sure is how he got out of the criminal charges he faced over the Luster incident).

1414 days ago


Canada won't help because Dog's wife Beth tried to charge Canadians for autographs.

1414 days ago


He may try to smuggle Randy out underneath Beth's pontoons.

1414 days ago


Then expect to end up in Canadian jail, because American bounty hunters have zero standing or authority under Canadian law.

Dont expect much help from Canadians, either.

We tend to dislike hypocritical Hollywood racists far more than Hollywood deadbeats.

1414 days ago


Dog the Bounty Hunter is the empitome of style, class and grace. From his sun-kissed mullet to his leathered face and trend setting fashion sense, what fugitive in his right mind wouldn't hope to be brought to justice by this All-American icon of law abiding decency and refined elegance?

1414 days ago


They are staying with their lawyer now. Read the Vanity Fair article. This is one crazy story.... but chances are the behavior is a result of mental illness derived from a dependence on pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Dr. Drew and Doug Chapman as well as Dennis Quaid should go together to Canada to straighten things out.... otherwise things will just twist into the world's largest pretzel.

1414 days ago


Duane go get'em. Although evi might have weapons because she'll think your part of the Hollywood Hit Squad. Be careful and get an NDN blessing before you go. SICC'em DOG.

1414 days ago


so he is gonna go to canada and break the laws there now..he already breaks them here in america..not to mention beth and her big mouth needs it shut.

1414 days ago


This guy is so WT. It can't be THAT hard to find Randy and Evi!

Go away, please. You're still talking about Andrew Luster? Boy, are YOUR fifteen minutes up.

1414 days ago


Well problem number one for Dog is getting into Canada. He is very recognizable and he has a criminal record; as does everyone else in his posse – so they won’t even cross get across the border. Assuming he does manage to sneak in: then he will have a hell of a time getting the Quaids out of Canada. His actions, if supported by the US Government, will start an international incident as he illegally entered Canada, kidnapped someone who is currently under refugee protection as until the Quaids have their refugee hearing they are deemed to be under Canadian protection. Personally I don’t see the Quaids convincing the Canadian system they are bona fide refugees but until they have their day in court they are refugees until proven otherwise. So now Dog will have gone against not only Canadian law but also the United Nations Refugee Convention (which the US is key player in) and somehow I don’t see President Obama asking for Canada and the United Nations to look the other way for Dog and the rest of his pack.

My advice to Dog is wait until Canada determines the Quaids are not refugees and are ready to deport them, then be on hand to take custody when our fine CBSA Officers deliver them to a US airport.

1414 days ago

The Love Sponge    

They should be able to recognize Dog easily in Canada. Canadians don't have white trash running around acting like clowns.

1414 days ago


'Dog' is no brother of mine.

He IS a racist trailer park red neck who has shown his true colors (pardon the pun) a few years back.

1414 days ago


Canada has not had an extradition hearing yet. @kiki, The whole Dog posse is allowed in Canada and the whole posse are not criminals. Dog was made a Peace Officer in Canada. Hopefully there is a legal way to bring them home

1414 days ago


The racial BS does not hold water. CORE backs Dog and understands that he is not a racist. Dog's family has inter racial marriages so to say he is anything like white power, is asinine. He was using the same language we hear on the radio, sad as that is.

I think the quads should be brought to Detox or jail

1414 days ago


Go Dog. I ADORE you and your Family, U will catch him because you are the Greatest Bounty hunters in the world <3 !!!!

1414 days ago
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