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Kim Kardashian and Her New Man: Jingle All the Way

12/11/2010 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian began her evening kicking off the festivities at the Z100 Jingle Ball in NYC last night ... but ended it with her new beau, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries.

The new couple was spotted all over town, finally getting snapped together as they returned to their hotel in the wee hours of the morning.

Good to see someone on the Nets finally scoring.

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Throwback kid    

Kim has been pumped by ever ghetto thug in Hollywood, who would want to date her?

1418 days ago


when will this heffa keep her legs closed?
everyone in the world can count her pucci milage...good grief i doubt she'll ever be married she cant keep a man so she def dont have "whip" appeal....she dont have that good ole vice grip pucci like karrine steffans she is an infamous hoe and men always pop the question....kim "truck stop" kardashian dont see that when they done fcking her they leave if she was smart she would get as much money as she could while they sweet on her....open a few shops or something.... so when her pucci is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway she can stand on her name and franchise....not just kim k pucci chronicles

1417 days ago


This crazy desperate chick changes men like I change my underwear. And why would someone date only black men all of their lives and then decide to date white men. She's so desperate to get married and have children that she'll do anything and sleep with anybody. Pathetic.

1417 days ago


If you recall correctly, Khloe did every man who looked at her also, until she finally found someone to marry her. Lamar is incredibly ugly but hey, her mama taught her to hurry and have kids so she can get a chunk of the money. That is what kim is doing. The apple dont fall far from the tree. That's what mommy did with Bruce Jenner. $$$ and he is a puccy, like Lamar. The reason mama hates Scott is because he has a little spine left in him and Kortney cant knock it out..yet, and he has no $$$. Mama is already pimping out the two youngest sisters cause she knows the older ones are going to burn out soon and not attract anyone. Hence the reason Kim is "in love" with every man she dates. Remember she just took Halley's x home to meet the family at Thanksgiving and he dumped her shortly after. She is getting too desperate and I think men hit it and there is nothing else there. She must not be any good in bed. Maybe the visual of her getting butt f**ked and peed on by RayJ was too much for them. Kim knows her days are numbered and she is desperate to get that puccyfied man like Bruce and Lamar to support her when she's out, which isnt much longer....I can see it coming...people are getting sick of her already...its called "over exposure". Ive also heard in person, she has on makeup 24" thick and its all paint. She is nothing without her makeup...just an ugly hoe hoe hoe. Good luck fellas...be sure to wrap it...Pam Anderson looks good too and she got her disease also...Kim's turn if its not done already.

1417 days ago

Throwback kid    

Barbimacs, I just read your entire message, was it long? a bit was it accurate? YES! Especially the part about Scott, he stands up to Kris Jenner and he as no job or money of his own so she has no use for him.

1417 days ago


One word: "LOOSE" TWO Words: "Used Up"

1417 days ago

tired of the Kar ass shians    

I'm super tired of Kim loooovvvveee Klohe the rest of the clan especially the Mom can kick rocks oh yea the bothe and bruce r cool 2 when Kim fame run out themomma gonpimp the little sisters

1417 days ago


GGEEZZ why people be hatIn, The girl is SINGLE!! If it was a man everybody be dang he playa playa!! WHATEV!! Go KIm do yur thang!! we only live once.. haters Quit hating u wish u were young rich and SEXY like her.. IT's T.V. RATINGS!!

1417 days ago


**breaking news** next week she'll infiltrate major league baseball

cant knock her for always being open for bizness! Lol!

1417 days ago


Kim - You are making yourself look like you are a whore. I understand you are single, but dag, you just from one to another. May be it was a good thing for Regie to dump you. You get around mama.

1416 days ago


Are you sure this is her latest boyfriend ..... he looks Caucasian - I'm only sayin'......

1416 days ago


HOLD UP A MINUTE! WHY IS EVERYONE HATING ON KIM? she doesn't pay your bills and she sure aint dating you or your man. let that ho have her fun. hopefully she makes another porn tape!!!

1416 days ago

Brandi Corsaut    

i think everyone is way too hard on her. like just chill people, its not your life so why do you care.

1415 days ago

Kat K    

I guess it is not true about what they say "once you go black you never go back"...This ho dont discriminate she takes anyone that will give her attention.

1414 days ago


Why is this whore relevant??

1411 days ago
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