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KJ's Biz Partner: Estate Doesn't Care About MJ's Kids

12/11/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man doing business with Katherine Jackson just thumbed his nose -- BIGTIME -- at the Michael Jackson Estate ... essentially saying they're just a bunch of lawyers who don't care about MJ's kids.

Last night Howard Mann slammed the Estate for the suggestion it's more invested in helping MJ's children than he and Katherine -- saying, "I would ask if the Estate has ever met those children, ever spoken to those children. To me it's a farce that they care about what happens to those children."

Mann was In Beverly Hills ... outside the "Unveiling of the Jackson Secret Vault Lithographic Collection" -- his ongoing business venture with Katherine -- and an event that prompted MJ's Estate to fire off a cease and desist letter.


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Bubbles The Chimp    

This guy oozes typical douchebag qualities.

1357 days ago

No comment    

The attorney's are trying to set up his estate and protect his MJ's persona/image to build a long term empire like the Elvis estate. Mj's kids will be supporting the Jermaine and Randy's kids for their entire lives.

1357 days ago


I don't believe you care either Mr greedy Mann.

1357 days ago


well i think this guy is an opportunistic slimeball. perhaps k is just being taken in , but i would wager this guy doesnt give a darn about k, mj or mj3.its all about the Benjamins ...
it is very disrespectful for this guy to hide behind an old lady and three little kids. he is a disgrace..
he should go back to his business of clevage and wrestling..jerk

1357 days ago


Noone really cares for those kids. Not REALLY.
After Michael died, they are on their own. I think Michael knew it would happen that way.....

1357 days ago

Legal Eagle    

I'll tell you why the estate folks are up at arms, and it's not because they "care about the children." The people managing the estate are getting about 15% of the estate's income, plus, knowing them, they are charging an hourly rate, plus all direct and indirect expenses associated with managing the estate (think paralegal salary, accountant salary, keeping the lights on in the office, lobster dinners to schmooze Sony executives, etc.). Soooooooo.......this means that there is A LOT of money at stake for THEM as greedy b*st*rds. And this smarmy guy is cutting into THEIR profits. Greedy people want every DOLLAR they can get....they don't care that it's "just a dollar."

1357 days ago

lol people    

at this point and time noone really cares for the kids or for the king of pop himself.

its all about the money.

almost 2 years and its still going on...its Ms.Katherine's son...let it go

1357 days ago


What an idiot.
God bless Team Branca und MJ3.

1357 days ago


Mann, Katherine, Joe= Bloodsuckers 1,2,3!!!! End of story!

1357 days ago


Of course this dirt bag would say that. Whatever one thinks
of Branca or McClain, they have done an excellent job of
running Michael's estate and paying down the huge debt it carries.
I think Katherine received poor advice before partnering with
this dude. Michael's children will be just fine thanks to
the efforts of the executors. And I believe their compensation
is 5%, not 15%.

1357 days ago


And I believe their compensation
is 5%, not 15%.

Posted at 10:40 AM on Dec 11, 2010 by lmt

10% if I am not mistaken. A lot of money!

1357 days ago


@#8 Kathy40,

You make a valid point. It made me reflect on the interview MJ gave to Oprah were he says he felt Joe viewed him as his golden child. I think its fair to say that MJ loved his family but he also knew them. I am understanding MJ's need more and more to find a family outside of his own for the love and support he felt was lacking in his own. Thanks Casio Family!!!!

As for KJ's association with Mann, she said it is more out of need than greed. Hmmmmm why can't the rest of the family help her? The estate is paying all the bills for KJ and MJ3's living expenses and she gets cash but it is not enough to take care of the entire family. It's time for certain family members to man up and take care of thier responsibilities...

1357 days ago


Face it Mann, you are an outsider that saw $$ and swooped in promising Katherine loads of money. You are no one. The estate *IS* making MJ's fortune grow FOR HIS KIDS, and they are doing a great job.
You're an idiot on par with Sam Lufti.

1357 days ago


This is the guy you want around Michael's children and Katherine's grandchildren???? See for yourself.

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...121 Gaming is also arranging special guest dealers. Mr. Mann said, "We have booked several adult film stars to deal live and in the proverbial flesh." 121 Gaming Inc. is a subsidiary of 121 Venture's Inc., a private media and entertainment company that specialises in the creation and distribution of celebrity driven, erotic content.

1357 days ago


Other family members do need to step up to the plate and take care of their own, but this will never happen because Kate is an enabler and has always been one.

I learned what that was when I went to support meetings with my ex-husband for his drinking and drug problems. They pointed out to me that I was always making excuses and taking care of things so I could keep my family together but that only it so he wouldn't have to do it.

I think she should go to a few of those meetings so she can learn about the problems that she let happen, that way she will not make the same mistakes with MJ's 3 children. It's to late for her hubby and children but it's not to late for MJ's kids.

1357 days ago
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