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KJ's Biz Partner: Estate Doesn't Care About MJ's Kids

12/11/2010 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man doing business with Katherine Jackson just thumbed his nose -- BIGTIME -- at the Michael Jackson Estate ... essentially saying they're just a bunch of lawyers who don't care about MJ's kids.

Last night Howard Mann slammed the Estate for the suggestion it's more invested in helping MJ's children than he and Katherine -- saying, "I would ask if the Estate has ever met those children, ever spoken to those children. To me it's a farce that they care about what happens to those children."

Mann was In Beverly Hills ... outside the "Unveiling of the Jackson Secret Vault Lithographic Collection" -- his ongoing business venture with Katherine -- and an event that prompted MJ's Estate to fire off a cease and desist letter.


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You all need to leave Katherine alone. She's doing a wonderful job with MJ's kids. They appear to be happy, healthy, and adjusting very well - just like MJ wanted.

1348 days ago


Howard Mann only cares about the money he is making off of Katherine Jackson.Howard Mann is not a stellar member of the community,but a porn dealer.He should not speak.Katherine needs better counsel so she can get herself out of this charlatan's clutches.

1348 days ago



1348 days ago


Bravo! CloBird totally agree with you. Mrs.Jackson needs to
get herself out that charlatan's clutches.

1348 days ago


The estate attorneys ARE up in arms because they ARE 100% for the J3 financial welfare.
As far as the physical and psychological welfare...well unfortunately that's in the hands of the dysfunctional entirely different story.
Too bad Branca doesn't have physical custody of them as well.

The Jacksons wasted no time snatching up those kids....
They barely even knew them.

1347 days ago


They're happy, healthy, and adjusting because that's what Michael raised them to be not these vultures he called family. He loved them and they know it. That's what's keeping them up.

1347 days ago


Since Michaels passing, the media keeps telling us about the overwhelming amount of money the MJ estate is making, and yet the lawyers remain the only people making significant money here.
The fact remains there must be more to the story, and the power of the estate may just be stifling the truth.
Howard has helped Katherine tell her point-of-view, and she knows that without Howard she couldn't have done it with they way the estate is run.
Yes, Howard wants to make money, just as the directors of the estate do. He invested in and owns content free & clear... But Howards plan includes sharing revenues with his Mother and his children as Michael had outlined in his will.
Howard seems to be the only one listening to Michaels wishes.

1347 days ago


Branca and McClain are each receiving 5% of profit for running Michael's own company NOT from the estate. Judge Beckloff approved that venture as Branca & McClain waived their estate commissions. Due to the fact that MJ's Trust went into Probate, his estate is responsible for paying the attorneys. There aren't any perks being an executor as they are governed by strict probate law or they could be removed by the judge.

Mann is a crook. Any person that would have his lawyers draw up a contract for an 81 yrs old mourning woman to sign that is so one-side to favor Mann should be put in prison. That contract was drawn up for Katherine to include MJ3 which legally she cannot sign for minors. The contract does NOT stipulate any $'s or percentages of money MJ3 are to receive. It only stipulates the amounts KJ receives. The contract had KJ sign all her rights of ownership away to Mann. KJ did not consult with an attorney prior to signing Mann's contract and waived her rights to do so. Mann is a con man and KJ is a fool.

The Jacksonsecretvault site owned by Mann is a scam. The entire site revolves around Michael so the website title is misleading. The site has an MJ song on it which sounds horrible & not his voice at all. I hope the estate sues Mann, shuts down the website, and the MJ fans are smart enough not to purchase any of Mann's scams. And yes, Branca does know MJ3 and has been around them in the years prior to MJ's passing. If the executors did not care about MJ3, they could sell the ATV catalogue tomorrow, clear all debits and close the estate ASAP.

Mann is a mental and emotional user and abuser of the elderly and children.

1347 days ago

mj fan forever    

They're happy, healthy, and adjusting because that's what Michael raised them to be not these vultures he called family. He loved them and they know it. That's what's keeping them up.

Posted at 10:58 PM on Dec 11, 2010 by Cheryl

I totally agree with you!!!!

1347 days ago

mj fan forever    

ONLY Michael Jackson LOVED and PROTECTED his children and raised them so that they were well behaved and sweet children!!!

Katherine is so greedy!!! She exploited Michael's children without restraint and in every way against all Michael's wishes!!!! The executors are doing very well!!!!! Finally!!!!!

1347 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Ugh... I smelled trouble the first day I heard this guy was involved with Mrs. Jackson... I still smell trouble.

Go TEAM BRANCA! You're doing an AWESOME job with MJ's estate, for the benefit of his beneficiaries-- MJ3 and Mrs. Jackson. could you just clear up the issues remaining with MJ's Opus....??? December 18th is the one year anniversary from when most were to have received their books. There are still people waiting. We paid for the Opus Reality- which Fowler intentionally advertised without release & permission to use MJ's likeness. But the customers/fans are the one who got screwed in that. Let's get this fixed ok? I really have other things to do with my life than this................. or

1347 days ago


I doubt this guys cares either but he's right, the estae doesn't care they're fdoing their job which is business.

1347 days ago


They're happy, healthy, and adjusting because that's what Michael raised them to be not these vultures he called family. He loved them and they know it. That's what's keeping them up.

Posted at 10:58 PM on Dec 11, 2010 by Cheryl

Michael did a greta job raising them but he's been dead over ayear, hate the Jacksons all you want but that is their family, they hare the ones who have been there for the kids and arehelping them adjust along with each other.

1347 days ago
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