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Lindsay Lohan -- Scoring Points With The Mayor

12/12/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has already won over the locals during her stint at Betty Ford -- including the mayor of Rancho Mirage, CA ... who tells us he's "very pleased" LiLo's been rehabbing in his town.

Mayor Richard Kite tells us he's impressed with Lindsay's progress -- and supports BF's decision to allow her to drive again ... telling us, "I'm not worried at all ... as long as she abides by the law."

Lohan is expected to stay in rehab until January -- and the mayor adds, "We hope while she's here she continues to enjoy Rancho Mirage."


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Lind$ay! Oh damn, that's so clever. It's usually a snotty one liner but that might not have gotten you no.1 on a subject like this.

It's not hard to dislike someone who is so snide in every post. That doesn't make those of us who do, a troll. You just aren't that interesting. Sorry.

1378 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

It’s not like she’s gonna ‘Ride The magic Mountain’ anytime soon - That’s when you drop acid and drive down highway 74 @ 3AM (Pines to palms) from the top of the mountain to the desert floor. A quarter way down you’re thinking: Hey there’s seven of me existing simultaneously, five of us are still driving, but two of us lost their minds and drove off the side of the mountain, which reality do I exist in? Kidding….. nobody actually does that, that would be a bad thing.

1378 days ago


Is there a seat belt law?

1378 days ago


Uhhhhhh..seatbelts! Whatta role-model!!

1378 days ago


I guess I missed the part of the judges decision that said she can go where she wants, drive, work, etc., but has to 'stay' in Betty Ford til January. I'm confused. Anyway, everyone in Rancho Mirage look out - she's not the best driver in the world. Just ask the lady who's baby carriage she ran in to.

1378 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Mayor Richard Kite tells us he's impressed with Lindsay's progress - MEANING TMZ has been sticking their noses where they dont belong hoping to start trouble AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

1378 days ago


Why doesn't the mayor just come out and say he wants to give her the key to the city or something. He sounds like such a kiss ass.

1378 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Can't wait until she gets out in January. Then maybe she will OD dead on cocaine. YES!!!! A late Christmas gift but worth it.

1378 days ago


I am happy Lins is on the right track but what the fluck does the mayor's opinion have to do with anything when someone is rehabing?

Oh wait....sales must've went up since.

How very very sad Mr Mayor. Be ashamed now.

1378 days ago


That mayor must be nearly as delusional as Lindsay is when she's high or drunk! Even though I will get flack, I still highly doubt that Linds will stay sober / clean from Jan 3, 2011 until her court date of Feb 25, 2011!!! I want to hope that she will make it this time (5th rehab)...but I just think that she is too good at "working the system"!

1378 days ago


Aren't you required to wear a seat belt in Ca?

1378 days ago

Lindsay Slohan.

1378 days ago


Really? Is the "Mayor" so NOT busy with anything actually important that he has the time to even comment on such a non-issue? I'm glad I don't live there, but I AM glad to see that Lindsay will be unen***bered and free to re-establish her direct involvement in the re-release of one of her best-selling items:

Lindsay Lohan-brand digital duck calls. Unlike traditional models which rely on breath to activate, this one is similar to an auto-alarm keyfob - just point and click. It was one of the easiest products for Lindsay to engineer. All she was required to do was stop by a (most expensive) sound studio and rasp the word "coke" into a microphone. The resulting translation is uncanny.

1378 days ago


Can't people just wish her well? She's been sober for quite awhile now. I know addicts, I'm recovering too, its a life long illness, and I hope she can recover. It's not an overnight process. I wish her well. Maybe living in Rancho Mirage would be good , its a beatiful peaceful city. Of course there are bars, and drugs but that is everywhere.

1378 days ago

the truth    

does anyone have any idea what medications they have her on?? i know she cant get this better that quick. something is making her feel better. i wonder if they have her on suboxone?

anyone know?

1378 days ago
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