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Miley Cyrus & Salvia

'I'll Have

What She's Having'

12/13/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is now the inadvertent celebrity endorser of salvia -- because ever since that video of her smoking a bong full of it came out ... we're told sales of the herbal drug are sky high.

Salvia Divinorum
According to people who deal, legally, in salvia divinorum ... sales have increased since Friday -- in some cases up to 3 times the usual tally.

TMZ spoke with several head shops in the Los Angeles area and we're told -- not only have sales jumped -- but many of the customers specifically asked for "the stuff Miley was smoking." No ... mentioning Miley did not get them a discount.

While Miley's experimentation is generating curiosity in the hallucinogen -- one smoke shop employee tells us, "Salvia is one of those things that you only try once because it is so intense."

Another impact of the Miley video -- as we reported -- is renewed discussion about banning salvia in California. It is already illegal in 15 states.



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What an idiot!!!

1408 days ago



1408 days ago


I dont what the big deal is she does experimenting

1408 days ago


Wow!!! Who the hell cares? Salvia Divinorum is LEGAL in most states (but not for long, especially how everyone is freaking out about this), and it is THE SAFEST drug known to man.
But, holy moley, its a HALLUCINOGEN!!!
Drinking alcohol is A-ok, but USING A HALLUCINOGEN makes you an evil shady junkie.

well good for her for using a mind expanding substance.
but it was a dumb move,
she's gonna get it banned because she created
a potential political firestorm
just like when '60...s pop musicians experimentid with LSD

1407 days ago


Salvia is no big deal. I did it a few times. Not gonna lie I loved it. Like it alot more than regular pot. She is young and is just doing what 90% of kids her age are doing. Now seeing asshe is in the public eye and little kids look up to her, it def shouldnt of gotten leaked. But all in all let her be so long as she dont go the Lohan or Hilton route it should be all good

1407 days ago


Miley is stupid,a bad influence in EVERYBODY, and owns the camel toe!!!!!

1404 days ago


why is she acting like. wow she is turning like Lindsey lohan soon she end up in rehab-and her career will go down the drain before she like 30. she is a bitch and a pot head

1404 days ago


y did u even do drugs i looked up to u im 11 years old and i know wat u did was wrong!!!!!i looked up to u now i hate u and tons more ppl do too!!!!i know its not yr fult the movie got out but it is yr fult that u did the drugs and also let yr friend video tape u!!!!next time think before u do because now wen ppl see or here about u their going to think of that video. and im 1 of the ppl who will think ok the i hope u learned ur lesson because tons of ppl couting me hate u we all looked up to u. u also qiut the hannah show wich hurt a lot of little girls like me now u do drugs! wat ever fantisy world yr living in were u can do wat ever u want isnt real but u thought it was so think about it we all hate u and i didnt think i would ever send u this because i looked up to u. me and my friends were absesed with yr music!! we did dances but now we dont because we dont like u for wat u did so u need to tell the world something but it might not work u blew it! srry but u did. so now u have hurt tons of little girls.i hope ur happy!!! we will all miss the old fun miley!i used to listen to ur music wen i was depresed but now its not the real hannah music or real miley music its the diva music that i hate i miss the old u!!!!u almost made me cry!!!!!bye.have fun wen every 1 hates u!!

1403 days ago


y did u even do that i looked up to u and now i hate u!!!!im 11 years old i i know wat u did was wrong im not going to do wat u did but the hole world noes and now tons of little kids out there r going to do wat u did and i know its not yr fult the video got out but its yr fult for even doing drugs so now a lot of ppl hate u i hope yr happy!!!!

1403 days ago


party on miley.....loove the bongrip

1403 days ago


Ya it was only live once, always remember that...

1400 days ago


I do not see ANYTHING wrong with the video unless laughter has now become a crime. She is 18. She is not breaking any laws, getting into any fights, breaking down hysterically, crashing her car, robbing anyone, feeling sick, throwing up, cussing anyone out, going into rehab or any other number of unpleasant things that happen ALL THE TIME ON ALCOHOL. So please all you uptight hypocrites who want to ban Salvia, when you agree to ban alcohol as well let's talk.

1399 days ago


u have to be 21 to do drugs!!!!!

1396 days ago


miley you were my rollmodel and you do this to all your fans i know you are going through changes but dosn't mean your friends and you can do drugs for crissake you are 18 and you act like your 36 well you have lost over one million fans because of that thanks a lot!!! miley

1396 days ago


Awesome post, I'm an avid reader of this site, keep up the great work, and I'll be a regular for a very long time.

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1350 days ago
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