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Miley Cyrus:

I Was Just Having Fun

12/15/2010 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is telling her friends ... the bong video published by TMZ is no big deal.

Miley Cyrus Bong Video
Miley, who has taken a lot of heat since TMZ posted the story that she was smoking salvia, has been saying, she's just young and having fun ... this, according to friends in direct contact with her.

Miley acknowledged she's seen the TMZ story and also knew it was going to eventually surface.  As TMZ first reported, Miley's camp was trying to bury the incident by scooping up copies of the video.

One friend put it this way:  "Miley doesn't care. She's filming her movie and getting on with her life."


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Lilarose in Oregon    

Well, this momma is putting the skids on my kids admiring Miley. If Miley wants to be a tramp, my kids won't be following in her footsteps.

1219 days ago


Miley has said NOTHING. Her "friends"? Give me a break. Miley CLEARLY is going the no comment route as it looks like her PR camp, lawyers, mother, are going that route and even Billy Ray's statement doesn't mention specifics. Any "friend" that would comment on anything Miley said in regard to this matter is not a friend at all and is along the same lines of whoever sent TMZ this video. As far as I'm concerned, this story doesn't represent anything that Miley says or thinks. Miley, stay the course. This will pass.

1219 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

If it doesn't lead to harder drugs this is not the worst thing in the world.

1219 days ago

Katie C    

Oh Oh ok... she was just having fun. SO... when her fans, aged 10 - 12 starting "just having fun" the same way, that's ok, right?

WHAT an idiot. When you make your money and your entire reputation on being a child actor/entertainer, you need to remember that not everyone that's your fan turned 18 when you do. In striving to be an "adult", she made an incredibly stupid mistake. That was exacerbated by it being on film for every single one of her fans to see. What a role model... NOT!

Boycott. Plain and simple. That'll get through to her.

1219 days ago

Tish and Miley were up at my house this weekend. No weed, no salvia. Just some wine and some hot mother-daughter 3-way action.
--Bret Michaels

1219 days ago

Tish and Miley were up at my house the other night. No weed, no salvia, just a little wine and some hot 3-way action.
--Bret Michaels

1219 days ago

Room Service    

When I was 18 I had already done my first band job.

If that's all she does and I'd rather seeing her with Cannabis, let her alone.

I am writing write now from Folsom Prison in the Warden's office.
I got special permission..

write me at 24365775@folsome.pri

1219 days ago


My little sister just asked what a bong is because she saw a Miley Cyrus video. This girl is on the Disney channel for goodness sakes!!!!

1219 days ago


It's no big deal to smoke drugs?! She wants to destroy herself and the way she's going, It's not going to take long. She needs help and she doesn't even know it.

1219 days ago


yall need to realy get on with your on lives cuz miley doesnt care wat u think do u realy think shes going to care?....... NO! she isnt stop trying to control someone elses life if she dies or goes to rehab what yall going to say then

1219 days ago

Ed C.    

Just another Lindasy Lohahn waiting to come out! SO so so sad.

1219 days ago


tell Betty Ford to get a room ready, the next LiLo train wreck is rounding the bend.

1219 days ago

Nanker Phelge    

You ***gots should worry about your own sorry ****ing lives, instead of pontificating on what is/isn't harmful for Miley ****ing Cyrus. Here's a novel idea: take an interest in your children's lives by introducing them to music that has actual substance to it; John Coltrane, Howlin' Wolf, the Rolling Stones - oh,wait, they were all junkies too....seems no one worried back then, and we didn't end up with a world full of heroin addicts. ****ing Ameri****s who think the world revolves around them....ever heard of Julian Assange ***gots?

1219 days ago


miley is nobodys role model so you stupid ass mothers who are like 'oh my child will never watch her on tv again' and **** like that are just making urself sound like stupid parents. if ur kids are going to see this bitch hitting the bong and then go hit the bong themselves then thats ur own damn fault for not teaching them to think for themselves. *******S

1219 days ago


media needs to shut the **** up about this yo miley can do whatever the **** she wants. she's nobodys role model. and what the **** is wrong with hittin the bong?? NOTHING!!!

1219 days ago
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