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Mel Gibson Doesn't Make Anti-Semitic Cut of 2010!

12/16/2010 3:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has just been snubbed by the premier Jewish organization in America -- he's nowhere to be found on the 10 most anti-Semitic list.

Mel Gibson Anti Semite

The Simon Wiesenthal Center just released its "2010 Top Ten Anti-Semitic Slurs" list:

Topping this year's list --  former White House journalist Helen Thomas who famously said, "Jews should get the hell out of Palestine. They should go home to Germany, Poland, America and everywhere else."

The also-rans include: Oliver Stone, a former CNN host and a political leader.

Remember, Oksana Grigorieva claims Mel told her -- referring to one Harvey Levin -- "I want Jew blood on my hands."  Harvey didn't believe Mel really said that, and apparently neither did the Simon Wiesenthal Center.



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Oh, ****-off TMZ.

1377 days ago


And that goes for your patronizing ******* of a boss, Harvey Levin. Some devil's advocate.

1377 days ago


Thanks Harvey. We needed that.

I'm not worried about things that people SAY. I am worried about what they DO, and none of the people on this list have actively done anything to harm the state of Israel or the Jewish people. I think we should all be a lot more worried about the "anti-semites" that are members of Hamas than Oliver Stone and Mel Gibson.


1377 days ago

just curious    

I think TMZ just reported the Winona Ryder story because it is published all over right now. I am pretty upset about it, but this story kind of makes up for it. Glad Harvey said he doesn't believe Mel said he wanted Jew blood on his hands. I sure wish they'd leave Mel alone with all this bigotry stuff.

1377 days ago


TMZ only comes to the aide of JEWS you never see them sticking up for any other races or religions.

1377 days ago

Mel Gibson hates women, blacks, minorties, and is a Jew-blood demander. Blacklist and boycott this racist.

1377 days ago


tmz let it go.. Not a story anymore!

1377 days ago


And who says all of media is run by Jews...This is the second time I have seen this stupid list...

1377 days ago


How about publishing NEWS Harvey, instead of this anecdotal bull****? Got your wing's clipped perhaps?

1377 days ago


Appears at least the Jewish Organization doesn't believe the known liars that are Ryder and Oxi...

it is difficult to believe such and such said this what 15 years ago or several months ago when the people accusing are well known criminals ie Ryder-thief and a liar and Oxi- Extortionist and a liar

so Kudos to the organization that want proof of wrongdoing...

1377 days ago


I would like to publish a list of the 10 biggest Catholic haters and blacklisters in Hollywood and in the media.

1377 days ago


Actions speak louder than words.

Is Lil' Wayne racist because he says Ni**er every other word? If you'll say no because he's back then you are being racist. It should not matter what color his skin is if you're going to condemn the words he uses you must condemn anyone that uses the words.

If I say the word Ni**er and I'm black then it is acceptable. If I say the word Fa**ot and I'm homosexual then it is acceptable. Accepting people for their use of words you find offensive because of differences they have is a form of bigotry.
You're segregating a species. Your categorizing homosexuals as being different than asexual. They are not. We are all equal. White, black, homosexual and asexual we are all equal. We should all be made accountable for the words that are defined as obscene.

When one intends to harm another with a racial or sexually degrading term that person should be penalized by society if the intended is harmed by the outcome. It's not the word, it's what it means. The word will always exist, the intention will dissipate.

Everytime anyone utters a word against another with intent to harm we must take action to defend those that cannot defend themselves. At the same time we must define benign and correct mistakes. It is our responsible to explain to our brothers and our sisters in our lifetimes the implications of their actions.

1377 days ago


so why publish this junk posting?? why go out of your way to implicate Mel with this list if not even Harvey thinks he said what he has been accused of??

i agree with #3 poster

1377 days ago

This year, he's anti-black and anti-women, not anti-Semetic

1377 days ago


Seems more of a list of things people said that they don't like. BTW.. agree with #1.

1377 days ago
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