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Waka Flocka's Pad

Post-Raid Damage

12/18/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Waka Flocka's house took a serious beating Thursday when cops raided the place looking for drugs and gang paraphernalia -- and TMZ has obtained photos of the carnage.

Waka's assistant claims police barged in at 7:30 in the morning and trashed the place -- cuffing nearly 10 people, including rapper Gucci Mane.

As we first reported, police say they found guns and prescription drugs in the house. Two unidentified men were arrested, and everyone else was let go. Waka wasn't home at the time.


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WHO is this dude?! I've literally never heard of him before the initial "raid" story was posted...Waka Flocka? Seriously?? It's like a rejected character from the Muppets. I'm so confused.

1368 days ago


If that was the master bedroom, these dudes are broke. Kat Stacks put'em on blast and said they are indeed broke. Allegedly, of course. MEH. Whatevs.

1368 days ago


Waka Flocka I love your music!! Keep your head up!! One question why was there 10 people in your house and you weren't there?? Your home is your private area to relax and feel safe.. Its not the hang out spot.. They want to hang out tell them get a room!!

1368 days ago

charley hardman    

thank god for "the police", so we don't have people threatening us with guns, taking our money, and pummeling our homes.

oh wait...

1368 days ago


#1 if you never heard of him u wouldnt have commented u lying

1368 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

What a lifestyle. I can't imagine having 10 people in my house at 7:00 in the morning and I'm not even home.

1368 days ago


what kind of retard would name their kid waka

1368 days ago


tax payers hard money at work. our gov't once again wasting money harassing rappers where they live!

1368 days ago


Brick Squad!!!!!!! GUCCI!!

1368 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Boo hoo...

Who are these A $ $ W I P E S anyway?

1368 days ago

I am Spartacus    


i'm sure the 1st poster is not lying. How am i so sure? Because like him i too have never in my life heard of Waka Flocka before TMZ had the other story up of him. I have never once heard one of his songs. I listen to hip hop radio stations and never once have i even heard the DJs mention his name. This dude is not that big if people don't casually know his name let alone ever heard of him.

And for the people that like to come in and say well why comment if you've never heard of him. The reason is i'm asking what he's done that i should know and who the heck he is since ive never heard of him before TMZ. Basically the point is that this dude is hardly a celebrity and is more famous now for TMZ talking about him then he was ever.

And if TMZ had to waste their time on every wannabe hip hop artist that gets in trouble then the site would be flooded with stories of other no name rappers acting like idiots. And thats not a racist comment nor is it meant to be. It has more to do with the lifestyle rappers try to live.

1368 days ago


this is what happens when you give a n word money, they don't know how to capitalize it. if you like spoofs, skits, comedy and orginal music.

1368 days ago


....Damn!!! So now One-Time is kicking down doors for prescription drugs and a couple weed seeds???

And as for the two pistols, most states allow home owners and/or renters, to have firearms inside their private residences.

What did the warrant stipulate???

Search Warrant---Physical Search Warrant to be carried out at 12856 Negro Lane, in the County of Hoodland, State of (fill in your own most hated Southern State) here......... Hereby, Search Warrant is to be carried out, between the hours of when ever you get there, to when ever you leave.

Upon entrance of said dwelling, Law enforcement officers, are subject to detain every and any negro found at above stated address. And to do with such detained Negros, whatever, wherever, whenever, preferably without benefit of counsel, and definitely off camera and/or all recording devices.

Singed by Circuit Court Judge
Beauregard Lynchanegro

LOL--Taxpayer revenue at its best......Artofwar

1368 days ago


Looks like Motel 6.

1368 days ago


Sorry....this doesn't look like a raided bedroom. This bedroom looks like a drugster's bedroom day after day....sad.

1368 days ago
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