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'Big Brother' Cry-Baby's Star-Studded Apology

12/19/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nothing says "I'm sorry" like naming a celestial object after the girl you cyber-cheated on -- which is why bawl-my-eyes-out Brendon from "Big Brother" just threw down $109 to christen the star, "Rachel Reilly."

According to the International Star Registry, Brendon got the appropriate paperwork in order this week -- certifying the star's new name -- and even purchased a $70 bracelet with the star's coordinates to sweeten the deal.

It's not his first attempt at an apology  -- as we previously reported, Brendon posted an "I'm sorry" video online recently ... after his ex-GF and "Big Bro" co-star Rachel allegedly found out he sent pics of his schlong to a girl he met online.

No worries though -- if the video didn't cut it, a paper star certificate and bracelet definitely will do the trick.  Right?


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Eew. They are textbook co-anything.

1375 days ago

Laughing Riot    

Hahahaha, what an idiot! All that he did was pay money into a star-buying scam and ended up with a piece of paper, that doesn't mean anything in the real word, and a cheap-a$$ bracelet. I hope Rachel laughs at him for doing something so stupid.

1375 days ago


Unless we ask for a picture of your junk. We do not want to see a picture of your junk guys..really

1375 days ago


This reminds me of an episode of Flight of the Conchords when Murray bought Jemaine and Bret planets named after them, which was of course a scam for only the most gullible. Are you sure this guy is a physicist? Maybe he has an online degree? What a ma-roon...

1375 days ago


Yea think his ex gf said he was a emotional sap when they dated also. The dude has real chic issues. They couldn't have gotten voted off quicker imo. Rachel is a nutty one also

1375 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

All these comments are true, but, on a positive note, he does have a really nice schlong.

1375 days ago


This guy has massive mental problems. Rachel took advantage of it and strung him on in hopes of winning BB. She supposedly has a degree in chemistry but was working as a "hostess and paid escort for an escort service" in "Vegas" and bragged that she could "be a companion" for men and make $2000 on a weekend trip. Yep, just like Charlie's girl Capri except Rachel is ugly and fake and couldn't get nearly as much money as Capri.

1375 days ago


The star registry is a huge scam. Just type up a fancy looking letter on your home computer and it will be every bit as (non) official as the "International Star Registry".

1375 days ago


Wow, this guy is the King of Fail.

1375 days ago


Oh Brandon you so silly. @Sugar Kitty I agree~

1375 days ago


still waiting for pics of his schlong. or is it so teeny that i missed 'em?

Seriously though, if you were rachel and seeing this over-the-top display of pining/whining/shirt-tearing, would you take him back? He's crossed into YIKES!!! territory long ago.

1375 days ago


I guess a skype-bitch got between her and HER MAN!!!!


Don’t bother apologies Brendan- I am sure Rachel has ****ed half of Vegas since getting out of the house. At least the skype-bitch couldn;t give you herpes or gonorrhea,

Rachels a fake whore. Ragan said it best- the only thing real about her where the herpes-oh sorry I mean pimples- on her chin.

Frankco..scroll down on that link above says "click here" to see his schlong

1375 days ago

AcesNEights his "apology" with a laughing track adding to it..ROFLMFAO

1374 days ago


OMG!!! I could not wait for Rachel to get the boot on Big Brother this summer. Every week she would go on about how the person booted out was "after her man". Well you fake red haired bimbo: who would want him or YOU for that matter???? Loved how the one guest told her there was nothing real about her at all. Wish I could remember his name but he let her have the BEST tongue lashing BB has ever heard. You could tell that Rachel is a gay hater! All together now, let's forget that Brendan and Rachel ever existed on our tv screens!! Ooooohhhhhh that felt SSSSSOOOOOO good!

1374 days ago


The irony of this story is that she's just shallow enough to be impressed by this!

1374 days ago
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