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Kim Kardashian to Paris:

Flattery Schmattery

12/20/2010 10:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton is totally ripping off Kim Kardashian ... at least that's what we think.


Check out Kim's photo which she used in February to hawk her fragrance line.  Now look at Paris Hilton's Xmas card.

So we ask ...


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Kim's pix has enough photo shopping going on that she could be in the new TRON movie and Paris needs to scrape off some of that pancake makeup...who cares if it's a rip off...they both look like tricked out hookers.

1402 days ago


Fair's fair. Kim ripped off Paris's "Spoiled rich girl makes a sex tape and gets famous" shtick.

1402 days ago


Paris makes all the K girls look like wallflowers to say the least. Paris is no beauty but the K's are DOGS!!!!!

1402 days ago



really good point

1402 days ago


Come on guys! Two skanks! No waiting! But then again, I wouldn't do either one of those clap traps on a bet... Money may buy a lot but it sure as hell doesn't make you attractive. If it did,then these two would be dead broke!

1402 days ago


As trashy as Paris is, why would she want to portray someone trashier than she?

1402 days ago


Everythink Kim has done has been a ripoff of Paris. If not for Paris Kim would not exist, all she has done for years is try to keep up with the Paris.

1402 days ago


I can't believe any guy would want either one of them. If it was who you rather, I would have to pass. Yuck!

1402 days ago


That's a stretch, TMZ. The only similarity I see is that they both have their arms up.

1402 days ago


RIGHT!!! Because Kim K was the1st person to EVER pose like that....or wear that kind of style. I think both of these chicks are useless but seriously.....ya'll are reaching with this one.

1402 days ago


It was Paris who "trained" Kim on how to become famous within a millisecond without doing the work. She followed the yellow brick road to HOE-llywood. Using only beauty will never get you to the wizard. You got to get SOME BRAINS!!! No pun intended. Both are pathetic and not respected.

1402 days ago


Which slut do you like the good slut or the other good slut!! Someone ought to set at least Paris up with Chris Brown - tell her that he got a 12" schlong and leak the info to Kim at the same time - a TWEET made in heaven!!!

1402 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

Both these bimbo sluts have had more than enough attention, when all they have ever really done of note is perform in their own low rent porno flicks. "One Night In Paris"(Paris says, "Oh it hurts!") and Kim K's epic with some deadbeat loser named Ray J are available for FREE all over the Internet. Anyone can download these. After you see that these ignorant ****s show you every asset they will ever have, you would have to be a complete fool to EVER spend money on some silly perfume or anything else that they try to sell. These miserable lowlife tramp ****s deserve nothing! Stop giving them attention!

1402 days ago


They look nothing alike. TMZ you need to put the crack pipe down.

1402 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh please people. paris hilton is way too original to copy someone else!! origunal!!!

1402 days ago
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