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FBI Contacted Over Threats to Lindsay Lohan

12/20/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the FBI is now in possession of threatening and harassing messages sent to Lindsay Lohan and other members of her family.

As we first reported, Lindsay has been receiving a variety of ominous messages ... some of which her people believe came from Britney Spears' ex BFF, Sam Lutfi.

Sources tell us Dina Lohan and Michael Jr. have also been receiving strange messages -- some of which badmouth Dina, others warning them to stay away from Lutfi and Michael Lohan.

We're told DiLo has passed along the info to the FBI -- the agency that worked with her on Ali Lohan's identity theft case -- and they're "looking into it."



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Just another lame-assed attempt by the LoLifes to keep themselves relevant and in the news. Not sure I'm buying the FBI being involved. Not sure they would even have jurisdiction.

1368 days ago


DUMMIES!!! FAKE 'STOCKER' = $$$ For Lying Lindsay!

Explanation: Lindsay wants to be relocated to a secret so photogs cant get any more free pics. Lindsay wanna call the shots and make arranged photo ops, she tells them when/where-and they pay and take pics of her gross worn out ass.

People, if you havent figured out by now-Lindsay is a LIAR.

This is all because Lindsay likes purses, ALOT.

1368 days ago


Lindsay Lohan es bien loca...¿no?

1368 days ago


Cuantas veces ha asistido Lindsay Lohan rehabilitacion?

1368 days ago


I don't think Michael or Lufti are involved at all. Michael seemed to be peeved that whoever was behind all this was trying to drag him into it. Can't really rule out Lufti because he's an idiot but his goal would be to get near Lindsay, not scare her away from him. In fact, content suggests it could be one or several of her warped fans. Notice they are claiming a "variety" of messages.

However, I think this is all just BS. Reports indicate that BF requested to release Lindsay from the program before the holidays and the court shut them down. Lindsay then fired all her extra security and all of a sudden she's being threatened and fears for her life and has to be moved to a more secure location? And now they're bringing in the FBI?

1368 days ago


Lindsay isn't looking to good lately. She's getting that double chin thing going on.

1368 days ago


Gee I wonder how many times Osama Lutfi commented in this topic using different aliases trying to defend himself and do what he always does which is to deflect, and minimize his psychotic actions. Or maybe it's his ugly sister Christina.

1368 days ago


For the love of God, go one day without mentioning these people

1368 days ago


They are nothing but garbage anyways.... The WHOLE family. I wonder if Michael and Dina actually consider themselves good parents????

1368 days ago


The FBI would not get involved in something trivial, there must be something serious going on here.

Posted at 3:29 AM on Dec 20, 2010 by susan

Maybe its a star whacker!

1368 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Boom: Michael Lohan to x17:

"Bottom line is, Sam Lutfi hit the nail right on the head when he shared his opinion to Lindsay and my son Michael about Dina. It struck a sore cord. The truth hurt and Dina did NOT like it. From there, as usual, "The Grinch" stirred the pot with her broom stick.

People around Lindsay who, ironically, were the same people around BRITNEY are panicking for some reason. I think Sam and Adnon know to much. Tell me, why is it that the two people around Britney tell the SAME thing and they are the ones who had restraining orders slapped on them while a team was put in place to get conservatorship?? Light Bulb! Duh!!!"

So Michael pretty much admits Sam has been contacting Lindsay. Way to go Michael, you are such a smart man. Haha. Also anybody notice that Michael is not seeing Lindsay anymore in rehab? Has Michael been kicked to the curb and is now using Sam to poison Lindsay's mind?

And his comment on Britney, didn't Britney get better when Sam and that Adnan guy left her life for good? Does he really think Britney would have been better off with Sam managing her career when he has no experience to even handle that? Did we not see Britney get placed on a 5150 hold when Sam and Adnan were in the picture? I mean wow does this guy have a brain? Can we get anymore delusional MIchael?

1368 days ago


Attention Ladies & Gentlemen:

I recently contacted a world renowned psychic who informed me of a curse on the Disney lots. The same lots where they film really popular Disney Shows and Movies. These ho's are going to be cursed with 20 years bad luck unless they spread spoiled milk o n the nearest dead black cat. I really wish TMZ would report on this very important information. Thank You!!

1368 days ago


SERIOUSLY. WTF. I wish that this psycho family would just go away already, where is there shame?

1368 days ago

why is she there ?    

No one cares .
she is irrelevant

1368 days ago


Please, please, please. Must we be subjected to a hideous photo of Dina each day? I find this quite disturbing, especially during the holidays.

1368 days ago
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