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$100,000 for

Millionaire's Xmas Party

12/21/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ludacris just pulled in ridiculous bank to perform at an exclusive Xmas party for some millionaire -- in fact, TMZ has learned, the contract was worth nearly $100K ... and he wasn't even the only star there.

A rep for millionaire entrepreneur Jason Hope tells TMZ ... Luda was paid to perform a 45-minute set for party-goers at Hope's pad in Arizona -- and get this ... Snooki, Stephanie Pratt, Lo Bosworth, and a bunch of other celebs got money to show up too.

Altogether, were told Hope dropped nearly $200,000 to get the famous faces to attend --

-- Snooki
got $17,500
-- Lo and Stephanie got $12,500 each
-- "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul got $16,000
-- Kardashian stepfather Bruce Jenner got $15,000
-- Giuliana and Bill Rancic got $15,000 total
-- Dean Cain got $5,000.

According to Hope's rep, the whole party ran the guy nearly $500,000 total. Who said money can't buy friends?


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I LOVE LUDACRIS.!!! :o) <3

1367 days ago


sounds like a bunch of fun, and to whomever made the comment about luda, get it together luda is the man and he is laughing at all the haters straight to the bank. this man makes this kind of money for one night of partying and some of you including me (lol) will never see in your life time. so instead of tossing back the hateraid find a way to get your own legal grind on... ya heard!!!!!!!!!

1367 days ago

Kev the Realist    

This totally proves that just because you have money does not mean you have TASTE. Why would anyone pay these LOSERS to show up. At least Ludacris can perform, but Snooki cannot even speak english. Well let's see does this Moron have any professional advisors. If he did they would telll him that there are much better ways to get some publicity, that is good publicity. I bet everyone is now searching him online so they can truly find out what kind of idiot this buy really is.

How to screw up your image.

1367 days ago


How come no one has a problem with the extravagance of these celebs? Don't want to give tax breaks to the working poor but what a great party so and so had and it only cost a million bucks!

1367 days ago

Jim K    

Jason Hope has illustrated by his philanthropy his desire for health, children, a sense of social entrepreneurship. The comments providing negative feedback are made with ingorance. His donations dwarf most people's lifetime income.

1367 days ago


This my friends is where the tax cuts for the rich go.
Not towards creating jobs, but to pay for expensive birthday parties so they can hire people like Ludacris and Snooki to perform...

Posted at 12:36 AM on Dec 21, 2010 by Anon E Mouse

Get off your ass and earn your own money. Why should the ambitious people have to pay your share of the taxes? If you want socialism move to Cuba or North Korea. The man earned his money and spent it on something he wanted. The guy has very bad taste but it's his money.

1367 days ago


Poor Dean Cain the most talented of them all....

1367 days ago


Who the hell is Jason Hope?

1367 days ago


Jason Hope is some jabroni who changed his last name (really, "Hope" as a philantropist) and claims to be a successful CEO/Businessman but is really just a trust fund baby.

1367 days ago


Let me get this straight, the guy has to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to get some "cool" people to attend his party?

When I throw a party, people come because they want to.

What a loser!

1367 days ago


Well, being rich doesn't mean you have any taste I guess!

1367 days ago


You do realize there are people that have no food for their children, right?! This makes me so sad.

1367 days ago

Denny Cain    

That sucks for Dean Cain, but I hope he banged some high-class broads while Sinatra played in the background to make up for it.

1367 days ago


This guy Jason Hope is a certified joke. This probably never happened. try searching him online to check out his "blogs" on every topic from cancer research to space travel. What a f'ing loser.. Try to make yourself sound cool jason, you're in arizona bro. I love the way entrepreneur and billionaire business man get thrown around. trust funds funding your garbage company or that next to your name in print doesn't you've done anything. thank you tmz for giving him the attention he doesn't deserve

1367 days ago


MightyMad Thats the best you can come up with. Ill give yah 10 bucks to pay someone to come up with a better comeback.

Must be a Snooki fan with that pathetic intellect

1367 days ago
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