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Betty Ford Staffer Fired For Talking to TMZ

12/21/2010 8:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dawn Holland, the woman who told TMZ Lindsay Lohan hurt her bad, was fired 30 minutes ago by Betty Ford officials.


Holland tells us a honcho from B.F. told her she violated patient confidentiality and was therefore terminated from her job as a chemical dependency tech, which paid $1,784.74 a month.

Holland says she told the official, "I didn't feel you had my back. When you placed me on administrative leave you were investigating me, and 9 times out of 10 that means the employee will be fired."

Holland says the official responded, "We wanted you to keep this quiet."

As for why Holland spoke with TMZ, she says, "The story was already way out there in the open before I spoke.  If Lindsay is allowed to say, 'Fire that bitch,' I should be able to defend myself."


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Of course this woman was going to take the more than 10k TMZ paid her...that's what she makes for half a years work.

And in this economy can you blame her? She knew she would be fired either way, so why not feed her family. People are judging her, but not judging the junkie that got her fired?

Michael Lohan took this story public first...not the BF worker. God the Lohans are just horrid, disgusting people. All of them.

1340 days ago


Much as I hate to say it, firing this woman was probably the right thing to do. She was supposed to just suck it up, no matter what & keep her mouth shut. That's the way it is.

Nevertheless, she's likely telling the truth & LiLo is lying. Drug abusers are liars. Their whole life is a lie.

So now that the tech has been fired, it's time for the skank to go back to the pokey where she belongs. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

1340 days ago

john smith    

If this lady had half a brain, she would know that she would be fired for giving an interview to TMZ. She was'nt forced to make a statement on a very famous celebrity who was under her care, she gave the information away willing. This shows that this lady is not very smart and unprofessional! Let's do a background and credit check on her and check her qualifications.
Support Lindsay !!!!!!!!

1340 days ago

Jim in Cali    

@62 totally agree. This chick can take a nice vacation and then go work a minimum wage job for the rest of the year and make just as much as she was at Betty Ford and then some.

1340 days ago


If Lindsay and her father already went to the press, then the worker could not have violated patient confidentiality - the patient and her father already publicly disclosed the information.

When 911 was called, the report is a public record. Patient confidentiality was already breached.

When lawsuits were filed, the court do***ents were available for the public to see. Patient confidentiality was already breached.

I'm sure that this will all come out in court after the former employee files her wrongful termination suit against Betty Ford.

Meanwhile, Lindsy will have been in rehab and or jail another dozen times, if she has not managed to kill herself via substance abuse. Tragic.

1340 days ago


she should have absolutely been fired. she broke confidentiality of a medical center. she also admitted she got paid for doing so by tmz. lindsay never said fire that bitch. that was tmz's heading and no excuse to talk about someone's private information.

1340 days ago


She may have violated patient confidentially but I bet she only lost her job because of Lindsay wanted her fired. The employee should sue them since she was put in a bad situations and they didn't back her up they are just trying to protect themselves they are suppose to stop this little bitch from drinking they are looking bad since they are allowing her to still drink, I think Lindsays has violated the court order and should be locked up she's a useless piece of garbage.

1340 days ago


Seems to me Betty Ford is covering their own @sses. They let this girl go out to a bar when she is ordered their by court, what a GREEAT rehab that is. LMAO

1340 days ago

Sad sad    

People defending her she is shopping her (un)injured photos around already. I think she knew good and well where this was heading after the incident. Gives Betty Ford a bad name now for those under their care. Now they have to worry about people running and blabbing to the media The whole thing about LL breaking all the rules I'm sure is to be expected by any addict. Dr. Drews show gives you a little peak into that. She had a personal dislike towards her for whatever reason. I thought that was obvious from the video.

1340 days ago


She lost all credibility and now I think she's full of ****. Any medical professional that was acting in a professional manner would never have gone on camera or discussed this with anyone.

1340 days ago


The rehab for the money be=business is a serious business (to make money) therefore they hold zero credibility. None. They go after the money. Always. I'd suggest to the management to go to rehab (they pay) to heal the obsession they have for the money.

1340 days ago


It's amazing to me that so many comments are based on "sources". Now when the BF staffer comes out publicly, completely stripping every patient/officer and BF official of their "guaranteed privacy" people are still jumping all over Lindsay.

IDK if Lindsay went to a bar or not. Neither do you. It's beyond comprehension that could be true and not ONE bartender or customer took a pic and sold it to a tabloid. LINDSAY AT A BAR DURING REHAB WOULD SCORE HUGE TABLOID DOLLARS!!! Where are the pics???

Bottom line, nobody in this forum knows the truth about that night. All we know for a fact, that we can agree on, is that this BF staffer broke protocol of the highest regard...patient confidentiality.

The BF staffer, if telling the truth, had options. Instead she choose to cash in on quick bucks without thought or care to the aftermath of ALL involved that night, not just Lindsay.

1340 days ago

Jim in Cali    

@70 college educated scientists make more than 22,000 a year. I highly doubt a college degree is required to be a staffer at a drug rehab center.

1340 days ago

Make it stop    

As she should be for talking to TMZ. With that said....dip **** over there clearly did something wrong and probably should have her sorry, drunk & drunk ass throw back in jail where it belongs. Her "mother" should be in a few cells down from her. That woman is a complete crack head. In my opinion (but probably sooooo right on the money)!

1340 days ago


Good. You deserve to be fired. B.F. took the correct action here sorry to say. Lindsay is just a stupid girl, we all know that, but you're the one who works there and you're supposed to remain professional. You broke the code so to speak of your profession and you deserve what you got. Very stupid to discuss this in the middle of the whole investigation and what not. Oh well lesson learned.

1340 days ago
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