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Lindsay Accuser Accused of Assaulting Her Husband

12/22/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The former Betty Ford staffer who claims Lindsay Lohan assaulted her was herself accused of battery ... by her husband.


Dawn Holland, who has filed a criminal battery complaint against Lindsay, was embroiled in a bitter divorce last year.  Holland's husband claims in legal docs obtained by TMZ, she accused him of cheating and one day, "She got out of bed.  She hit me."

In another incident in 2008, Dawn's husband claims she "lost control, broke up a lot of my personal property and attacked me, kicking me in the leg and causing a contusion."

For her part, Dawn claims her hubby viciously attacked her on several occasions.

Dawn -- who is now divorced -- has a restraining order against her ex-husband, but his petition for one was denied.


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1312 days ago


Here's the thing just because the woman hit her husband doesn't mean that Lindsay didn't come in drunk and did what this woman said it just means that both of them have issues and who should we believe and Lindsays (the crack head) doesn't have that great of a track record, maybe she will slip the hairdresser money to say she was there getting her hair done I don't believe a word that comes out of Lindsay or her looser parents mouths they all should be locked up.

1312 days ago

Lovely Rita    

WTF is a loser like this working at the BF Clinic in the first place? And what about confidentiality?

1312 days ago

john smith    

Look for the state of California to be paying welfare, food stamps and housing assistance for this singl unemployed mother and her child. You can not collect unemployment when you are fired. When she sold her story to TMZ for 10k she knew that she would be fired. She gave her job away pretty much because she would rather sue BF and Lindsay for money instead of working. She thinks that she will make hundreds of thousands when all she really got was 10k which is not much considering she could be unemployed for years and has a child. It's clear that this stupid lady thinks Lindsay is her meal ticket as well as her 15 minutes of fame. Support Lindsay!!!!!!

1312 days ago

john smith    

Someone commented that she looks like Rick James with a wig on, I bet she's home right now hitting the crack pipe and spending her $10,000. Someone needs to run a criminal background check and credit check on her, as well as check her employment record and give her a drug test. I'm willing to bet that she has previous arrests, most likely for drugs. What kind of people does BF hire?

1312 days ago


This title is misleading - anyone can accuse anything of another person, but clearly the court decided she is the victim not the ex-husband.

1311 days ago


Wow - all these people making trouble for Lindsay.After all none of it is her fault. It's just all these people she has to share space with in the world, they are to blame. Lindsay is just an innocent victim of all these awful people. NOT!!

1311 days ago

get real    

Lindsay was wrong.. Was she really at a Bar. Her Dad said she passed Drug/ Booze test at Betty Ford. So who is telling the truth?
As for Dawn Holland..... She was just tryin to make extra money on the side! She Most Likely Did have it in for Lindsay.
Both sides are looking for a Payday now.

1311 days ago


Another case of a Negro sniffing what they think to be a deep pocket and 14.37 minutes of fame. This is not a case of an African American professional person telling the truth. WHO in their right mind violates HIPAA laws to an organization owned by a lawyer, no less? And then a once and future star turned cracker well on the way to getting her white trash badge whining like a 6 year old about how so and so started it.

1311 days ago


Ok fine she has been accused of assualt but look at LL's record. She threw a drink at her ex girlfriends head not too long ago and was banned from a club. Lindsay has been known to have a violent temper herself.

1311 days ago


looking for an early christmas present, cha ching just go away

1311 days ago


I bet there's more dirt to come on this woman. And, how exactly did she get a job at BF? Don't they screen their applicants? It may have been one of the best facilities in the world in earlier days, - now they let trash work there and charge the patient tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege?

Sucks to be Lindz.

1311 days ago


Just another violent black crook lookin' for money. Shocker.

1311 days ago


Just because he wasn't granted a restraining order is more indicative of how the courts favor women. She's displaying she has a temper, plays victim and is hoping to cash in because she's now out of a job. When she signed up for that job confidentiality is what she agreed to and she broke that. She'll be looking to be on the dole or welfare soon enough. Meanwhile she may face charges and probably won't be able to work in that field again. Tough luck sister.

1311 days ago

me not you    

What TMZ conveniently leaves out is that in order to be a "tech" at these rehabs one must have been a junkie at some point. And you know what junkies do? They start fights and get involved in drama. Not excusing this Dawn person for the assault, but that's the deal.

1311 days ago
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